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Project Management Training

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Fulfill the project management training you need to prepare for the PMP® certification with TargetSolutions’ PMP® online course catalog. TargetSolutions offers courses in traditional and agile project management and features lessons to optimize risk management, stakeholder engagement and effective estimation. Download our catalog for more information.


✔ Advanced Project Management: Advanced Project Risk Management
✔ Advanced Project Management: Advanced Project Scheduling
✔ Advanced Project Management: Converting Strategy Into Action
✔ Advanced Project Management: Executing Complex Programs
✔ Advanced Project Management: Integrated Project Delivery
✔ Advanced Project Management: Managing Project Teams
✔ Advanced Project Management: Project Management in a Dynamic Environment
✔ Advanced Project Management: Project Performance Management
✔ Advanced Project Management: Sustainability in Project Management
✔ Advanced Project Management: The Power of Project Leadership
✔ Advanced Project Management: Understanding the Project, Program, and Portfolio Architecture


✔ Series Overview
✔ Traditional vs. Agile Project Management
✔ Manifesto Principles 1 – 6
✔ Manifesto Principles 7-12
✔ Scrum and XP Methods
✔ Other Agile Methods
✔ Value Driven Development
✔ Prioritization and Risk Management
✔ Planning Agile Projects
✔ Estimation
✔ Managing Projects
✔ Adaptive Planning and Design
✔ Soft Skills and Leadership
✔ Team Formation and Boosting Team Performance
✔ Stakeholder Engagement
✔ Communication in Projects
✔ Problem Detection, Metrics, and Resolution
✔ Quality and Earned Value Management
✔ Continual Improvement
✔ PMI Code of Conduct
✔ PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Exam Prep
✔ Test Me – PMI Agile Certified Practitioner Exam (PMI-ACP)®


✔ From AEC Project Manager to Principal 1: Foundations of Management
✔ From AEC Project Manager to Principal 2: Marketing Your Services
✔ From AEC Project Manager to Principal 3: Negotation Outcomes & Strategies
✔ From AEC Project Manager to Principal 4 & 5: Manpower & Quality
✔ From AEC Project Manager to Principal 6: Financial Management


✔ Project Management Overview
✔ Managing Projects within Organizations
✔ Process Groups
✔ Execution, Monitoring and Controlling
✔ Project Change Control and Closure
✔ Initiation Basics, Developing a Project Charter and Plan
✔ Collecting Requirements and Defining Scope
✔ Monitor and Control Project Scope
✔ Defining and Sequencing Project Activities
✔ Developing and Controlling the Project Schedule
✔ Estimating Activity Resources and Durations
✔ Controlling Costs
✔ Estimating & Budgeting Project Costs
✔ Project Quality Planning
✔ Quality Assurance and Cost Control
✔ Managing Projects for Human Resources
✔ Planning Projects for Human Resources
✔ Processes for Managing Project Communications
✔ Stakeholders and the Communication Management Plan
✔ Identifying Project Risks
✔ Performing Risk Analysis
✔ Risk Management Planning
✔ Risk Response, Monitor and Control
✔ Managing Procurement During Your Project
✔ Planning Procurement for Your Project
✔ Stakeholder Identification and Planning
✔ Project Stakeholder Engagement and Communication
✔ PMI® Certification Requirements
✔ Test Me – Project Management Professional (PMP)®
✔ Project Management Professional (PMP)® 2016 Exam Updates

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