The City of Reno has utilized TargetSolutions since 2014 to streamline training management and oversee employee compliance.

Home to more than 235,000 residents, the City of Reno, Nev., has relied on TargetSolutions’ online training management system since 2014. TargetSolutions’ powerful record tracking tools and convenient LMS allows the City of Reno to ensure compliance across its city departments and streamline how employees fulfill their training.

Before TargetSolutions, the City of Reno only utilized traditional methods, such as Excel sheets, to document training hours. Without a centralized system for accessing and tracking training, paperwork for expiring licenses and certifications were difficult to manage.

City of Reno Program Assistant, Lynn Adgett, remarked TargetSolutions has helped in that respect. “We can now maintain (credentials) and we can stay on top of things,” she said.

In addition to better tracking compliance, TargetSolutions’ flexible, online training allows the City of Reno’s employees to renew credentials and earn training credit anytime, anywhere.

Adgett also praised the platform’s ability to upload videos and other outside training content and deliver it as an activity or credential to users. By adding external files to TargetSolutions, the City of Reno’s employees can easily revisit training procedures and policies to maximize effectiveness and safety while on the job.

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