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TargetSolutions has partnered with AlphaTRAC Products to deliver AlphaACT® FIRE’s scenario-based training. Now you can deliver interactive courses based on real-life incidents from the IAFC’s Near-Miss Program with the industry’s leading online training management system. Accelerate your firefighters’ experiences with dynamic training scenarios.


Dynamic Training for Firefighters of All Levels
Firefighter training scenarios are based on actual incidents and are fully accessible after purchase via the TargetSolutions platform.

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Build Your Own Scenario-Based Training Courses
Use your fire department’s own post-incident reports to create scenario-based courses with AlphaACT® FIRE’s innovative technology.

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Delivering a unique training experience built to help firefighters improve their decision making, AlphaACT® FIRE can now be assigned, tracked and reported with TargetSolutions. AlphaACT® FIRE’s simulation training is inspired by real-life experiences. The program is integrated with the IAFC’s Near-Miss system to build an experience knowledge base in the training.

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Courses are built for company officers and firefighters alike. Engaging scenario-based training teaches students of all levels how to leverage experiences from the past to make better decisions in the future. After completing each course, training officers can access results to understand a student’s strengths and areas for improvement. Train smarter and improve results.

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AlphaACT® FIRE on the TargetSolutions platform puts a new spin on computer-based training. These courses challenge first responders to focus, rely on experiences from the past, and make the proper decision based on the current scenario. After completing this engaging training, crew members will be prepared to make the tough decision in the heat of the moment.

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Online Crisis Decision Training on the TargetSolutions’ Platform

Schedule a one-on-one overview with TargetSolutions to learn how your crew members can develop their tactical decision-making skills using AlphaACT® FIRE’s engaging training using firefighter scenarios.

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