Honolulu Fire Department implemented TargetSolutions to streamline EMS continuing education, but has experienced a reduction in out-of-service time and overtime costs.

Working in paradise is nice, but no matter where you reside, managing a metro fire department’s medical refresher training can be agonizing. All the sunshine, beautiful beaches, and palm trees in the world won’t make it any less grueling.

With that in mind, Honolulu Fire Department turned to TargetSolutions, the industry’s leading provider for online firefighter training and records management. The goal was simple: Implement the system to efficiently distribute EMS continuing education to personnel spread across 43 stations and nearly 600 square miles on the island of Oahu.

The results brought the department an unexpected tidal wave of savings. After measuring the first full year on the platform, Honolulu determined that by utilizing TargetSolutions – and eliminating the need to schedule off-duty training – the agency was able to experience a huge savings of $234,000!

After conducting the department’s Biennial Emergency Medical Refresher Training for 2015, Honolulu’s Training and Research Bureau’s Medical section found the following:

  • Round-trips were reduced by 50 percent, as well as a reduction in fuel costs, mileage and maintenance on apparatus
  • Out-of-service man-hours decreased by approximately 17,000 hours from 2013
  • The department experienced a significant increase in training center classroom availability
  • Training curriculum and instructor preparation condensed from three days to one day

The department also reported a savings of more than $95,000 – plus an increase of 69 days of classroom availability – by managing its required hazardous materials refresher training with TargetSolutions.

Please click here to download Honolulu’s Department Spotlight success story.

In addition to all the quantifiable savings the department is experiencing, the department believes the online system is going to help reduce its carbon footprint by moving paper documentation online.

Another benefit of the system is how the platform helps the department maximize its drill-ground and make time spent more efficient and effective. By delivering pre-training coursework, whether it’s an online course with a quiz, an in-house policy or presentation, or a training video, Honolulu’s students are more prepared for what they will encounter at the training facility.

When Honolulu first turned to TargetSolutions late in 2013, it was simply looking for a way to simplify EMS recertification across a large department. But the cost savings associated with the ability to schedule, deliver and track training was a pleasant surprise.

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