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Training Matters. Make Yours Count.

We believe a well-trained department is a safer, more efficient and more effective department. That’s why we’ve developed the industry’s most engaging training materials and innovative records management system.

  • Quality Training Material

    TargetSolutions has partnered with PoliceOne.com to offer 500 engaging training videos and courses with tests, cutting-edge interactions and detailed lesson plans. Training content is in high-definition and covers more than 50 law enforcement topics.

  • Powerful Applications

    Easily schedule, deliver and track training with TargetSolutions’ learning management system. The platform features powerful recordkeeping tools that help departments of all sizes manage their entire training program with ease.

  • Convenient and User Friendly

    TargetSolutions’ web-based platform is accessible 24/7 anywhere there is an Internet connection. Users can view content on their own time, at their own pace. The system is engaging, intuitive and easy to utilize.

  • A Complete Training Solution

    TargetSolutions features powerful communication tools for delivering customized activities with e-signatures for tracking. You will also be able to create alert notifications, generate comprehensive training data reports, access shared resources from other departments and store documents in a password-protected database. TargetSolutions is a complete training solution.

You Have Training Challenges. We Have Answers.

TargetSolutions is a web-based platform that enables organizations to deliver curriculum, track training and maintain compliance. We are the top provider of law enforcement training nationwide, with accreditation in numerous states and hundreds of reputable experts featured in our exclusive training videos.

    Online Training

  • 500 engaging training videos and courses
  • Videos are filmed, posted and downloadable in high definition
  • Content features tests, interactions and detailed lesson plans
  • Online training courses cover HR, OSHA, Driving Safety and more

    Learning Management

  • Easy-to-use tools for scheduling and delivering training
  • Add a test or e-signature requirement to customized training
  • Assign due dates with automatic alerts to avoid missing deadlines
  • Store important files and videos in a centralized online location

Training Management Has to Be So Hard

TargetSolutions simplifies training management like never before. The system is powerful, engaging and easy to use. Streamline your operations by effectively delivering and tracking training online. Your department’s compliance status is always just a few clicks away, helping you achieve your overall goals.

    Records Management

  • Keep track of all training records, including videos, courses, tests
  • Document inspections for equipment, vehicles and other assets
  • Stay compliant and produce comprehensive training reports in minutes
  • Reduce liability by keeping important data in a centralized system

    Career Tracking

  • Track and maintain all licenses, certifications and qualifications
  • Set alerts to keep you and your staff informed of expiration dates
  • Monitor career paths to keep employees on track for promotion
  • Generate comprehensive reports to comply with audits

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