TargetSolutions has updated its Reporting Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of Children training course title to Child Abuse: Mandated Reporter Training. This course complies with California’s Assembly Bill 1432 and features 11 learning modules and a 10-question exam.
  • UPDATED: January 2016

TargetSolutions’ Child Abuse: Mandated Reporter Training course, formerly known as Reporting Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation of Children, educates school district employees on how to protect children and when to report suspected cases of child abuse.

In addition to touching on common laws and exploring what constitutes reasonable suspicion of abuse, the module has received new information for California’s AB-1432 law, which makes it a requirement to report suspected cases of child abuse.

“While our course isn’t necessarily written for California users, we have supplemented our course with information to comply with the California law that is referred to as the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA),” said Jeremy Lynch, TargetSolutions’ director of content.

Personnel taking the course will have the option to receive additional supplemental information pertaining to the law.

“With as many school district personnel and faculty that we train at TargetSolutions, this update to the course was probably one of our most important updates,” Lynch said. “This course ranks right up there with any of the TargetSolutions catalog courses.”

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