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Database Design Specialist (1D0-541)
✔ Relationships, Database Languages and Dictionaries, Database Planning and Normalization
✔ Logical and Physical Database Design and Considerations
✔ SQL, Inserting Data, Filtering, Sorting, DCL, RA, Composite Joins and Transactions

MTA Database Fundamentals (98-364)
✔ Database Tables and Relationships, DML, Database Data Types, Tables and Data
✔ Filtering Data, Functions, Sorting and Joining Data, OUTER and CROSS JOINs, Duplicates and Result Sets
✔ Adding and Deleting Data, Views, Functions, Data Normalization and Normal Forms
✔ Primary Keys, Clustered and Non-Clustered Indexes, Database Security Concepts and Backups

SQL Server 2005 – Designing Infrastructure (70-443)
✔ Capacity Planning, Hardware and Software, Storage, Multiple Instances, Consolidation and Security Requirements
✔ Security, Normalization, Tables, File Groups, Indexes, Views, Naming Conventions and Change Control
✔ High Availability, Clustering, Mirroring, Replication, Data Recovery, and Archiving Data

SQL Server 2005 – Implementation and Maintenance (70-431)
✔ Relational Databases, Transact-SQL, SELECT Statements, Operators and Expressions
✔ Filtering, Writing Good WHERE Clauses, Handling Missing Values and Scalar Functions
✔ Result Sets, Variables, Control of Flow, CASE and Ranking Functions, Grouping, Summarizing and Retrieving Data
✔ Combining and Limiting Result Sets, Subqueries, Common Table Expressions and Modifying Data
✔ OUTPUT Clause, Full-Text Indexes, XML, Views, Functions, Stored Procedures and Advanced Query Techniques
✔ Databases, Filegroups, Schemas, Database Snapshots and Basic SQL Server Data Types
✔ User-Defined Data Types, Tables, XML and Indexing Concepts
✔ Indexes, Data Integrity, PK, Unique Constraints and Foreign Key Constraints
✔ Triggers, XML Schemas, Views and Stored Procedures
✔ User-Defined Functions, Handling Errors, Execution Context, Managed Code and Service Broker
✔ Installation, Post Install Configuration, Databases, Filegroups and Schemas
✔ Managing Databases, Disaster Recovery, Backup and Restoring
✔ Snapshots, Security, Keys, Certificates and Monitoring
✔ DDL Triggers, Event Notifications, Transferring Data, Jobs, Operators, Security and Alerts
✔ High Availability, Database Mirroring and Replication

SQL Server 2005 – Optimizing and Maintaining a Database Solution (70-444)
✔ Automation, Scripts, Maintenance, SSIS, Replication and Reporting Services
✔ Performance, Monitoring, Profiler and Best Practices
✔ Optimization, DTA, Troubleshooting and Managing Concurrency
✔ High Availability and Linked Servers

SQL Server 2008 – Designing and Maintaining a Database Solution (70-450)
✔ Designing Database Solutions, Storage, Tempdb, Server Instances and Databases
✔ FILESTREAM, Full-Text Indexes, Upgrade Planning, Consolidation, Authentication, Key Management and Securing
✔ Permissions, Schemas, Application Roles, Ownership Chaining, CLR, Service Broker, PBM, Events and Data Encryption
✔ Clustering, Log Shipping, Design Database Mirroring, High Availability and Replication
✔ Database Recovery, Backups, Recovery Test Plans and OS Level Monitoring Solutions
✔ Data Collection, Index Tuning, DMVs, DAC, Data Compression, Heap and Index Maintenance
✔ Partitioning, Resource Governor, Management, Compression, Automation Strategies, SSIS, Linked Servers and Replication

SQL Server 2008 – Implementation and Maintenance (70-432)
✔ Installation, Configuration, SQL Server Components, Database Mail and Full-Text Indexing
✔ SQL Agent Operators, Jobs and Alerts, Policy-Based Management, Security, SQL Logins and Triggers
✔ Auditing SQL Instances, Users and Roles, Schemas, Object Permissions, Transparent Data Encryption and Databases
✔ Backups, Restoring, Database Snapshots and Integrity
✔ Maintenance, Importing and Exporting Data, Partitioning, Data Compression and Indexes
✔ Index Options, Metadata, Fragmentation, XML Indexes, Error Logs and Concurrency Problems
✔ High Availability, Clustering, Log Shipping, Replication, Data Collection, Index Tuning, DMVs and MDW

SQL Server 2012 and 2014 – Designing Database (70-465)
✔ Designing a Database Server Infrastructure
✔ Designing a Logical Database Schema
✔ Designing a Physical Database Implementation
✔ Tuning Database Performance
✔ Designing Database Security
✔ Policy Based Management
✔ Monitoring Server Health
✔ Managing SQL Server with PowerShell
✔ Replicating Data
✔ Planning High Availability and Disaster Recovery
✔ Clustering with Windows Server and SQL Server
✔ AlwaysOn Availability Groups
✔ Consolidating Database Workloads with SQL Server
✔ Introduction to Cloud Data Solutions
✔ Windows Azure SQL Database
✔ Introduction to Windows Azure
✔ SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machines
✔ Test Me – Microsoft Exam 70-465

SQL Server 2012 and 2014 – Developing Databases (70-464)
✔ Introduction to SQL Server Toolset & Services
✔ Working with Data Types
✔ Designing and Implementing Tables
✔ Ensuring Data Integrity through Constraints
✔ Designing and Implementing Views
✔ Introduction to Indexing
✔ Advanced Indexing
✔ Reading SQL Server Execution Plans
✔ Designing and Implementing Stored Procedures
✔ Designing and Implementing User-Defined Functions
✔ Data Manipulation via Triggers
✔ Implementing Managed Code in SQL Server
✔ Creating Highly Concurrent SQL Server Applications
✔ Handling Errors in T-SQL Code
✔ Storing and Querying XML Data in SQL Server
✔ Working with SQL Server Spatial Data
✔ Test Me – Microsoft Exam 70-464

Database 10g
✔ Administration I (1Z0-042)
✔ Administration II (1Z0-043)
✔ Application Server Administration II (1Z0-312)
✔ Introduction to SQL (1Z0-047)

Database 11g
✔ Database Administration II (1Z0-053)
✔ DBA Administration I (1Z0-052)
✔ PL/SQL Developer Program Units (1Z0-144)
✔ PL/SQL Fundamentals
✔ SQL Fundamentals I (1Z0-051)


Internet Business Associate (1D0-51A)
✔ Internet Business Associate

A+ 2016 (220-901 & 220-902) – Mobile Devices
✔ Introduction to Mobile Devices
✔ Laptop Features
✔ Laptop Setup and Troubleshooting
✔ Mobile Operating Systems
✔ Troubleshooting Mobile Devices

A+ 2016 (220-901 & 220-902) – Networking
✔ Internet Connections and Routers
✔ Network Devices
✔ Network Protocols
✔ Network Wi-Fi
✔ Networking Cables, Connectors, and Tools

A+ 2016 (220-901 & 220-902) – Operating System
✔ Cloud Computing and Virtualization
✔ Installing and Patching Windows OS
✔ Overview of Mac OS and Linux OS
✔ Server Roles and Threat Management
✔ Troubleshooting PC OS
✔ Windows Command-Line Tools
✔ Windows Operating Systems

A+ 2016 (220-901 & 220-902) – PC Assembly
✔ Assembly and Setup
✔ Computer Components and Organization
✔ Device Connections
✔ Troubleshooting Motherboard, CPU, and RAM
✔ Troubleshooting Storage and RAID

A+ 2016 (220-901 & 220-902) – PC Components
✔ Central Processing Unit
✔ Display Devices
✔ Introduction to Printers
✔ RAM Types and Features
✔ Storage Devices

A+ 2016 (220-901 & 220-902) – Security and Operations
✔ IT Operations
✔ Mobile Security
✔ Preventing Security Threats and Vulnerabilities
✔ Safety Controls and Practices
✔ Windows OS Security

A+ 2016 (220-901 & 220-902) – Test Comprehension
✔ Test Me – CompTIA Exam A+ 220-901 & 220-902

Strata IT Fundamentals (FC0-U41)
✔ The System Unit, CPU, RAM and Storage Options
✔ Operating Systems, User Accounts, Windows Basic Training, Software Installation, System Maintenance and Printers
✔ Video, Multimedia, Wireless, Networking, Internet Access, Security and Green IT

Certified Wireless Technology Specialist (PW0-070)
✔ Wireless Technologies, Regulatory Agencies, Standards, RF Fundamentals, Antennas, Cabling, Physical Layers and Topologies
✔ 802.11, Authentication, Association, Infrastructure, Endpoint Hardware, Wireless LAN Controllers and Configuring Access Points
✔ Roaming Wireless Networks, OS Clients, Cisco Clients, Wireless LAN Vulnerabilities and Wireless Security Components
✔ 802.11i, EAP, Encryption, Security Tools, WCS, Navigator, Site Surveys, Troubleshooting, Spectrum and Protocol Analyzers


Global Standard 3 (GS3)
✔ Computer Basics and Managing Operating Systems
✔ Applications, Finalizing Documents and Presentations
✔ Collaborating, Working with E-Mail and Using the Web

Global Standard 4 (GS4)
✔ Hardware, Ergonomics, OS Basics, File Management, Software Basics and Troubleshooting
✔ Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, Presentation, Graphics and Video Software
✔ Web Basics, Networks, Connections, Security, Browsers, Digital Responsibilities and Internet Research


CCNA – Routing and Switching (200-120)
✔ Operation of IP Data Networks
✔ LAN Switching and WAN Technologies
✔ IPv4 and IPv6
✔ System and Network Management
✔ IP Routing Technologies
✔ IP Services and Security
✔ Troubleshooting Routers and Switches
✔ Test Me – Cisco Exam 200-120

CCNA – Security
✔ Security and Cisco Routers
✔ AAA on Cisco Devices
✔ Secure Network Management
✔ Common Layer 2 Attacks
✔ Cisco Firewall Technologies
✔ Cisco IPS
✔ VPN Technologies
✔ Test Me – Cisco Exam

CCNA – Wireless (640-722)
✔ WLAN Fundamentals
✔ Installation of a Basic Cisco Wireless LAN
✔ Installation of Wireless Clients
✔ Basic WLAN Security
✔ Basic WCS Operation
✔ Basic WLAN Maintenance and Troubleshooting
✔ Test Me – Cisco Exam 640-722 IUWNE

✔ Introduction to CCNP Certification
✔ Routing and Switching Basics
✔ LAN Switching
✔ Layer 2 Security
✔ IPv4/IPv6 Overview
✔ High Availability IP Services
✔ Introduction to Wireless LANs
✔ VoIP and Video Technologies
✔ Interior Gateway Protocols and Static Routing
✔ Exterior Gateway Protocols
✔ Advanced IP Services and Router Security


✔ Telecommunications & Network Security
✔ Information Security Governance and Risk Management
✔ Software Development Security
✔ Cryptography
✔ Security Architecture and Design
✔ Operations Security
✔ Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
✔ Legal, Regulations, Investigations & Compliance
✔ Physical (Environmental) Security
✔ Access Control
✔ Test Me – CISSP Exam


Network Technology Associate (1D0-51C)
✔ Introduction to Networking, Operating Systems, Network Infrastructure, Data Transmission and Routing Protocols
✔ Troubleshooting, Internetworking Servers, Understanding DNS, Hardware and OS Maintenance
✔ Understanding Data Structure, Network Security and Personal Privacy


Network+ (N10-006)
✔ TCP/IP Fundamentals
✔ Network Infrastructure Services
✔ Understanding Network Devices
✔ Cables, Connectors, and Standards
✔ Understanding WAN Connections and Remote Access
✔ Monitoring and Maintaining Networks
✔ Installing, Configuring, and Maintaining Wireless LANs
✔ Network Security
✔ Networking Concepts and Theory
✔ Troubleshooting Networks
✔ LAN Infrastructures
✔ Advanced Networking Concepts
✔ Test Me – CompTIA Exam N10-006


Certified Wireless Network Administrator
✔ WLAN, Industry Organizations, RF Fundamentals, RF Mathematics, & RF Measurements
✔ RF Signal Concepts, RF Antenna Basics, RF Accessories, Spread Spectrum Tech, & Standards
✔ IEEE 802.11, CSMA/CD, Channel Access Methods, WLAN Service Sets, & Locating WLANs
✔ Access Points, Infrastructure Hardware, PoE, WLAN Client Hardware, Design Models, & Alternate WLAN Architectures
✔ Site Surveying, WLAN Vulnerabilities, WLAN Security Solutions, Security Policies, & Troubleshooting WLANs


MTA Networking Fundamentals (98-366)
✔ Network Connectivity, LANs, WANs, Wireless Networking, Networking Topologies and Access Methods
✔ Understanding Switches, Routers and Network Cabling
✔ The OSI Model, IP Addressing, Name Resolution, Networking Services and Tools



MTA Windows Operating System Fundamentals (98-349)
✔ Windows OS, Interfaces, Installations, Desktop Features and Configuration
✔ Applications, Configuration Settings, Control Panel, Mobility Solutions, MMC and PowerShell
✔ Malware, File Systems, Libraries, Network Shares, Printers and Device Management
✔ Storage, Troubleshooting, Backup, Restore and Patch Management
✔ An Overview of MTA Windows Operating System Fundamentals (98-349)

Windows 7 Configuration (70-680)
✔ Installation and Deployment
✔ Device Drivers, IE8, Application Compatibility and Restrictions
✔ Networking
✔ Security
✔ Mobility Options, File Management and Recovery
✔ Deployment and Software Configuration
✔ Troubleshooting
✔ System Performance and Storage
✔ Wireless Connections and Security Settings

Windows Vista (70-620)
✔ Installation, Upgrading, Migration, Post-Installation and Third Party Applications
✔ User Account Control, IE, Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, Parental Controls and Windows Update
✔ Networking, Wireless, Remote Access, Media, Productivity Applications and Collaboration
✔ Mobile Devices and Computing, Optimization, Monitoring Performance, Data Protection and Recovery Tools

Windows Vista 101
✔ Getting Started, Navigating, & Organizing Files
✔ IE7, Viewing and Printing Web Pages, & Features
✔ Multimedia, Management, & Networking

Windows Vista Enterprise (70-622)
✔ Deployment, Installation, Post Installation Tasks and Troubleshooting Installation
✔ Network Protocols and Services, Wireless Connections, Remote Desktop and Application Deployment
✔ UAC, Firewalls, Windows, Security, Authentication and IE7 Security
✔ Troubleshooting, Connectivity, Compatibility, Desktop Applications, Management Tools and Windows Updates


✔ Red Hat Linux Essentials (RH033)
✔ Red Hat Linux Networking and Security Administration (RH253)
✔ Red Hat Linux System Administration (RH133)


Advanced Windows Exploitation
✔ Exploits, Exploit Development, Tools and Metasploit
✔ SAINT, CORE IMPACT, Documentation, Risk Analysis, Report Content and Delivery

Computer Forensics and Electronic Discovery
✔ Digital Forensics Incidents, Investigations, Threats, Assessments and Storage
✔ Acquisition, Authentication, Duplication Demo, Assessments
✔ Evidence, Authenticity and Alteration, Forensic Theory, Examination Review, Deviation and Archiving
✔ Duplication, eDiscovery and Cryptography
✔ Passwords, Data Carving, ADS, User Files and Rootkits

✔ Banner Grabbing
✔ Cloud Computing-Attacks
✔ Cloud Computing-Concepts
✔ Configuring Linux for Pentesting
✔ Enumeration
✔ Footprinting
✔ Linux Fundamentals
✔ Reconnaissance
✔ Test Me – Hacker Exam

Penetration Testing – Databases
✔ SQL Injection, Direct Attacks and Protection
✔ Attack Methods and Tools of the Trade

Penetration Testing – Foundations
✔ Overview, Evolving Threats, Methodologies, Test Environments, Footprinting, & DNS
✔ Password Cracking, ADS, Steganography, UNIX/Linux, Remote Attacks, & Hacking an Ubuntu Server
✔ Port Scanning, Nmap, Banner Grabbing, DNS Enumeration, SNMP & AD Enumeration, and Null Sessions

Penetration Testing – Networks
✔ Sniffers, ARP Poisoning, DNS Spoofing, Breaking SSL, Evading Firewalls and IDS/IPS and Wireless Technologies
✔ War Driving, Auditing Tools, Breaking WEP and WPA, Tools and New Age Protection

Penetration Testing – Vulnerability
✔ Vulnerability Assessments, Vulnerability Assessment Tools and Results
✔ Malware Distribution, Capabilities and Countermeasures in Penetration Testing


Security+ (SY0-401)
✔ Advanced Exploitation Techniques
✔ Authentication Systems
✔ Buffer Overflows
✔ Business Continuity
✔ Covering Tracks
✔ Cross-Site Scripting
✔ Cryptography
✔ Cryptography Weaknesses
✔ Denial of Service
✔ Disaster Recovery and Risk Management
✔ Evading Firewalls and Honeypots
✔ Evading IDS
✔ Hacking Web and App Servers
✔ Hacking Wireless Networks
✔ Introduction to Ethical Hacking
✔ Mobile Hacking Basics
✔ Network Design and Security Controls
✔ Penetration Testing
✔ Physical Security
✔ Port Scanning
✔ Scanning Networks
✔ Security Incidents
✔ Session Hijacking
✔ Sniffers
✔ Social Engineering
✔ Spyware & Keyloggers
✔ SQL Injections
✔ System Hacking
✔ Test Me – CompTIA Exam
✔ Trojans and Backdoors
✔ Viruses and Worms
✔ Vulnerability Assessment
✔ Wireless Types and Vulnerabilities


Certified Wireless Security Professional (PW0-204)
✔ Security Fundamentals, Network Management Tools and Monitoring, & Wireless Protocol
✔ OS Exploits, Hacking Tools, Unauthorized Access, Attacks, & Legalities
✔ Security Policies, Risk Assessment, Design Considerations, Monitoring, & Response Procedures
✔ Encryption, WEP, TKIP, 802.1x, EAP, WPA, 802.11i, VPN, IPSec, SSH2, & Mobile IP
✔ Segmentation Devices, Security Solutions, RADIUS, & WLAN Authentication


MTA Security Fundamentals (98-367)
✔ Security Principles, Threats, Risks, Authentication, Password Policies, User and Group Management
✔ Permission Management, Auditing, Physical Security Solutions, Malware Protection and Encryption
✔ Network Perimeter Security, Network Segmentation, NAP, Network Protocol Security, Wireless Network Security and Protection



Server Administrator (1D0-450)
✔ Introduction, Hardware, OS, Network Configuration, & User Management
✔ Account Management, User Permissions, & DNS
✔ SMB Networking, Samba, IIS, Apache Servers, & Common Gateway Interface
✔ Virtual Servers, SSL, Streaming Media Servers, Email Servers, & FTP Servers
✔ Telnet, NNTP, Linux Access Control, System Performance, Fault Tolerance, & Server Security


Server+ (SK0-003)
✔ Server Types, Basic Administration, Bus Architectures, External Server Storage, RAID, Processors, & Memory
✔ High Availability, Installing and Configuring Servers, Peripherals, NOS, Protocols, & Services
✔ Upgrades, Baselines, Optimization, Physical Security, Backup, Restoration, & Disaster Recovery
✔ Linux, NOS, Hardware Compatibility, Virtualization, Documentation, & Troubleshooting
✔ MMC, Command Prompt, System Settings, Server Manager, Event Viewer, & General System Maintenance
✔ Test Me – CompTIA Exam SK0-003


Exchange Server 2007 (70-236)
✔ Installation, Roles and Server Editions
✔ Administration, Management Console, Windows PowerShell and Email Domains
✔ Email Recipients, Mailboxes, Mail-Enabled Groups, Public Folders and Message Flow
✔ Edge Transport Server, Spam, Transport Rules, Compliance Features and Client Access
✔ Outlook, LCR, CCR, Disaster Recovery, Troubleshooting and Message Tracking

Exchange Server 2010 (70-662)
✔ Installation, Server Roles and Database Management
✔ Mailbox Configuration and Settings
✔ Client Access, OWA, POP3, IMAP and ActiveSync
✔ Federated Sharing, Transport Servers, Connectors and TLS
✔ Anti-Spam and Antivirus, DAG and Restoration
✔ Monitoring and Managing
✔ Active Directory, DNS, Server Roles and Storage
✔ Mailbox and Folder Design, CAS, and RPC
✔ Hub Transport, Edge Server, Federated Sharing, Foreign Connectors and RBAC
✔ Database, CAS and Hub/Edge/High Availability, and Maintenance

Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004 (70-350)
✔ Installing, Deploying, Securing & Upgrading
✔ SecureNAT, Web Proxy Client, Firewall Client, & Troubleshooting Connectivity
✔ Network Rules, Web Chaining, Dial-Up, Firewall Policies, Filters & Intrusion Alerts
✔ Publishing, SSL, Mail Server Wizard, Web Caching, Remote Access & VPN Technology
✔ Monitoring, Logging, Reporting, Enterprise Edition, Load Balancing and CARP

MTA Server Administration Fundamentals (98-365)
✔ Installing Windows Server, Server Types, Server Roles and Active Directory
✔ Internal and External Server Storage, RAID, Server Virtualization and Basic Server Administration
✔ Server Maintenance, Processors, Memory, Performance Baselines, Troubleshooting and Disaster Recovery

Upgrading your MCSA on Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 (70-648)
✔ Lightweight Directory Services, Rights Management Services, Read-Only Domain Controllers and Federation Services
✔ AD Maintenance, Monitoring Performance, Diagnostic Tools, Backup and Recovery
✔ Certificate Services, Administering CAs, Certificate Enrollment and Public Key Archival
✔ IPv4, IPv6, DHCP, IP Routing and IPSec
✔ Remote Network Access, NAP, Network Authentication, Wireless Access and Windows Firewall
✔ Windows Update, Performance Monitoring, Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting
✔ An Overview of Upgrading MCSA 2003 to Server 2008

Upgrading Your MCSE on Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 (70-649)
✔ Lightweight Directory Services, Rights Management Services, Read-Only Domain Controllers and Federation Services
✔ IPv4, IPv6, DHCP, IP Routing and IPSec
✔ Windows Update, Performance Monitoring, Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting
✔ Deployment, Activation, Hyper-V, High Availability and Configuring Storage
✔ Terminal Services, Remote Desktop, Application Availability and TS Load Balancing
✔ IIS 7.0, Web Applications, File Transfer Protocol, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and Web Server Security
✔ An Overview of Upgrading MCSE 2003 to Server 2008

Windows Server 2003 – Active Directory (70-294)
✔ AD Foundations, CIA Model, FSMO, Unique Names, Global Catalog, & Administrative Tools
✔ DNS Concepts, DNS Zone Types, Installation Requirements, Installation Process, & AD Replica
✔ Forest and Domain Levels, Trusts, Decommissioning, OU, Users, & Groups
✔ UPN, Password Policies, Group Policy Objects
✔ Security Settings, Highly Available DNS, FSMO Rules, & AD Implementation Plan
✔ An Overview of Active Directory Infrastructure

Windows Server 2003 – Administration (70-299)
✔ Security Structure, Web Authentication, Implementing Security, Trust Relationships, & Groups
✔ Authorization, Managing ACLs, Permissions, Templates, & Policies
✔ Client Security, Restricting and Distributing Software, Securing Servers, & Security Setting Analysis
✔ PKI, Certificates, Backup, Restoration, Wireless Security, & Managing Updates and Patches
✔ IPSec, SSL, & RRAS

Windows Server 2003 – Designing (70-297)
✔ AD, Domain Implication, Forest Design, DNS, Trusts, Migration, Schemas and Site Infrastructure
✔ Site Design, Domain Controllers, GCs and FSMOs, Computer and User Accounts
✔ Group Policy, GPO Management, Name Resolution, DNS and WINS Replication
✔ Network Infrastructure, IP Addressing, DHCP Design, Change Management and Connectivity
✔ Internet Infrastructure, Network Access Design, Remote Access and Wireless Access

Windows Server 2003 – Implementation (70-291)
✔ Network Infrastructure, TCP/IP, MAC, and IP Addresses, & DHCP
✔ IP Address Troubleshooting, DNS Servers, & Configuring Zones
✔ VPN, Remote Access Policies, IAS, & Troubleshooting Remote Access
✔ IP Routing Protocols, Demand-Dial Routing, VPN, NAT, & Troubleshooting Routing
✔ Security Templates, IPSec, Monitoring, & Troubleshooting Services

Windows Server 2003 – Maintenance (70-293)
✔ TCP/IP, Network Availability, Network Performance, Planning for Growth and DHCP
✔ Internet Connectivity, NAT, Security, Clustering, Planning RRAS and Routing Types
✔ RRAS Advanced Features, IP Troubleshooting, Secure Remote Access, RAS Authentication and IPsec
✔ DNS, WINS, Security Design and Security Baseline
✔ Perimeter Security, Securing Public Servers, CAs and Planning for Administration
✔ Planning Network Infrastructure

Windows Server 2003 – Networks (70-290)
✔ Installation, Upgrading Windows 2000, Hardware Support, & Troubleshooting Hardware
✔ Basic Dynamic Volumes, Fault Tolerant Volumes, Managing Volumes, & File Systems
✔ Computer Accounts, User Accounts, Account Properties, User Profiles, & Groups
✔ NTFS, Printers, Windows Licensing, & Software Update Services
✔ Remote Administration, Monitoring Servers, Shadow Copies, Backup, & Disaster Recover

Windows Server 2003 – Security (70-298)
✔ Security Policies and Framework, Technical Constraints, Design Principles, & Risk Management
✔ Network Management Procedures, SUS, Authentication, Files and Folders, Remote Access, & VPN Security
✔ Network Infrastructure, DNS, Perimeter Security, PKI, & IIS
✔ Server Baselines, Active Directory Security, Client Security, Wireless Essentials, & Wireless Security

Windows Server 2008 – Active Directory (70-640)
✔ Basic Activity Directory and DNS Concepts
✔ Advanced Active Directory Concepts
✔ Group Policy Concepts and Virtualization
✔ Active Directory Role Services
✔ Public Key Infrastructure and Performance Monitoring

Windows Server 2008 – Active Directory (83-640)
✔ Installing Active Directory, Server Core, DNS and AD DNS Integration
✔ Domain Name Resolution, Active Directory and Global Catalog Server
✔ Active Directory Trusts, RODC, Active Directory and Automation
✔ Group Policy, Auditing, Account Policies and Virtualization
✔ AD LDS, RMS, AD FS, Certificate Services, Administering CAs and Certificate Enrollment
✔ Public Key Archival, Certification Revocation, AD Maintenance, Performance, Diagnostic Tools, Backup and Recovery

Windows Server 2008 – Applications Infrastructure (70-643)
✔ Deployment and Virtualization
✔ High Availability, Storage Technologies and Terminal Services
✔ Terminal Services and IIS
✔ Windows Media Server and SharePoint Services

Windows Server 2008 – Enterprise Administrator (70-647)
✔ Basic Networking Concepts and Enterprise Administrator
✔ Remote Access, NAP and Advanced Enterprise Administrator
✔ Network Security and Public Key Infrastructure
✔ Virtualization, Web and Terminal Services, and Remote Desktop
✔ WSUS, User and Data File Management, and High Availability

Windows Server 2008 – Network Infrastructure (70-642)
✔ Basic Network Infrastructure
✔ Routing, Network Infrastructure Security, DNS and Remote Access
✔ NAP, Wireless Access and File Services
✔ Backup Services, Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Windows Server 2008 – R2
✔ DirectAccess, NPS & DNS
✔ Improvements in Active Directory & Branch Cache

Windows Server 2008 – Server Administrator (70-646)
✔ Server Administrator Overview

Windows Server 2012 – Administration (70-411)
✔ Deploying, Maintaining, and Monitoring Servers
✔ Configuring Advanced File Services
✔ Configuring Network Access and Services
✔ Configuring a Network Policy Server Infrastructure
✔ Configuring and Managing Active Directory
✔ Configuring and Managing Group Policy
✔ What’s New
✔ Configuring a Network Policy Server Infrastructure
✔ Configuring Advanced File Services
✔ Configuring and Managing Active Directory Solutions
✔ Configuring and Managing Group Policy
✔ Configuring Network Access and Services
✔ Deploying, Maintaining, and Monitoring Servers
✔ Test Me – Microsoft Exam 70-411

Windows Server 2012 – Configuration (70-412)
✔ Configuring File and Storage Solutions
✔ Configuring Network Services
✔ Configuring the Active Directory Infrastructure
✔ Configuring Identity and Access Solutions
✔ Configuring and Managing High Availability
✔ Implementing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
✔ What’s New
✔ Configure Identity and Access Solutions
✔ Configuring and Managing High Availability
✔ Configuring File and Storage Solutions
✔ Configuring Network Services
✔ Configuring the Active Directory Infrastructure
✔ Implementing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
✔ Test Me – Microsoft Exam 70-412

Windows Server 2012 – Designing (70-413)
✔ Planning and Deploying a Server Infrastructure
✔ Designing and Implementing Network Infrastructure Services
✔ Designing and Implementing Network Access Services
✔ Designing and Implementing a Logical AD Infrastructure
✔ Designing and Implementing a Physical AD Infrastructure
✔ Designing and Implementing a Logical AD Infrastructure
✔ Designing and Implementing a Physical AD Infrastructure
✔ Designing and Implementing Network Access Services
✔ Designing and Implementing Network Infrastructure Services
✔ Planning and Deploying a Server Infrastructure
✔ Test Me – Microsoft Exam 70-413

Windows Server 2012 – Implementation (70-414)
✔ Managing and Maintaining a Server Infrastructure
✔ Planning and Implementing a Highly Available Enterprise Infrastructure
✔ Planning and Implementing a Server Virtualization Infrastructure
✔ Designing and Implementing Identity and Access Solutions
✔ Designing and Implementing Identity and Access Solutions
✔ Managing and Maintaining a Server Infrastructure
✔ Planning and Implementing a Highly Available Infrastructure
✔ Planning and Implementing a Server Virtualization Infrastructure
✔ Test Me – Microsoft Exam 70-414

Windows Server 2012 – Installation (70-410)
✔ Installing and Configuring
✔ Configuring Server Roles and Features
✔ Configuring Hyper-V
✔ Deploying and Configuring Core Network Services
✔ Installing and Administering Active Directory
✔ Configuring and Managing Group Policies
✔ What’s New
✔ Configuring and Managing Group Policies in Active Directory
✔ Configuring Hyper-V
✔ Configuring Server Roles and Features
✔ Deploying and Configuring Core Network Services
✔ Installing and Administering Active Directory
✔ Installing and Configuring
✔ Test Me – Microsoft Exam 70-410


Virtual Infrastructure (VCP-310)
✔ Virtualization, VMware Products, ESX, Troubleshooting Installations, & Virtual Networking
✔ Storage Area Networks, VMFS, Virtual Center, Virtual Machines, & VMware Security
✔ Web Access Security, Optimization, DRS, High Availability, Monitoring, Backup, & Restoration


✔ 10 Apps in 10 Weeks
✔ 3D Fundamentals with iOS
✔ Advanced JavaScript Development
✔ Ajax Development
✔ Android Development for Beginners
✔ Codeless Web Development with Adobe Muse
✔ Create a Windows App Using Free Tools and No Coding
✔ CSS Development with CSS3
✔ Design for Coders
✔ Game Development Fundamentals with Python
✔ Game Development with Unity
✔ HTML and CSS for Beginners with HTML5
✔ HTML5 Mobile App Development
✔ Java Programming for Beginners
✔ JavaScript for Beginners
✔ jQuery for Beginners
✔ Mobile Game Development for iOS
✔ Modern React with Redux
✔ Programming for Absolute Beginners
✔ Ruby on Rails for Beginners
✔ Swift Language Fundamentals

✔ Introduction to HTML 5, Text Markup, & Forms
✔ Audio/Video, Canvas, Communication APIs, Webworkers, Geolocation & Storage

✔ Introduction to Python
✔ Development, Setup and Deployment (Unix, Windows)
✔ Data Types, Data Structures
✔ Control Flow, Functions, Classes and Object-Oriented Programming
✔ Module, Packages and Importing Modules
✔ IO Handling
✔ Errors and Exceptions
✔ Testing, Debugging, Profiling, and Tuning
✔ Standard Library, Built-In Functions, String and Text Handling
✔ Python Runtime Services and Language Services
✔ Database Access
✔ File and Directory Handling
✔ Threads and Concurrency
✔ OS Services
✔ Network Programming
✔ Internet Protocols and Data Handling
✔ Web Programming
✔ Markup Processing
✔ Program Frameworks
✔ Performance Tuning
✔ Extending and Embedding
✔ Python: Test Me


JavaScript Specialist (1D0-635)
✔ Introduction, Code Structure, Variables, Identifiers and Functions
✔ Controlling Program Flow, JavaScript Objects and Form Objects
✔ Cookies, JavaScript Security, Frames, AJAX, JavaScript Libraries and Custom Objects

Site Designer (1D0-520)
✔ Design Considerations, Guidelines, XHTML, Images, & Color
✔ Photoshop CS3, Tables, Formatting Text, & Links
✔ CSS, Frames, & Using Multimedia on Web Pages
✔ JavaScript, Java, XML, Server Technologies, Databases, Accessibility, & Dreamweaver Essentials
✔ Templates, Interactivity, Building Web Forms, CSS, and XHTML with Dreamweaver
✔ Design Tools, Interactivity, Web Forms, CSS and XHTML with Expression
✔ Animation Basics, Web Sites, Publishing and Managing with Flash CS3

Web Foundations (1D0-510)
✔ Networking Basics, Hardware Requirements, OSI Model, IP Addressing, & Web Browsers
✔ Network Security, Viruses, Search Engines, Web Site Planning, & HTML
✔ Graphics, Web Color, Lists, Tables, Forms, Linking, & Frames
✔ Advanced Authoring Techniques, E-Commerce, Web Site Administration, Legal and Ethical Issues, & Web Technologies


.NET Framework 2.0 – Web-Based Client Development (70-528)
✔ Static Pages, Validation, Error Handling, Localization and Master Pages
✔ User Controls, User Profiles, Authentication, Authorization, Site Map and Dynamic Master Pages
✔ Themes, Templates, SQL Data Source, Data Bound Controls, XML Data Source and Object Data Source
✔ Caching, SQL Dependency, Asynchronous Pages, Web Parts and Mobile Web Pages
✔ Custom Error Pages, Changing Configuration%