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What Clients Are Saying About TargetSolutions’ New and Improved Platform

After updating the TargetSolutions platform, we asked for client feedback to see what they think:
Ken Treffinger of Sarasota County Fire Department
“After seeing the new (TargetSolutions) platform, I was immediately impressed by the layout and the look that it presented. Actually, I believe my first word after seeing it was, ‘wow!’ The new platform offered by (TargetSolutions) is sleek, professional, and appears very user-friendly. I feel the new platform will make my job easier with its convenient layout and the ease of navigation it offers.”
Jackie Hulsey, database coordinator for Seminole County Fire/EMS Training Center
“I really like the new platform! The entire look and feel of the site is clean and organized. On the home page, listing everything that is coming due, including credentials, right up front is very helpful. I believe it has assisted lapsed memories of certain individuals on several occasions. Also, although the new notifications box is unobtrusive, the fact that it is more visible when highlighted and includes notifications for several additional items makes it an added benefit to our users.”
Kathy Edwards, training section lieutenant with Lake County Fire Rescue
“I was thrilled to start the new application when we did. It has been an upgrade in some areas. The largest area benefiting was the File Center. The ability to move my own files within the File Center has allowed for a cleaner, more organized site. As administrator to TargetSolutions, I have been able to rid our site of unnecessary items, delete unwanted items and/or non-training related items and organize our site to be more user-friendly. The new site makes it easier for users to see what is required of them, locate classes, and track their credentials.”
Stuart Sprung, training specialist for Oceanside Fire Department
“When TargetSolutions first came out and we started using it, it did not have the ability to do everything it does now. It was probably at 25 percent of how it is functioning now. It was really kind of a CE provider. The management aspect of it was in its infancy. But over time, it has become something we use extensively. Before TargetSolutions, training and recordkeeping was very cumbersome. We knew that for the firefighters to use TargetSolutions, it had to be easy or they would not use it. With TargetSolutions guys can now enter a full day’s worth of training reports in less than five minutes and that data is captured. Our guys have logged thousands more training hours than ever before ever since we implemented TargetSolutions.”
TargetSolutions welcomes client feedback to continue developing our platform.

Users Benefit from Streamlined Reporting with TargetSolutions

As healthcare providers approach the deadline for their recertification period, they can feel stressed as they wait for course completions reports. One service TargetSolutions provides is reporting completions so users can rest at ease knowing their hard work has been accounted for. But for users in some states, this cumbersome process can mean waiting two weeks or more to see the credit has been reported. To some firefighters and EMTs who are down to the wire with only a few weeks remaining to obtain those last credit hours, this is an incredible inconvenience.

Always looking for ways to better serve customers, TargetSolutions is able to streamline reporting of EMS course completions in the state of Florida. By implementing an application programming interface (API) solution, all Florida EMS course completions will now be submitted on a weekly basis, instead of the previous monthly basis. The API solution eliminates manual entry, which translates to faster, seamless reporting for our customers. TargetSolutions will continue to investigate other states for opportunities to utilize API reporting.

Accessing Printing Course Certificates is Easy with TargetSolutions

TargetSolutions delivers a reliable and effective way to complete courses. After completion, a Certificate of Completion is made available for your review. You can print the certificate at any time you would like.

TargetSolutions is required by law to keep a record of your training. You can use the My History page inside the TargetSolutions platform to view a list of previously completed curriculum. You can review the material, or access your Course Completion Certificates, by following four simple steps:

1. Login to your TargetSolutions account
2. Click on My History on the left-hand side of the page
3. Click on the Certificate icon for the course, located under Details
4. Click on View or Print to complete the desired action

TargetSolutions is easily accessible 24/7 wherever there is an Internet connection. Whether your organization, state, or college requests your certificate, you can print it anywhere, at any time.

TargetSolutions Takes Steps to Simplify Login Process for Users with Multiple Sites

Do you have more than one TargetSolutions account? We have a tool that will allow you to login from any of the sites with a single username and password, and quickly access whichever account you would like.

To make this happen, each of your accounts needs to have been upgraded, meaning either your e-mail has been validated or you have verified that your username is unique system wide. Once that is completed, e-mail your account manager with the name of every site in which you have an account. Make sure to designate which site will be your primary account. The username and password used to access your primary site will become the only login information you will ever need to remember.

When the merge is finished, you can use your primary username and password to login from any of your sites. Use the menu in the upper left corner of the platform to switch between your accounts (see image below).

Activities Builder Helps Organizations Deliver Custom Content, Track Training Hours

TargetSolutions is committed to providing our clients with tools to make training a comprehensive and seamless process. We firmly believe that effective communication is the key to achieving this goal. One tool that enables stronger communication is the Activities Builder.

Activities Builder is one of our most popular applications because it allows organizations to deliver custom content and track training hours. Working in conjunction with the File Center and the Community Resources page, administrators can incorporate custom content such as instructional or inspirational videos, organization-specific content, policies and SOGs into training assignments.

Administrators can then ensure user accountability through e-signatures and activity validation options. A visit to the Generate Reports application will allow administrators to track the training through reports, providing them with a paperless-paper trail.

If you are still learning the ropes of how to better incorporate activities into your training program and have any questions for TargetSolutions, please check the Help section inside the platform and search “Activities Builder.” And don’t hesitate to contact your account manager. We are here to help you make the most out of your TargetSolutions platform. We can be reached at 800.840.8048.

Please Join TargetSolutions and Donate to Victims of Hurricane Sandy

It has been more than a week since tragedy struck our country. As Hurricane Sandy ripped through our coastline, it stopped at nothing, flooding the streets of businesses, neighborhoods, and communities.

Despite preparations, no one and nothing was left untouched by this vicious storm. With those affected spanning from Vermont to Virginia, many were left in ruins – especially those hit hardest in New Jersey and New York. With homes and businesses completely leveled, many were left exhausted and hungry.

The aftermath of this disaster has tested our country’s brave first responders and everyone from coast-to-coast owes them a debt of gratitude for stepping up during these challenging times.

Here at TargetSolutions, our hearts go out to all who were and continue to be affected by this unimaginable disaster. Please help us in supporting the victims of this disaster by providing aid to those in grave need.


TargetSolutions Is Updating Health and Safety Courses to Meet New GHS Standard

The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals is a worldwide initiative to promote standard criteria for classifying chemicals according to their health, physical and environmental hazards.

It was developed by the United Nations because systems already in place worldwide create multiple classifications and inconsistent protection for those potentially exposed to the chemicals, as well as creating extensive regulatory burdens on companies producing chemicals.

The GHS itself is not a regulation or a standard. It is simply a document that establishes agreed hazard classification and communication provisions with information on how to apply the system.

The GHS uses pictograms, hazard statements, and the signal words “Danger” and “Warning” to communicate hazard information on product labels and safety data sheets in a logical and comprehensive way. The primary goal of GHS is better protection of human health and the environment by providing chemical users and handlers with enhanced and consistent information on chemical hazards.

While updating the TargetSolutions library to the new hazard classification system will be a large task, it will affect 26 of our courses, we understand the importance and are in the process of making the changes. The updates to our health and safety training courses, including Right to Know (Hazard Communication), Advanced HAZWOPER Awareness, HAZMAT Spill and Prevention and Control, and HAZMAT Transporation, are scheduled to be completed in 2013.

For more information on the GHS, please visit its website.

TargetSolutions Delivers Tools to Meet ARFF Requirements

Did you know with TargetSolutions you can track ARFF training data and hour accumulation, plus deliver the FAAs Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Training DVD? TargetSolutions powerful training management system makes it possible by providing access to customizable activities on topics that have been recommended by the FAA.

In addition, previously complicated reports have been simplified so you can easily check the progression of hours for all ARFF personnel.

We really impressed the FAA with our training records, said Marc Sanangelo of Naples Fire Department in Florida. Someone with the FAA actually told one of our neighboring departments they may want to look at what Naples is doing to create quality records. That was a great compliment us and to TargetSolutions.

You can track training hour accumulation through TargetSolutions Manage Credentials application. The credential will track training hours on all ARFF subjects. Then run reports to check the progression of hours for all ARFF personnel.

Help Section Inside TargetSolutions Features Live Chat Functionality

Did you know TargetSolutions provides three levels of support? If you ever have questions about operating the platform or need additional help or training, we are here for you through our online Help System, which is accessible through the platform; our toll-free (800) line; and our Live Chat functionality.

You can find answers to most questions through the Help System, including videos and step-by-step instructions, but you can also access our support team through the Live Chat feature.

Upon accessing the Help tab within the platform, you will be brought to the Help System’s home page. If you are interested in communicating with a representative at TargetSolutions via Live Chat, click on the Ask an Operator item on the bottom right of the screen (pictured below). Live Chat is available Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and from 8 a.m. to noon on Fridays.

To access our knowledgeable support staff via phone or e-mail, you can reach us at (800) 840-8048 or We are here to serve you and assist in any way possible!



User Selector Tool Undergoing Improvements

TargetSolutions knows your time is valuable. We are currently working on optimizing a key tool in the platform to make your experience even faster. The User Selector tool exists as part of many administrative tools including Create New Assignments, Record Completions and more. Not only are we upgrading the technology used to build the User Selector tool, but we are also improving the interface design to increase clarity and remove repetitive steps that can slow down your task.

The development team has similar optimization plans for other areas of the platform. When asked why the User Selector tool was the first to be completed, Software Engineer Manager Dustyn Borghi replied: “Almost everything our platform does has to do with user selection, so having the ability to find users and find them quickly is paramount to daily operations.”

Look for these improvements in the coming months.