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TargetSolutions Check It™ Infographic: The Ultimate Operations Management Software

TargetSolutions’ dynamic training management platform enables departments to take their training program to the next level with powerful features for scheduling, tracking and reporting all training types. TargetSolutions’ latest innovation, the TargetSolutions Check It™ application, now revolutionizes how routine apparatus and equipment inspections are performed. Discover the possibilities of this all-in-one tool with this informative infographic:

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Resource of the Month: Boston Cancer Prevention – Firefighter Cancer Support Network

Fire Service Cancer

Community Resources is an invaluable feature in the TargetSolutions platform with a vast collection of shared training tools and content accessible anytime, anywhere. This virtual library allows departments to create and share helpful documents, videos and other files with agencies across the country.

One video from the Boston Fire Department consists of subject matter that hits close to home for those in the fire service: Cancer.

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TargetSolutions Enhances Education Courses for Classroom Safety & Transporting Students with Special Needs


TargetSolutions recently enhanced four courses in the Education catalog with revised information regarding definitions of the different types of special needs, legislation for working with students with special needs and safety procedures for students and staff.

About 13% of all public-school students in the United States receive special education services. While working with students with special needs can be rewarding, it also requires extensive training to ensure staff have the necessary awareness, communication skills and knowledge to provide a safe environment – both in and outside of the classroom.

To accomplish this, TargetSolutions recently enhanced four courses in the EDU course catalog with revised information regarding definitions of the different types of special needs, legislation for working with students with special needs and safety procedures for students and staff.

Overview of Courses

It’s imperative that staff interacting with students with special needs understand their responsibilities as administrators, educators or transportation providers. Each course provides in-depth lessons in identifying behavioral patterns, employing communication best practices and implementing policies and procedures.

These courses include the following titles:

  • Special Education: Safety in the Classroom covers everyday safety in the classroom, using safer communication and avoiding classroom injuries.
  • Transporting Students with Special Need: Legislation Overview provides a legislative overview of transportation for students with disabilities and addresses specific transportation obligations required of state and local education agencies.
  • Transporting Students with Special Needs: Types of Special Needs explores the 13 categories of special needs classified by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).
  • Transporting Students with Special Needs: Balancing Needs on Mixed Buses guides staff in understanding the types of disabilities they may encounter and the services available to these students.

Course Enhancements

In addition to revamped content, staff members taking these online courses are guided by a course instructor for a more engaging learning experience. Delivered in a self-paced, video format, the courses can also be taken whenever, wherever – so staff can fit training into their busy schedules.

As staff progress through each course module, their comprehension gets put to the test with practical, in-course quizzes and an end-of-course exam upon completion.

“At TargetSolutions, we’ve committed to upgrading our EDU catalog. Our content has been thoroughly updated and refreshed. All of our new and updated EDU courses are video-based and feature a presenter on-screen to explain each lesson.” Bryan Fitzgerald, Content Manger, TargetSolutions

For questions about new EDU course enhancements, please contact us today!

TargetSolutions to Sponsor the IAFC’s VCOS Training Officer Recognition Award for 2018

SAN DIEGO – TargetSolutions, a Vector Solutions brand offering the leading online training and records management system for public safety agencies, is excited to announce it has joined forces once again with the IAFC’s Volunteer and Combination Officers Section for the VCOS Training Officer Recognition Award.

For the fifth year in a row, TargetSolutions will sponsor the prestigious distinction, which acknowledges a training officer who works tirelessly to provide outstanding fire department training.

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The Future of eLearning: A Look Ahead



As educational technology advances and becomes integrated into our daily lives, we can expect employees to utilize online education tools like never before. TargetSolutions recently had the opportunity to interview Victoria Zambito about the future of eLearning. Zambito serves as the Senior Vice President of Content and Communications for Vector Solutions, which is TargetSolutions’ parent company. Here is the transcript of the Q&A.

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Getting Things Done as a Leader in the Fire Service

In today’s 24/7 society we are constantly bombarded with “stuff.” Emails, text messages, errands, home repairs, training classes, personnel evaluations, pre-plans, building inspections, meetings – the list goes on and on. Additionally, as our involvement and positions evolve throughout our time in the fire service, the number of things we must deal with also increases. You don’t have to be around a firehouse kitchen table long until you hear someone, with some rank and tenure, long for the simple days of riding backward.

Leadership: Getting Things DoneWith NFPA 1021 as an outline, many training entities have developed certification courses to prepare individuals to become leaders in the fire service – from fire officer to chief officer. However, these classes don’t provide the tools students need to help manage the volume of “stuff”.

Getting Thing Done (GTD) is a simple system, developed by David Allen, that allows anyone to capture the things that have our attention, clarify what each thing is and what we want to do with it, organize it, and execute.

This system has five a 5-step process highlighting the things we need to do as leaders in the fire service: capture, clarify, organize, reflect, and engage.

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TargetSolutions’ All-New Course Release Focuses on Firefighter Cancer Prevention


TargetSolutions’ all-new course, NFPA 1851: Cancer-Related Risks of Firefighting, raises awareness of leading causes of cancer in the fire service and instructs personnel on firefighter cancer prevention measures.

Despite the inherent dangers that come with the job of fighting fires and saving lives from critical situations, cancer remains one of the leading causes of line-of-duty deaths in the fire service. This silent killer has been linked to specific carcinogenic agents and was proven to lurk in unexpected places, such as firefighters’ own personal protective equipment (PPE).

To help reduce the cancer risks of firefighting, TargetSolutions is proud to release an all-new course for the fire service: NFPA 1851 – Cancer-Related Risks of Firefighting.

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TargetSolutions to Unveil Firefighter Cancer Prevention Training at FDIC International

TargetSolutions’ all-new training course, NFPA 1851 – Cancer Related Risks of Firefighting, will be available in time for FDIC International 2018. The course outlines how to properly clean and care for personal protective equipment.

All-New NFPA® 1851 Online Training Course, as Well as TargetSolutions’ Recently Launched Operations Management Software, Will Be on Display at Booth No. 13034

SAN DIEGO –TargetSolutions, a Vector Solutions brand offering the leading online training and records management system for public safety agencies, announced today an all-new training course, “NFPA® 1851 – Cancer-Related Risks of Firefighting,” will be released April 23, the first day of FDIC International 2018.

The video-based training guided by the NFPA’s 1851 Standard on Selection, Care, and Maintenance of Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting, aims to provide a thorough understanding of fire service-related cancer risks for today’s firefighters. The two-hour course features real-life scenarios, engaging interactions, and 13 learning modules for departments to educate personnel on the dangers facing firefighters and what actions they can take to reduce risk.

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TargetSolutions Platform Enhancement: Certificate Template Creation Tool


Certificate Template Tool Demo
The all-new Certificate of Completion Template tool enables TargetSolutions platform managers to create and attach their own custom certificates to activities.

Part of TargetSolutions’ ongoing efforts to improve user experience brings the latest platform release: The Certificate Template Creation Tool. This enhancement makes platform managers’ lives a little easier by streamlining the creation and attachment of custom certificates to activities. Rather than requesting certificates from a TargetSolutions account manager, users with Activities Builder permissions can create their own template in just a few steps.

To guide users through each part of the process, TargetSolutions platform experts put together easy-to-follow instructions in the Help System.

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TargetSolutions’ Annual Updates to RT-130 Series for 2018 Wildland Fire Refresher


Equipped with lessons from real events, TargetSolutions’ RT-130: Annual Wildland Fire Safety Refresher series has been recharged for 2018 with up-to-date statistics and relevant data.

In the face of a record-shattering 2017 wildland fire season, the threat of more devastating wildfires is very real as this year’s summer season approaches. Equipped with lessons from real events, TargetSolutions’ RT-130: Annual Wildland Fire Safety Refresher series has been revamped for 2018 with up-to-date statistics and relevant data.

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