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  1. TargetSolutions Boosts Offerings with New Course Accreditations

    TargetSolutions has amassed a treasure trove of new course accreditations in 2017 for firefighters, paramedics, and public works employees.  SAN DIEGO – Behind-the-scenes at TargetSolutions, we’re…

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  2. Customer Feedback Leads to Usability Improvements, Platform Enhancements

    TargetSolutions has released numerous enhancements in 2017 and more are on the way. Download this infographic to learn about the enhancement request process.  TargetSolutions is…

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  3. TargetSolutions’ Top 6 Courses for National Preparedness Month 2017

    To commemorate National Preparedness Month 2017, TargetSolutions has selected our Top 6 training courses to help organizations establish an emergency response plan.  According to FEMA’s…

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  4. TargetSolutions Unveils Revamped Fleet Program Courses for Emergency Vehicle Operators

    TargetSolutions has made rousing visual and engaging content updates to five selections in our Fleet Program specifically designed for emergency vehicle operators. Five courses in…

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  5. Enhancement Request

  6. New Upgrades to Manage Events Application Simplify Event Planning for Public Entities

    TargetSolutions makes continuous platform enhancements to improve the user experience. The latest upgrades streamline event planning for public entities. TargetSolutions is the leading computer-based system…

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  7. How Cities & Counties Benefit from Utilizing TargetSolutions’ Online Training System

    Implementing an online training system for your city and county has never been easier with TargetSolutions’ powerful records management software.  More than 4,000 public agencies across…

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  8. TargetSolutions Sponsors New Webinar Highlighting the Traits of Effective Leadership

    The new TargetSolutions-sponsored webinar “Step Up and Lead” features Deputy Chief Frank Viscuso discussing effective fire service leadership characteristics and how they can shape you…

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  9. Wastewater White Paper Confirmation

  10. Wastewater White Paper Download