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  1. EMS Agency in Pennsylvania Finds Value in TargetSolutions’ Web-Based Training System

    As a leading provider of pre-hospital services in Pennsylvania, Holy Spirit EMS, formerly known as West Shore Emergency Medical Services, is committed to delivering top-notch…

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  2. TargetSolutions Looking Forward to Upcoming Release of Mobile Application to Track Training Activities

    It’s not the first time and it certainly wont be the last, but TargetSolutions is about to revolutionize the way fire departments complete recordkeeping activities.…

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  3. Understanding Crew Resource Management

    Blog by Brian Ward Officer with Gwinnett County Fire Department in Georgia The International Association of Fire Chiefs describes Crew Resource Management (CRM) as the…

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  4. Is It Time to Arm Our EMTs

    Story by Tim Holman Chief, German Township Fire & EMS According to the department of labor, 52 percent of EMTs in the field have been…

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  5. Added Value Critical During Emergencies Brunacini Says

    When Alan Brunacini starts talking about leadership, it’s good to listen closely. The retired chief from the Phoenix Fire Department is an authority on the…

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  6. TargetSolutions Helps Neighboring Departments Collaborate, Standardize Training

    In San Diego’s North County, the cities are close in proximity, but the fire departments are even closer. Check out this video to learn how…

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  7. How to Motivate Your People More Effectively

    Conventional wisdom says there are two ways to motivate employees. The carrot and the stick. But the truth is there is a third way, a…

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  8. Lake County Fire Rescue Training Success Story

    Lake County Fire Rescue Realizes Potential of TargetSolutions Online Training and Records Management System

    Lake County Fire Rescue serves approximately 250,000 citizens across 1,200 unincorporated miles of Florida. The Division consists of nearly 200 dedicated, highly-trained professionals who take…

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  9. Save Money with Your Online Training Investment in TargetSolutions

    In today’s world, fire departments have no choice but to watch their bottom line. When making an online training investment, they need to be confident…

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  10. Personal Protective Equipment: Back to the Basics

    Blog by Brian Ward Chief of Emergency Operations, Training Director for Georgia Pacific How much do you know about your Personal Protective Equipment, specifically, your…

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