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TargetSolutions Releases Second Fire Service Health and Safety Training Course

TargetSolutions’ Fire Service Health and Safety (Part II) explores the interconnected concepts of health and safety and how they relate to the fire service.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines wellness as “the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal.” When it comes to the fire service, some of the most dangerous parts of the job are those which cannot be seen or heard, making firefighter safety issues an ongoing topic of discussion in the industry.

firefighter health and wellness

This all-new training is the second course in TargetSolutions’ firefighter health and wellness training series.

Fire Service Health and Safety (Part II), the second course in TargetSolutions’ firefighter health and wellness training series, is a newly released course developed by TargetSolutions that explores the principles of wellness and the unseen dangers that firefighters face every day. Loaded with 13 learning modules that cover an array of firefighter safety issues, the course features a complete voiceover narration track, exclusive interactions, and engaging multimedia.

“It’s important to understand that the fire isn’t the only danger that firefighters will face on a daily basis,” said TargetSolutions Content Manager Bryan Fitzgerald.

“The course includes a special section that focuses on chemicals of combustion that are associated with fires and how firefighters can keep themselves safe. Part II should be taken in tandem with Part I, as both courses are equally integral to firefighter wellness.”

Objectives of this firefighter health and wellness training course include:

• Discuss the concept of wellness as it pertains to the fire service
• Identify different chemicals of combustion
• Describe how fire smoke finds way past PPE, onto skin, and into firefighters’ bodies
• Discuss the evidence-based cancers related to firefighting
• Explain how other agents like diesel exhaust and shift work contribute to cancer

If you have any questions about TargetSolutions’ course catalog for fire departments, please contact us today at (800) 840-8048.

New Webcast Explores NFPA® 1410 Training Standard

nfpa® 1410 training standard

TargetSolutions recently launched a series of NFPA 1410 training standard courses that provide high-definition video demonstrations of common fireground evolutions.

A recent webinar delivered by Firehouse and sponsored by TargetSolutions dives into the importance and significance of the NFPA® 1410 training standard. Presented by Battalion Chief Brian P. Kazmierzak of the Penn Township Fire Department in Mishawaka, Ind., the hour-long webcast touches on the importance of maintaining a self-sufficient training standard.

The responsibility of training, as Kazmierzak states during the webcast, “NFPA® 1410: Are You Training to a Standard,” solely belongs to the firefighter.

“We’re always required to learn until retirement. We’re all students,” said Kazmierzak, who owns the website “Even being the training chief in my fire department I’m still a student of this game. I’m still a student of the fire service and will be until the day I walk away.”

cb-cta-button-nfpa1410-webcastKazmierzak references five “musts” in order to produce great training in the fire service:

1) Realistic: If it’s not realistic, departments run the risk of losing their audience. Students will want to do anything else other than participate in training.

2) Relevant: It has to be relevant to what it is that departments are doing. If high-rise tactics are being trained on in rural America, it’s probably not very relevant.

3) Referenced: Where 1410 really comes into play, training has to be referenced back to a standard.

4) Performance Based: Evaluate performance on the scene.

5) Member Involved: Get the buy-in for training from your organization.

The presentation features a comprehensive history of NFPA® 1410, a detailed breakdown of the chapter makeup of the standard, and a thorough analysis of the training in context.

TargetSolutions recently launched a series of NFPA® 1410 training standard courses that provide high-definition video demonstrations of common fireground evolutions. Written, directed, and narrated by subject matter experts, the 14 courses close the gap between the training ground and the fireground.

“Modern firefighting is an art which requires a vast store of professional knowledge and skill. It is impracticable for an individual to attempt to acquire this knowledge and skill from experience alone, a major part must be acquired through systematic training and study.”

Lloyd Laymen, Chief, Parkersburg Fire Department

For more information about TargetSolutions’ NFPA® 1410 training standard courses, please contact us today at (800) 840-8048.

Why TargetSolutions Is the Ultimate Tool for Tracking Fire Department Reports Online

TargetSolutions’ powerful records management system tracks all types of fire department reports online, including drill-yard and instructor-led training activities.

TargetSolutions may feature more than 300 hours of continuing education for emergency responders, but the platform offers more than just online training courses. While the platform is relied on by agencies across the country for web-based training, TargetSolutions’ records management system, reporting functionality, and customizable settings make it an all-in-one solution for managing fire department reports online.

TargetSolutions simplifies how agencies track firefighter training records. That platform’s cutting-edge functionality enables agencies to ensure compliance and operate at optimum levels. Here is an overview of the different ways TargetSolutions helps agencies manage training.

Departments Can Track Course Completions and Set Automated E-mail Notifications

As a career management solution, TargetSolutions helps personnel stay ahead of recertification deadlines and receive timely training. Trainers can assign courses and e-mail users when a series becomes available. TargetSolutions then allows trainers to monitor users’ progress with automated reports showing percentages of course completions and identifying users who haven’t finished.

Platform managers can select the option to notify users when courses are overdue to ensure everyone is certified in time. Setting automated reminders is particularly useful for credentials with annual renewals such as a driving license or EMS recertification.

In addition to recording course completions, firefighters can upload their paper certifications to the platform, so required documents are readily accessible.

“Being able to record credentials and custom task books is helpful for administrators to know where their department stands,” said TargetSolutions Account Manager Julie Blosch. “They can set up email alerts to remind learners of outstanding lessons and make sure everything gets done.”

Document Hours for ISO Reviews

Fire Department Reports Online

TargetSolutions’ recordkeeping system automatically tracks completions and generates detailed reports structured perfectly for ISO’s reviewing process.

One of TargetSolutions’ most crucial record tracking functions is recording training hours for ISO reviews. Automated reports make looking up users’ hours simple with a quick search.

With TargetSolutions you can deliver a ready-made training package that covers ISO fire department Driver Training, Officer Training, Hazmat Training, Company Training, and Facilities Training. The platform features “buckets” – consisting of online training courses and digital tracking reports – built specifically to meet ISO’s standards.

After your crew has completed the assignments, TargetSolutions’ recordkeeping system automatically tracks completions and generates detailed reports structured perfectly for ISO’s reviewing process. With TargetSolutions, the ISO will have little trouble auditing your fire department’s ISO training records.

Departments can keep important files organized in one place. Paperless fire department reports online reduce clutter and make the ISO audit as painless as possible. Departments across the country have reduced their audit stress by trusting TargetSolutions. Rather than managing records in binders and folders, administrators can generate detailed fire department reports online of individuals’ training hours.

“(The ISO) basically took my information and said ‘thank you’ so it was pretty easy. I was anticipating a much more rigorous type of review but I think based off of the pre-built TargetSolutions categories, I was able to give specific hours for those categories and it helped a tremendous amount.”

Matt Barnes, Battalion Chief, Southern Marin Fire Protection District (Calif.)

Create Custom Checklists for Inspections

Departments can utilize checklists for mandatory inspections such as engine checks, self-contained breathing apparatuses, and other emergency vehicle maintenance checks. Rather than duplicating the workload with a paper checklist and later uploading it, departments can record inspection details directly into TargetSolutions.

Responders who handle drugs such as Vicodin and Morphine can also verify expiration dates and control numbers in TargetSolutions. In this case, if an issue did occur, administrators could look up the day’s inspections and trace any discrepancies.

Mobile-friendly checklists save time doing administrative work and keep a consistent record for individuals’ accountability.

Document Ongoing Drill-Yard Training

While ongoing drill-yard training is not typically tracked, firefighters still undergo essential training in fire suppression. TargetSolutions makes it easy to track and report regular activities with pre-built electronic forms cover most departments’ daily training tasks and are easily accessible inside TargetSolutions.

The ready-made activities cover key activities, including emergency ops, fire pump, forcible entry, hose, ladders, vehicle repair, and much more.

Each training activity allows managers to document training details such as instructors and hours. Recording regular training is simple with TargetSolutions and furthers compliance to federal and state standards.

Ability to Deliver Policies and Apply E-Signatures

TargetSolutions adds convenience as administrators can upload policies and include e-signatures to deliver across the department. Policies can range from new hire documents to having firefighters sign off for attending an offsite training.

“TargetSolutions’ automated policy delivery and tracking technology allows users to save time and money while increasing compliance,” said Regional Sales Manager Kegan Konrady.

Documents are managed from the file center and are easy to attach when assigning activities. This function organizes vital records and clearly shows who in the department still needs to complete forms.

Better Record Tracking Means More Effective Training

Consistent record tracking and reporting give departments a more comprehensive understanding of trainees’ needs to develop an effective training program.

Fire Department Reports Online

TargetSolutions features more than 160 hours of EMS continuing education and powerful applications for scheduling, delivering and tracking recertification records.

Evaluation forms document new apprentice firefighters’ performance during activities and reveal gaps in training that need to be addressed. By recording learners’ behavior over time, patterns are discoverable, and trainers can better assess their readiness to be firefighters.

Even after a firefighter completes initial training, they never stop learning. TargetSolutions’ post-incident reporting helps firefighters analyze their actions on a call and study details for future training opportunities. Trainers can create case studies from reports to lower the risk of reoccurring errors or ensure certain procedures are repeated.

The situations reported from post-incident reviews also helps trainers create realistic simulations. The Sarnia Fire Rescue utilizes TargetSolutions to track their custom SimsUshare simulation training. Including scenario details in simulations such as the type of building, sprinkler system, fire hydrants, etc., which prepares learners for what they’ll encounter in real life.

Fire Department Reports Online Help Pre- and Post-Incident Training

Post-incident reports are also useful for developing accurate pre-training. Administrators can build content using report information to set learners’ expectations before hands-on activities. Pre-training saves departments hours of going through coursework for battalion training for the Southern Marin Fire Protection District.

“The people that did take that information [pre-course work] excelled at the battalion drills because they had all the information,” said Matt Barnes, who is battalion chief with Southern Marin Fire Protection District Battalion (Calif.).

“They had an ample amount of time to review it, study it, ask questions…do whatever they needed to do so they could become proficient at the skill they were being expected to perform in a group setting.”

TargetSolutions provides the leading firefighter training management system and allows trainers to generate fire department reports online. TargetSolutions is built to help agencies save time, reduce cost, and better document training hours.

For more information about TargetSolutions’ pre-built platform solutions, please click here. If you have any question about the industry’s leading records management system, please contact us today at (800) 840-8046.

Latest Enhancement Makes TargetSolutions More User-Friendly on Mobile Devices


The file upload tool inside Activities and Credentials is now HTML5 compatible, equipping it for on-the-go uploads from mobile devices.

The File Upload Tool Inside Activities and Credentials Is Now Equipped for On-the-Go Uploads from Mobile Devices

TargetSolutions’ powerful Activities Builder and Manage Credentials applications are known to work wonders for platform managers. The tools help organizations streamline the delivery and tracking of customized training assignments and compliance tasks.

Now, users will also experience more convenience with the applications.

A recent enhancement is built to save users’ time by providing the ability to easily upload files, such as pictures of certificates, to activity completions. In addition, users will now be able to upload a copy of their license/qualification card to their credential.

TargetSolutions has modernized its file upload functionality to make it HTML5 compatible. This will allow for better utilization of mobile devices.

Users will be able to take a picture of a certificate and upload it directly to an activity or credential, rather than having to come back to a computer, scan the certificate, and upload it into TargetSolutions.

“We live in a mobile age, and there are a lot of advantages in that,” said TargetSolutions Product Manager Misty Pratt. “Everyone carries their phone in their pocket. The ability to take a picture of something like a cert and add it directly into the platform is going to save a lot of people a lot of time.”

If you have any questions about this enhancement or other features inside TargetSolutions’ online training management system, contact us today at (800) 840-8048.

New NFPA® 1041 Series Focuses on Fundamentals of Fire Instructor Training

TargetSolutions’ new bundle of NFPA® 1041 courses focuses on the foundational methods of effective fire service instructors.

Knowledge is power. Remembering simple multiplication and six-syllabled words may work in a field of redundancy, but applying that knowledge can help shape a career. TargetSolutions understands this, hence the importance of equipping fire service training instructors with the tools they need to leave a positive impression on firefighters.

TargetSolutions is proud to announce the release of a new series of courses designed specifically for fire instructors and written to the National Fire Protection Association’s 1041 standard.

tslogo_symbol-color-smallNFPA® 1041 amplifies the job performance requirements expected of fire service instructors. Divided into three levels (Instructor I, II, and III), each lesson examines varying degrees of knowledge of the occupation and serves as a roadmap for entry-level instructors on the path to becoming the chief of training.

The courses are written to the levels of the National Professional Qualifications (NPQ) and International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC).

Criteria for each section include the following:

  • Level I: Student learning psychology, instructor credibility, assessment requirements.
  • Level II: Curriculum development, additional information on requisite knowledge and skills to level I.
  • Level III: Selecting instructors, proposal developments, and training analysis.

Written by subject matter expert and decorated industry professional Brian Ward, who has written many articles, including this piece titled “Fire Department Leadership: Nature vs. Nurture,” the courses feature a rich multimedia format with complete voiceover narration and exclusive interactions.

“NFPA® 1041 provides the necessary knowledge and skills from the instructional aspect for our fire service instructors and training officers to carry out the fire service mission of protecting lives and property,” said Ward.

Upon completion of this series, students will have an improved foundation of communicating with students, a further competency of the various types of instructional media as well as the benefits and limitations of each, and possess a fundamental understanding of student motivation and create a positive learning environment.

“NFPA® 1041 switches things up and approaches the subject matter from the instructor’s perspective. These courses give instructors the tools needed to develop and manage a successful training program.”

Bryan Fitzgerald, Content Manager, TargetSolutions

This new training bundle comes on the heels of last month’s release of the all-new NFPA® 1410 training series, which features 14 courses written to the NFPA® standard for firefighter evolutions.

For more information on this new series or other courses in TargetSolutions’ online training library for firefighters, please contact us today at (800) 840-8048.

Prepare Your Agency for the Next Emergency with FEMA NIMS Training on TargetSolutions

FEMA credential screenshot

TargetSolutions features pre-built training activities for National Incident Management System. This training comes straight from FEMA’s website and covers everything from introductory material to NIMS IS-800.

Whether you are a civilian or a first responder, emergency preparedness is crucial. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) found the two main barriers to emergency preparedness for civilians are the perceived costs of preparing (26%) and not knowing how (24%).

However, for users of TargetSolutions’ online training management system, disaster preparation is simplified. FEMA courses can be accessed instantly through the computer-based platform.

FEMA ISC 100 Course ScreenshotTargetSolutions offers the required, introductory courses for Incident Command System (ISC) and National Incident Management System (NIMS). It also provides a variety of other FEMA courses for more in-depth emergency response training. These 10 courses range from incident management overview to public communication and resource management.

While TargetSolutions’ pre-built courses offer simplicity, a platform manager can customize content to fit their organization’s needs. When a natural disaster strikes a region, impacted agencies can emphasize procedures specific to their environment. While natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes vary across the country, types of emergencies also vary depending on urban or rural settings.

“Cities and municipalities must be ready for when disasters strike to ensure public safety. Anyone potentially involved in emergency management should take the FEMA courses – which is essentially everyone.”

Amy Albanese, Account Manager, TargetSolutions

As with all TargetSolutions courses, administrators can track training and generate reports for course completions, so all users are trained efficiently. Training hours for in person NIMS training can also be documented using TargetSolutions. Learners attending hands-on emergency training can simply upload their certifications for credit.

It’s impossible to predict when emergencies will happen; however, it’s everyone’s responsibility to be prepared for when they do. TargetSolutions makes it easy to deliver pre-built FEMA courses or customize training for an organization’s needs. The ability to deliver, track, and report FEMA training through TargetSolutions helps users ensure personal and public safety.

TargetSolutions’ FEMA courses are delivered through the powerful Activities Builder application. Check out this video to learn more about importing pre-built activities with TargetSolutions or contact us today at (800) 840-8048.

A Look Ahead: The Benefits of Mobile-Friendly Training

TargetSolutions’ mobile-compatible training courses give students flexibility when completing training assignments.

Today’s workforce is increasingly concerned with greater flexibility and work-life balance. The use of smartphones also continues to grow with an expected 2.3 billion users by the end of 2017. Due to these trends, mobile training solutions are becoming more important to meet the needs of employees and adapt to developing technology.

ts-250-72dpiRegardless of the industry, mobile-optimized training capabilities are useful to deliver training. Rather than relying on instructor-led lessons and a customary eLearning system, mobile training gives learners control over how they receive information. TargetSolutions’ mobile-compatible courses address the growing need for dynamic and portable training.

Flexible, on-the-go training increases a student’s willingness to complete training courses. Roughly 70 percent of respondents to an Asia-Pacific Skillsoft survey reported improved engagement and motivation to learn when training on mobile devices. For firefighters and EMS personnel, mobile functionality provides the ability to control how information is absorbed. Departments using TargetSolutions to e-mail deadline reminders, lets users check their email on their phones and immediately access courses without switching devices.

“Mobile-friendly courses provide flexibility that ultimately translates to higher utilization. TargetSolutions lets learners choose how and when they train.”

Misty Pratt, Product Manager, TargetSolutions.

Not only do mobile training courses increase motivation, but mobile learning leads to faster course completions. Smartphone users were found to finish courses 45 percent faster than those using computers for training in a Merrill Lynch GoLearn study. Additionally, the faster training time did not impact effectiveness as test scores were similar between both groups. TargetSolutions’ mobile-compatible courses help firefighters renew credentials sooner and retain critical information.

TargetSolutions gives departments the tools to customize content for mobile learning so students can immediately apply procedures to given scenarios. This method builds practical knowledge that is more engaging, without the risk of information overload from only using instructor-led training.

Total mobility changes the way organizations train personnel and how individuals process information. Learners can stay up-to-date on policy changes, new equipment, and new technology with faster access and more convenience. TargetSolutions is constantly working to enhance its training catalog with more mobile functionality that will increase performance and reduce liability.

For more information about TargetSolutions’ mobile-optimized courses, please contact us today at (800) 840-8048.


Subject Matter Expert Paul Costello Breaks Down Creation of TargetSolutions’ All-New NFPA® 1410 Training


TargetSolutions recently released 14 video-based training courses showcasing NFPA® 1410 training evolutions and training drills.


Considering the fact working fires account for only 4 percent of total calls, modern-day firefighters must rely on the skills acquired through training. TargetSolutions, the industry’s leader in online continuing education for the fire service, is proud to announce the release of a 14-course bundle that showcases firefighting evolutions presented in an innovative video-based format.

The courses, written to the NFPA® 1410 training standard, aim to help firefighters complete these basic evolutions, accomplish the feat in a reasonable time, and achieve the expected outcomes. The courses also showcase NFPA 1410 drills for firefighters.

1410 fire evolutions

Paul Costello is a veteran paramedic, firefighter, and fire service instructor who currently serves as a training officer with Hillsborough County Fire Rescue in Florida.

Written and directed by subject matter expert and fire service instructor Paul Costello, FF/EMT-P, the NFPA 1410 series presents students with a thorough step-by-step analysis through each of the 14 evolutions. These unique courses, displayed in high definition video, vividly demonstrate the key objectives of each drill and supplement the material with engaging interactions and voiceover narration.

The courses were shot in collaboration with the St. Charles Fire Department in St. Charles, Mo. and Pasco County Fire Rescue in Land O’ Lakes, Fla. Team members of TargetSolutions and parent company Vector Solutions were able to garner firsthand experience and witness the kind of dedication, perseverance, and teamwork needed to operate a successful battalion.

Costello, who is a 25-year veteran of the fire service, has authored numerous courses on a variety of topics, including fire leadership, ethics, and eLearning. He said he believes in empowering his students to their fullest ability and regards responding to a citizen’s call for help during a time of duress an unprecedented honor.

TargetSolutions recently had the opportunity to interview Costello on the creation process for these dynamic training courses.

Read Through the Q and A with Paul Costello About NFPA 1410 Training Courses

What are the NFPA® 1410 training evolutions and why are they significant?

Costello: “The 1410 evolutions are basic single and multi-company evolutions that have been created as a standard for the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and are representative of some of the most important basic skill sets that fire companies should practice on and master because these are the bread and butter of what we do on a fireground.”

What’s so unique about these 14 NFPA 1410 courses?

Costello: “From what I have seen over the years, I’ve never seen anything of such high quality, first and foremost, in terms of the production. That by itself makes them completely unique. It’s not something that’s patch-worked together. It’s a very well thought out production from start to finish. The TargetSolutions 1410 courses address the 3 psychometric areas of importance, being cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains. Cognitively the student, whether it’s a firefighter or a seasoned company officer, they are on the same page literally going through the content and understanding what it is they ‘re going to do but also why they need to do it. From the affective domain, seeing it and then understanding why they have to do it, that builds a motivation to do it because all of us as adult learners want to know why and what’s in it for me. And lastly, we provide a road map that follows the NFPA 1410 standards that they can use on the fire ground during their timed evolutions and that’s where repetition and psychomotor mastery is built.”

How will these NFPA 1410 courses change how firefighters train?

Costello: “What we did is we expanded and expounded on the how’s and why’s and having regular everyday access in a course library to these company evolutions is going to greatly broaden the horizons for the daily company and multi-company trainings that we do in the fire service. We’ve nearly doubled the daily training of the amount of courses the company officer can do so they have a much bigger stockpile of high-quality courses to jump right into.”

What benefits will firefighters and battalions get out of this NFPA 1410 bundle?

Costello: “Additional perks or benefits would be that the content is already pre-mapped to the ISO training buckets in TargetSolutions. They don’t have to create a new custom activity; they don’t have to create anything. It’s all there for them to take the ball and run with it.”

Could you discuss the production process for this series?

Costello: “For me as a content writer, the experience was very enjoyable to be working on such a big project. Big in that the content creation started in February of ’16 and we put a pretty big year of our lives into the project. Last summer on location in St. Charles. Great times with great firefighters and friends. Pasco County Fire also deserves a ton of credit as they came in and helped with a couple of the evolutions as well. The quality of the on-location shoot I think speaks for itself through what everyone has seen when it’s played back.”

To learn more about the all-new NFPA® 1410 Evolutions course bundle, or other courses in TargetSolutions’ online catalog for fire departments, please contact us today at (800) 840-8046.

“I’ve never seen anything of such high quality, first and foremost, in terms of the production. That by itself makes them completely unique.”

Paul Costello, Training Officer, Hillsborough County Fire Rescue (Fla.) on TargetSolutions’ NFPA® 1410 Training Series

The Top 5 Most Commonly Asked Questions During the Purchasing Process

Check out this slideshow to learn answers to the most commonly asked questions we hear from training officers, captains and chiefs tasked with learning more about TargetSolutions.

If you are considering purchasing TargetSolutions’ online training management system for your fire department, you undoubtedly have questions. Fortunately, TargetSolutions has the answers you need to make the right decision for your agency.tslogo_symbol-color-small

Here are five of the most commonly asked questions we hear during the purchasing process. If there is something not covered here that you would like to know, please give us a call today at (800) 840-8046.

How Will TargetSolutions Fit into My Department’s Budget?

Course packages can be adjusted to fit your agency’s needs. Factors such as your department’s size and level of training your agency requires can impact pricing. While some organizations may only need safety training or firefighter training courses, some may require personnel to track EMS continuing education. TargetSolutions understands budgetary cycles and will work with your agency’s decision makers to plan a cost-effective and efficient implementation. If there is one thing TargetSolutions consistently hears from customers, it is the fact the platform easily pays for itself in overall cost savings. Check out this ROI calculator to see how much your agency can save with TargetSolutions.

Are TargetSolutions’ Fire and EMS Continuing Education Courses Accredited?

TargetSolutions is dedicated to regularly updating its online training content to stay ahead of each state’s mandated requirements. TargetSolutions offers the industry’s largest online training library for EMS continuing education. The platform features more than 160 hours of CEUs and is be accepted in all 50 states. Additionally, TargetSolutions is organizationally accredited by CAPCE, the leading regulatory agency on EMS continuing education. TargetSolutions also offers a robust catalog of NFPA firefighter training, including NFPA 1001, 1021, 1410 and 1500 series. These courses are written to the NFPA’s codes and standards.

Is It Possible to Share Information with Neighboring Agencies?

When multiple departments are out on a call, firefighters need to work together effectively. In addition to having your own department’s TargetSolutions training, information and resources can be shared through TargetSolutions’ Enterprise solution. Agencies can easily track hands-on training sessions, schedule events, and assign activities to all personnel. This system allows departments to train firefighters cohesively. Check out this video from the North Zone Training Group in San Diego’s North County to learn how Enterprise is working for the mutual aid partners.

Do Users Need to Upgrade Their Systems to Use TargetSolutions?

TargetSolutions is a cloud-based service and it is not required for users to install additional software to run the system. However, certain system requirements will ensure learners can successfully access their courses. TargetSolutions is compatible with most modern browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Google Chrome. It is recommended that individuals use Mozilla Firefox v27+, have audio capabilities, and a 1.5 Mbps bandwidth. To log in and validate your email in the system, you’ll also want to make sure you can receive emails from

Are TargetSolutions’ Firefighter Training Courses Customizable?

While TargetSolutions is compatible with other systems, its customizable Activities Builder provides organizations the ability to deliver their training content. Departments can use the Activities Builder to create task books for different training purposes. Activities feature electronic tracking forms for live training or can be used for checklists to track vehicle inspections efficiently. Agencies can also attach custom policies to TargetSolutions’ pre-built online training courses or deliver SCORM course content.

If you have any questions not covered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us today via e-amil at or call us at (800) 840-8046.

Hundreds of Video-Based Professional Skills Training Courses Released by TargetSolutions

TargetSolutions’ online training catalog has undergone an infusion of hundreds of new courses covering office productivity, project management, business skills, and more.

In late 2016, TargetSolutions’ parent company, Vector Solutions, acquired LearnSmart, a powerhouse provider of high-quality professional skills and IT certification training. Accompanying the acquisition of LearnSmart is a treasure trove of video-based training courses now available to TargetSolutions customers.

These mobile-ready professional skills training courses, designed to boost workplace productivity and maximize performance, are now available in high-definition videos with live demonstrations.

Here is a breakdown of the new training:

  • Business Skills: 144 new courses on the subjects of leadership, management, strategic thinking, and more.
  • Office Productivity: 21 new courses built to boost employees’ knowledge, skills and abilities in the workplace.
  • Project Management: 52 new courses to help public entities develop project managers who are equipped to achieve organizational goals.
  • OSHA & HR: 12 new courses that address employee health and safety in the workplace.

Also available from LearnSmart is a premium library, featuring more than 140 courses designed for IT and Security professionals. These in-depth training lessons, available at an additional cost, can help bolster your organization’s cyber security and provide skills to meet certification goals, including CompTIA series (A+, Network+, Security+) and CCNA Security.

 To learn more about TargetSolutions’ new training courses, please contact us at (800) 840-8048.