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  3. Reignite Your Wildfire Training with TargetSolutions

    The days are longer and temperatures continue to rise, hinting that wildfire season is officially upon us. In 2016, an estimated 67,000 wildfires burned through…

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  4. TargetSolutions Releases Second Fire Service Health and Safety Training Course

    TargetSolutions’ Fire Service Health and Safety (Part II) explores the interconnected concepts of health and safety and how they relate to the fire service. The…

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  5. New Webcast Explores NFPA® 1410 Training Standard

    A recent webinar delivered by Firehouse and sponsored by TargetSolutions dives into the importance and significance of the NFPA® 1410 training standard. Presented by Battalion…

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  6. TargetSolutions Joins Forces with IAFC VCOS for Prestigious Training Officer Recognition Award

    SAN DIEGO – TargetSolutions, the leading provider of computer-based training management applications for public safety agencies, announced today it would team up once again with…

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  7. Why TargetSolutions Is the Ultimate Tool for Tracking Fire Department Reports Online

    TargetSolutions’ powerful records management system tracks all types of fire department reports online, including drill-yard and instructor-led training activities. TargetSolutions may feature more than 300…

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  8. Latest Enhancement Makes TargetSolutions More User-Friendly on Mobile Devices

    The File Upload Tool Inside Activities and Credentials Is Now Equipped for On-the-Go Uploads from Mobile Devices TargetSolutions’ powerful Activities Builder and Manage Credentials applications…

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  9. New NFPA® 1041 Series Focuses on Fundamentals of Fire Instructor Training

    TargetSolutions’ new bundle of NFPA® 1041 courses focuses on the foundational methods of effective fire service instructors. Knowledge is power. Remembering simple multiplication and six-syllabled…

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  10. Prepare Your Agency for the Next Emergency with FEMA NIMS Training on TargetSolutions

    Whether you are a civilian or a first responder, emergency preparedness is crucial. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) found the two main barriers to…

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