TargetSolutions’ Advanced HAZWOPER Awareness training series covers the essentials of preventing and managing hazardous events.

Even with the best prevention methods in place, incidents involving hazardous materials are bound to happen. Understanding the nature of hazardous materials – and how to respond to various types of incidents – will help you quickly manage a dangerous situation and minimize damage.

TargetSolutions’ Advanced HAZWOPER Awareness is a four-module series of online training courses designed to educate personnel on hazardous materials, effective communication strategies, personal protective equipment (PPE), preventative measures, and much more.

Here is a breakdown of each module in the four-part series:

Module 1: This course identifies hazardous events and examples of hazardous waste that is produced by specific industries.

Module 2: The course discusses hazard communication and labeling requirements of hazardous chemicals.

Module 3: This course defines toxicology and different types of toxic exposure along with appropriate PPE for each given situation.

Module 4: This course breaks down hazardous material releases, steps of prevention, decontamination, and explains the incident command system.

TargetSolutions’ course catalog also features other courses that discuss hazardous materials, including First Responders Operations Level Refresher (four modules), Introduction to Hazardous Materials (EMS), Hazard Communication (OSHA), Hazmat Spill Prevention & Control (OSHA), and Hazmat Transportation (OSHA), among others.

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