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TargetSolutions to Showcase Enhanced Platform Usability During Fire-Rescue International

SAN DIEGO – TargetSolutions, the leading provider of e-Learning applications for the fire service, will unveil game-changing enhancements for managing fire department training at the International Association of Fire Chief’s (IAFC) 2017 Fire-Rescue International in Charlotte, N.C.

2017 Fire-Rescue International

TargetSolutions will unveil new platform updates at the IAFC’s 2017 Fire-Rescue International.

TargetSolutions will be at booth No. 1237 during exhibit hall hours July 27-29 to answer questions and showcase recent updates to the industry’s most dynamic online firefighter training technology.

In 2016, more than 16.5 million training and compliance tasks were completed by thousands of agencies utilizing the platform. New upgrades will make that process even more user-friendly, said TargetSolutions’ Director of Product & User Experience Jennifer Jones.

“TargetSolutions is focused on releasing time-saving updates that reduce the number of clicks it takes to get where you want to go,” Jones said. “Our most recent set of updates were designed with busy training officers in mind.”

Here are some of TargetSolutions’ new capabilities that will be on display during FRI:

  • The ability to manage and deliver custom activities with fewer steps when tracking training and compliance
  • The ability to efficiently assign activities directly from the activity build page
  • The ability to effectively control file versioning inside the system, as well as upload pictures and other documents on mobile devices

In addition to enhanced usability, attendees of the annual conference can learn more about TargetSolutions’ latest training courses, including the all-new NFPA® 1410 Fireground Evolutions Series.

Soon fire departments will be able to create their own competency assessment to test firefighters’ knowledge and fill training gaps, Jones said. New functionality will enable training officers to set test questions and automatically assign TargetSolutions courses and their own activities to explain concepts behind missed questions.

“New courses and platform functionalities like this are a part of TargetSolutions’ goal of continuous improvement. Upcoming TargetSolutions product enhancements will continue to make it even easier to create, deliver and track through the platform.”

Jennifer Jones, Director of Product & User Experience, TargetSolutions

Additionally, a TargetSolutions representative will attend the IAFC’s Volunteer & Combination Officers Section’s (VCOS) annual meeting where Michael Accardo III of the St. Tammany Fire District 9 will be honored as the 2017 Training Officer Recognition Award winner. Accardo, a chief of training and safety for the combination department in Bush, La., was selected for the prestigious honor because of his unmatched commitment to delivering innovative firefighter training.

This marks the fourth year in a row TargetSolutions and the VCOS are teaming up to present the prestigious honor, which is designated each year for an individual who displays exemplary conduct befitting of a training officer. Capt. Chip Everett of Oshtemo Township Fire Department (Mich.), Asst. Chief Brad Pinsky of Manlius Fire Department (N.Y.) and Deputy Chief Steve Malone of the Manhattan Fire Protection District (Ill.) won the award in previous years.

About TargetSolutions

TargetSolutions delivers cutting-edge software applications, engaging online training courses, and world-class customer service. The company was founded in 1999 and today there are more than 4,000 organizations across the country using TargetSolutions’ innovative technology to solve their training challenges. For questions about TargetSolutions, please check online at or contact us today (800) 840-8048.


Working in Extreme Temperatures Training Course Educates Personnel on Safety Precautions

Working under severe hot or cold weather conditions can put individuals’ bodies at risk. TargetSolutions’ Working in Extreme Temperatures course educates personnel, according to OSHA standards, on how to prevent heat and cold stress disorders.

June 2017 has been a hot start to the summer season; reaching record breaking temperatures and starting wildfires across states such as Arizona, California and New Mexico. In these conditions, agencies and organizations across all industries need to understand the hazards of working in extreme heat.

Individuals working in extreme heat or cold can develop heat or cold stress disorders if they don’t follow safety guidelines. TargetSolutions’ course, Working in Extreme Temperatures, provides an overview of how these disorders develop based on climate factors and how to effectively treat them in the case of an emergency.

This 10-module course takes roughly one hour to complete and addresses the causes and symptoms of temperature-related stress disorders.

“It talks about preparing yourself as an individual, working in these temperatures, and what you can do to mitigate these potential hazards. The course is applicable for all industries.”

Jennifer Jones, Director of Product and User Experience, TargetSolutions

Heat stress disorders occur when individuals are unable to maintain their body temperature in a hot environment. Disorders range from heat rash, heat exhaustion to heat stroke and carry symptoms such as mild skin irritation to fever and loss of consciousness.

Cold stress disorders such as hypothermia and frostbite take over when the human body loses too much body heat. If untreated, individuals risk loss of limbs or even death.

TargetSolutions’ course is compliant with federal OSHA standards. For organizations looking to satisfy specific state requirements, platform administrators can simply add their content to the end of the course and deliver it to personnel.

As weather patterns continue to create more polar seasons, individuals must protect themselves when working in extreme heat or cold. TargetSolutions’ Working in Extreme Temperatures course provides necessary information for employees to prevent themselves from falling ill and identify when others develop heat or cold stress disorders.

For questions about TargetSolutions’ OSHA online training catalog, please contact us today (800) 840-8048!

TargetSolutions Releases Florida-Specific NFPA 1 and NFPA 101 Training Courses

TargetSolutions’ four new courses for Florida firefighters explore state-specific updates for NFPA 1 and NFPA 101.

TargetSolutions is excited to announce the release of a series of courses that focus on the 2015 Florida-specific version updates to NFPA 1 and NFPA 101. Packed with eight hours of brand new content exclusive to Florida-state compliancy, these four courses are split evenly with two modules dedicated to the NFPA 1 Fire Code and the other two to NFPA 101 Life Safety Code. All courses are written with Florida-Certified Fire Inspectors I and II in mind.

Each lesson comes equipped with its own set of learning lessons – 52 across four courses – and is followed up with a 10-question exam. The information in each course is delivered in an audio-driven format and is loaded with rich content and images.

Behavioral objectives of this new training series include the following:

  • Explain the summary of changes within the 2015 Florida-Specific Version of the NFPA 1 Fire Code
  • Explain the summary of changes within the 2015 Florida-Specific Version of the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
  • Interpret the definition changes in both codes
  • Recognize the importance of the Florida-Certified Fire Inspector role

“We’ve catered this training specifically for the state of Florida because there’s a lot of ground to cover. These new courses will enable Florida compliance while keeping Florida-Certified Fire Inspectors abreast of any changes.”

Bryan Fitzgerald, Content Manager, TargetSolutions

Module one of NFPA 1 covers the Florida-Specific Fire Code through Chapter 13 while module two reviews Chapters 14-75. Module 3, which is where NFPA 101 comes into play, reviews Chapters 1-6 of the Florida-Specific Life Safety Code. Module 4 wraps things up with Chapters 7-31.

For more information on Florida-specific NFPA 1 and NFPA 101 training, please contact TargetSolutions today at (800) 840-8048.

E-Learning Modernization Will Lead to More Dynamic Training Content in Future

Scenario-based training, virtual reality, microlearning format, and powerful course-development applications are pillars of e-Learning modernization and the future of computer-based training.

The world of training is changing. As more organizations incorporate online courses into their training regimen, e-Learning is becoming more dynamic. With growing demand, TargetSolutions continues to develop resources that enhance engagement and improve comprehension for users.

The future of cutting-edge content and technology is transforming how agencies train. The following tools are on the horizon of e-Learning modernization:

  • Scenario-based training
  • Virtual reality
  • Microlearning
  • Course-development applications

Scenario-Based Training

Scenario-based training allows users to practice decision-making in situations they’ll likely encounter in the field. This form of training tells the story behind learned concepts and helps users retain critical information from online courses. Scenario-based activities also save time and money by placing the learner in a realistic setting without the risk or cost of hands-on training.

TargetSolutions currently offers the AlphaACT® Fire series, scenario-based training for firefighters, so agencies can deliver the content through their TargetSolutions platform. This program places firefighters at the scene of emergencies and tests their abilities to address a situation. Training officers can manipulate the scenario and utilize past calls to reinforce proper procedures and reassess past actions.

Virtual Reality

“Virtual Reality” is a buzz word for e-Learning modernization. Understanding concepts is one thing, but virtual reality places the user inside the experience. Using virtual reality for online training fully immerses an individual into an environment so they understand what they will be walking into while in the field.

For example, a fleet driver could benefit from using virtual reality to study the different parts of a cockpit. The ability to look around the work area from all angles makes the driver more likely to remember what to do when working on the cockpit in person and execute procedures smoothly.

Virtual reality, however, doesn’t mean every employee must now purchase their own headset. Advancements in 360-degree images allows users to access the imagery of virtual reality from their computer.


While most training material teaches users on how to perform a task, microlearning serves as performance support in the field. Providing personnel with microlearning tools leads to higher retention, fewer mistakes on the job, and lower long-term costs of training.

So what is microlearning? Microlearning courses are condensed lessons that can be reviewed within a few minutes. Its purpose is to reinforce already learned concepts to ensure employees complete their jobs as efficiently and safely as possible.

Being mobile-optimized, microlearning courses are also more convenient than going through an entire lesson to find the correct topic. Employees have the information they need right at their fingertips.

Course-Development Application

The course-development application streamlines the course customization process for faster implementation. This means being able to personalize training to the department’s needs and delivering the content with less time in between.

“The more effort we can put into interactive engagement to create learning experiences, the more students will have that ‘aha’ moment and understand things better,” said Ammon Wiese, who serves as TargetSolutions’ director of content.

TargetSolutions is focused on e-Learning modernization. These types of on-demand resources such as scenario-based lessons, virtual reality, microlearning courses, and course-development applications are the future of online training.

For questions about e-Learning modernization and other new developments at TargetSolutions, please contact us today at (800) 840-8048!

How Oklahoma City Fire Department Powered Itself to Top ISO Classification with TargetSolutions

Class 1 ISO Rating

Using TargetSolutions for more than a year has paid dividends for the Oklahoma City Fire Department as it now boasts the prestigious Class 1 ISO Rating.

When discussing the future of training in the fire service and how technology plays a part, Chief Keith Bryant of the Oklahoma City Fire Department put it very simply: “This is the future.”

Prior to implementing TargetSolutions in January of 2016, Bryant and his staff were unanimous in selecting the powerful management software as a go-to solution for all of its training needs. Needless to say, the results were almost immediate.

Gone are the days of battalion chiefs having to ascend through mountainous summits of paperwork. We’ve entered an era of streamlined recordkeeping that has culminated into the highly coveted Class 1 ISO rating for the full-service metro department with TargetSolutions’ ISO Training Tracker.

“Our training records are much improved so we’re better at capturing training at the station level than ever before,” Bryant said of his department’s Class 1 ISO rating. “It’s one of those pieces of technology that makes us better at what we do. This was something we needed for a long time and we’ve seen immediate improvements.”

“The mass data that you have to collect and give to ISO for their rating, that’s more readily available. With TargetSolutions it’s better, more accurate.”

Chief Keith Bryant, Oklahoma City Fire Department

Consisting of 877 uniformed firefighters, the Oklahoma City Fire Department responds to more than 70,000 annual calls, 70 percent of which are medical emergencies. However, even as fires continue to decline, the need for consistent quality training has never been higher. Complacency, an all too familiar foe, threatens to set in if firefighters aren’t consistently training to sharpen their skills during downtime.

“The less we do our jobs, the more we need to train,” declared Bryant.

Program Analyst and Business Manager Clint Regier, who aids in managing the department’s use of TargetSolutions, echoed a similar sentiment and stressed the need for a program that personnel would buy into.

“We have control over what it looks like, what we put in there, how we build activities,” Regier said. “The selling point of TargetSolutions is that it’s easy to use and easy to modify and there’s a lot of flexibility in the platform.”

To assist in the transition as well as working toward a Class 1 ISO rating, Regier developed a comprehensive three-point plan that was geared to maximize every facet of the platform.

Class 1 ISO ratingPoint 1 – Full-time Recordkeeping: Ensure that everything that needs to be recorded is indeed tracked. Rig inspections, physical fitness, training activities; employees need to be accountable for tasks they’re expected to do.

Point 2 – Training Strategy: Create and implement a training strategy utilizing the various avenues provided by the platform. This is an ongoing process and while Regier maintains that there is still a ways to go, the ability to track and record data as well as delivering information is vastly improved.

Point 3 – Intermittent Tracking: As with every department, special circumstances will always pop up. For example, the department employs two fitness trainers who help employees achieve their health goals; this needs to be tracked.

“There are so many different variables and situations (firefighters) prepare for,” said Regier. “The training that’s required to understand those different situations and the availability of the information to pick it up whenever they need to know it, having a platform like TargetSolutions to get that information in front of their eyes in an instant is going to be critical to the evolution of firefighting.”

Seeking buy-in from a department of nearly 1,000 personnel to enter a brave new world of technological innovation is no easy task. Despite this obstacle, both Bryant and Regier reported a smooth transition and positive reception.

“Obviously there were some people who were skeptical in the beginning,” said Regier. “But every time someone walks down to administration, I’ll ask them how it’s going and 100 percent across the board everyone says it took a minute, but once they realized they’re putting everything in there, it’s really easy for them to use.”

Drawing on his nearly 40 years of experience in the fire service, Bryant views the future of firefighter training as a reflection of the past. “You’ve never seen a major event here in this country that didn’t initiate a lesson learned or something that we had to change with our training methods or practices,” said Bryant. “I can only speak for Oklahoma City, but our approach to firefighting is smarter now than we’ve ever been and a lot of that has to do with the escalation and use of technology in our work.

“Obviously, training and education, I have to put those two together, as they’ve been a great part of that.”

President Donald Trump recently announced his intent to appoint Chief Bryant as head of the U.S. Fire Administration, a division of the Federal Emergency Management Agency that oversees federal firefighting programs.


Manage Hazard Warning Labels with TargetSolutions’ New Online SDS Management System

TargetSolutions’ new online SDS Management System helps you manage your chemical and safety data sheets across your entire agency so you can comply with important OSHA and GHS requirements. Fill out the form below to request a demo!

When using chemicals in the workplace, whether they are common cleaning solutions or potentially hazardous chemicals handled by first responders, safety should always be the first priority.

Managing safety data sheets through paper binders makes updating warning labels and communicating procedures a lengthy and difficult process – especially in the case of an emergency.

TargetSolutions’ new online SDS Management System helps organizations modernize their SDS collection. Using the online platform, you can achieve safety compliance with improved communication and faster execution of OSHA requirements.

“This functionality is built to help ensure safety,” said TargetSolutions’ Director of Product Jennifer Jones. “Managing your SDS system with TargetSolutions gives you the ability to communicate and access important information more quickly. Virtual collections ultimately improve understanding of different chemical procedures and reduce risk in the workplace.”

Here are some of the key benefits of TargetSolutions’ online SDS Management System:

  • Easily create and update SDS collections. Administrators have access to thousands of safety data sheets from the manufacturers of commonly used chemicals and can even upload their existing SDSs to the system.
  • Quickly produce necessary secondary labels to identify chemicals and containers with hazard warnings and pictograms. According to OSHA requirements, chemical binders must be organized by work area. With TargetSolutions’ online SDS management, organizations can efficiently access labels and comply with OSHA’s regulations.
  • Add the same SDSs from the Collections tab to the appropriate locations. This helps organize SDSs that are relevant to multiple locations.

Streamline SDS Collections with Easy to Use Online System
By utilizing TargetSolutions’ new SDS system, agencies can change information in virtual binders. Items can be shared instantly. Agencies can also oversee communication by adding as many administrators as necessary and controlling their editing abilities in the system.

“In addition to better communication between administrators, the web-based system is more accessible to users through mobile devices,” Jones said. “Personnel can directly look up safety data sheets with the platform’s search feature or scan location-specific posters with QR codes. These functionalities give agencies greater access to their chemical library and provide valuable information to first responders in the case of a chemical-related emergency.”

If you would like a demo of the new system, please fill out the form above. Also, please note this product is currently unavailable through TargetSolutions in the state of California.

If you would like more information about the SDS Management System, please contact us today at (800) 840-8048.

St. Tammany Fire District 9’s Michael Accardo III Selected as Winner of 2017 Training Officer Recognition Award

SAN DIEGO – TargetSolutions, the leading provider of computer-based training management applications for fire departments, and the International Association of Fire Chief’s (IAFC) Volunteer & Combination Officers Section (VCOS) announced today that Michael Accardo III of the St. Tammany Fire District 9 (STFD9) has been selected as the winner of the 2017 VCOS Training Officer Recognition Award.

Chief Michael Accardo

2017 VCOS Training Officer Recognition Award Winner Michael Accardo III

Accardo, a chief of training and safety for the combination department located in Bush, La., never expected to receive this type of recognition for his work. After years of dedicating himself to the betterment of his department, he reacted with the sort of humility you would expect from a 20-year veteran of the fire service.

“I don’t think I do more than anyone else does. I enjoy what I do. I enjoy helping people,” said Accardo, who is scheduled to accept the honor July 27 during the annual VCOS meeting at Fire-Rescue International in Charlotte, N.C.

Accardo was surprised to learn he would be receiving this prestigious recognition. But for Fire Chief Scott Brewer, the selection made perfect sense. Brewer lauded Accardo for his dedication and innovation after leading the charge to transform his department’s training facility from run-of-the-mill into first-class.

“He got the training building donated, moved it here, plumbed and powered it and then filled it with training aids from grants, donations or by buying it himself,” Brewer wrote when nominating Accardo. “He went out every night for a year and learned how to be an EMT instructor. He had STFD9 certified as an ‘institute of higher learning’ so we could teach EMT and EMR to our members and those of local departments at no charge.”

“(Accardo) has worked harder than anyone I’ve ever known to give our small rural combination department the very best training opportunity for its members (and those of our neighbors) at no charge – ever!”

Fire Chief Scott Brewer, St. Tammany Fire District 9

The VCOS Training Officer Recognition Award aims to honor exemplary conduct befitting of a training officer, which Accardo has demonstrated in spades. Nonetheless, he’s quick to return whatever praise he receives back to his crew members.

“I could not have completed the project without help from everyone at our department,” said Accardo, who started as a volunteer firefighter in the 1990s, when firefighter training requirements were far different than they are today.

“I try to make (training) educational and also entertaining,” he said. “Every Tuesday we have a training class and average 20 to 25 volunteers who show up. We just keep adding to it and I try to work around everybody’s schedule. Nights, weekends, whenever.”

Always trying to think of new ways to help his fellow firefighters, it seems the criterion for the VCOS Training Officer Recognition Award was written with Accardo in mind.

“You do what you can with what you got, and if you don’t have it, you try to build itTraining Officer Recognition Award,” said Accardo, who also serves as coordinator for St. Tammany’s Youth Fire Corps (YFC) programwhich provides an opportunity to involve the children of the department’s volunteer on-call members. Aiding in public education and community events, such as the annual United Way Red Beans ‘N Rice Cook-Off where proceeds raised support the St. Tammany Suicide Prevention & Crisis Response Program, these rookies acquire leadership, decision-making, and practical hands-on skills while the program develops them into full-fledged St. Tammany firefighters by the time they’re 18. “The Youth Fire Corps members are the future of our department,” said Accardo.

This marks the fourth year in a row TargetSolutions and the VCOS teamed up to present the prestigious honor, which is designated each year for an individual who goes above and beyond to demonstrate innovation in firefighter training. Capt. Chip Everett of Oshtemo Township Fire Department (Mich.), Asst. Chief Brad Pinsky of Manlius Fire Department (N.Y.) and Deputy Chief Steve Malone of the Manhattan Fire Protection District (Ill.) won the award in previous years.

Accardo will receive a trip to Charlotte for FRI, which is scheduled July 26-29, including round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations, as well as a plaque commemorating the award.

About TargetSolutions

TargetSolutions delivers cutting-edge software applications, engaging online training courses, and world-class customer service. The company was founded in 1999 and today there are more than 4,000 organizations across the country using TargetSolutions’ innovative technology to solve their training challenges. For more information on TargetSolutions, check online at


VCOS provides chiefs and chief officers who manage volunteers within a volunteer or combination fire, rescue or EMS delivery system with information, education, services and representation to enhance their professionalism. For more information, check online at

Streamline Incident Reporting with TargetSolutions’ New Accident Tracking System

TargetSolutions’ new incident reporting system delivers an online tool for public entities to manage work-related accidents and injuries. The system features dynamic dashboards and reports that provide valuable data to help you prevent future incidents and manage risk. Fill out the form below to request a demo.

When an employee is injured or involved in an accident while on the job, multiple reports are often required to recount the details for different organizational and OSHA purposes. Then, it is up to the organization to act as quickly as possible to handle the situation and mitigate future risk.

That process can now be streamlined.

Introducing TargetSolutions’ new Accident Tracking system, which simplifies incident reporting for faster response times and more timely filing.

The Accident Tracking system is built to improve your organization’s ability to sufficiently document and manage accidents. The program consolidates reports, makes filing claims easier with electronic forms and provides analytics for administrators.

“Communication is everything when it comes to incident reporting,” said TargetSolutions’ Product Manager Jen Jones. “The Accident Tracking System’s centralized reporting maintains crucial information in one accessible place for personnel. Filing forms in a single electronic location can help eliminate redundancies and potential discrepancies between accident details.”

Once a report is created, administrators are notified by e-mail, which allows supervisors to address the situation immediately. Additionally, administrators can automatically populate report information in the system to another state, OSHA, and insurance forms. Generating reports compliant to multiple standards makes the claims process faster and allows involved individuals to move past the situation sooner.

Here are some of the benefits and features of TargetSolutions’ new Accident Tracking system:

  • Submit reports and electronic forms conveniently from any web-enabled device
  • Create reports on mobile devices, which reduces paperwork and allows them to be processed closer to when the actual incident took place
  • Provide accurate reporting data with powerful tracking functionality
  • Upload photos and eliminate loss of information by reporting details in real-time

Be Proactive in Managing Risk with Incident Reporting Technology

The system provides decision makers with the ability to review incident reporting data and perform a simple trend analysis to identify patterns in accidents or injuries. For instance, if a particular machine or piece of equipment is causing repeat injuries, refresher training can be delivered to ensure proper utilization. Or decision makers will know the equipment needs to be updated with something safer.

Improve Safety Compliance with One Insightful, Efficient and Affordable System

Incident reporting is faster and easier with automated e-mail notifications and mobile-ready forms to report at the scene of the accident. In addition to the ability to handle current incidents, the Accident Tracking tool can help prevent future incidents with data analyses that lead to proactive decisions for an organization.

If you would like a demo of the new system, please fill out the form above. Also, please note this product is currently unavailable through TargetSolutions in the state of California.

If you would like more information about the Accident Tracking system, please contact us today at (800) 840-8048.

Top 5 Requirements for an Effective Firefighter Training Program

It’s critical for every fire department to implement and operate an effective firefighter training program. Here are five critical firefighter requirements for developing a successful strategy.

Saving lives, cost reduction, improved efficiency. All serve as the pinnacle goals of fire department training officers everywhere. But how do you get there? Where do you even begin when taking on the mammoth task of creating a firefighter training program?

The truth is there is no simple cut-and-dry solution, but there are options available. With that in mind, here are the top 5 requirements for an effective firefighter training program.

Implement a Learning Management System (LMS)

Gone are the days of tracking training and credentialing on a spreadsheet. That sort of archaic recordkeeping will skyrocket costs and burn through daylight, leaving your training officers flustered and your expenses high. The learning management system is an online hub that can centralize and streamline your department’s training and recordkeeping. TargetSolutions’ learning management system is the fire service’s leading provider of online training and records management and the perfect implementation for any effective firefighter training program.

Custom Content Creation

Why is relevant custom content important for firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics when training? Because it builds knowledge for critical life or death situations where the outcome will require skilled first responders who can act on a moment’s notice. Recertification compliance, ISO documentation, and best daily practices for training are just a few of the custom content options that will help bolster your effective firefighter training program.

Plan & Follow Through

You wouldn’t sail across the ocean without a map and likewise you’ll need direction if your effective firefighter training program is going to succeed. Write out a roadmap of where you envision your department and what your goals are. Budget accordingly and be prepared for an eventful transition.

Health & Wellness

Both are hot topics in EMS and the fire service. Cancer, heart and lung disease are just a few of the ailments affecting firefighters everywhere. Part of the epidemic is due to the toxicity of modern fires, but an unhealthy diet and lifestyle can be just as dangerous. The addition of a health & wellness plan into your effective training program will keep your battalion happy, healthy, and at the top of their games.

Employ a Training Officer

For your effective firefighter training program to succeed, there must be a face to the LMS just as their needs to be someone who personnel can go to for direction and assistance. Usually this is a training officer, but whoever it is needs to demonstrate mastery in the system for when issues or questions arise.

firefighter training program

As the industry’s ultimate training solution, TargetSolutions is proud to provide remedies for the items above. No goal is too great and no task is too small. Fire instructor and subject matter expert Paul Costello, FF/EMT-P, writer and director of the recently released NFPA 1410 Evolutions bundle of courses, summarized the list rather elegantly:

“Report generation that yields real-time data? Got it. Need to verify ISO compliance? Done in minutes with accuracy,” Costello said. “TargetSolutions easily tracks any credentialing need, as well as the requisite recertification progress for every major credential that the fire service or EMS requires as part of their reviews, not to mention the cadre of SMEs who are constantly creating and refining our accredited content.”

For more information on how TargetSolutions can help your fire department achieve its training goals, please contact us today at (800) 840-8046.

National Safety Month 2017: Courses That Help Public Entities Reduce Liability and Increase Safety

National Safety Week 2017

In honor of National Safety Month 2017, TargetSolutions is highlighting a collection of its most popular safety courses in various fields.

Preparedness is the key to personal safety and the safety of others. To respond as effectively as possible to an emergency, or mitigate everyday risk, one must be prepared and understand proper procedures. This can range from getting enough sleep to avoid fatigue to preparing for active shooters.

National Safety Month 2017 brings awareness to these prevention tactics during each week of June:

Week One: Stand Up to Falls

Week Two: Recharge to Be in Charge

Week Three: Prepare for Active Shooters

Week Four: Don’t Just Sit There

As safety compliance is a priority for those serving communities, each industry has its own unique protocol to prevent accidents and injury. In honor of National Safety Month 2017, we’re highlighting some of TargetSolutions’ most popular safety courses in various fields.

Fire: Fire Service Health and Safety

While physical disease and behavioral disorders may affect firefighters differently than civilians, it’s important to recognize firefighter wellness and how it’s developed into an issue. Fire Service Health and Safety is specific to firefighter ailments and discusses the importance of being proactive when dealing with common diseases and causes of death.

Users taking the course will explore preventative measures to reduce risk such as safe driving to avoid crashes and keeping in good physical shape to prevent cardiac disease.

OSHA & Compliance: Bloodborne Pathogens SafetyNational Safety Month 2017

Ensure your team is compliant with OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens Standard and the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act with TargetSolutions’ Bloodborne Pathogens Safety course. This 20-module course is one of TargetSolutions’ most widely utilized across numerous industries.

Upon completing the course, learners will better understand what bloodborne pathogens are, how to minimize exposure and protect workers from infection.

Motor Vehicle Safety: Driver Safety OrientationNational Safety Week 2017

Traffic accidents are a leading cause of incidental deaths among U.S. workers. To ensure best driving safety practices, this course delivers information to aid employees in operating vehicles safely.

Driving Safety Orientation delivers tips on avoiding collisions, sharing the road with motorcycles and how to act in emergency situations.

Law Enforcement: Firearm Safety in the Home

Officers undergo extensive training to keep neighborhoods safe, but Firearm Safety in the Home assists officers in also maintaining safety at home. This course describes the potential dangers faced by family members with a duty firearm in the house and how to prevent injury.

After completing the course, officers will be able to make more informed decisions on how to create a safer environment in their home and the community.

Human Resources: General Office ErgonomicsNational Safety Week 2017

Improve workplace safety by understanding the physical and psychological stresses of the work environment. General Office Ergonomics deepens learner’s understanding of ergonomic principles and musculoskeletal disorders. Through this course, users will be able to minimize workplace injuries by performing workstation evaluations, applying safe practices and using good form while on the job.

Water and Wastewater: Ladder and Scaffolding Safety

While the first week of National Safety Month 2017 is dedicated to Stand Up to Falls, there is also an entire month dedicated to ladder safety. This is because complying with safety procedures is crucial for employees regularly using ladders and scaffolding.

The TargetSolutions Ladder and Scaffolding Safety course is mandatory for personnel utilizing this type of equipment and goes over: the use and placement of different ladder types, necessary equipment and criteria for accessing scaffolding.

School Districts: Food Safety, Foodborne Illness & Kitchen Sanitation

It’s important for those working in schools to protect students and staff from preventable, common foodborne illnesses. The Food Safety, Foodborne Illness & Kitchen Sanitation course explains the legal responsibilities concerning food safety, food preparation and how to ensure food item deliveries are received safely.

Requiring this course reduces the risk of injury or illness for schools and reduces school liability.

EMS Continuing Education: First Responder Operations Level Refresher (Modules 1 – 4)

This four-part series provides comprehensive lessons in hazardous material response in emergencies.

National Safety Week 2017

Responding to chemical crises, such as a terrorist attack, requires a deeper understanding of chemical types, decontamination and how to assess the risk of each hazard class. After taking this course, users will be able to identify and respond more effectively to these urgent situations.

National Safety Month 2017 focuses on what you can do to better prepare yourself and those around you to prevent accidents and respond to emergencies. Regardless of the industry, TargetSolutions offers courses that improve safety compliance and develop the skills to protect personnel.

For questions about these courses or other courses in TargetSolutions’ online training catalog, contact us today (800) 840-8048!