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  1. TargetSolutions Releases New Course for School Employees on How to Support LGBT Students

    TargetSolutions’ releases Introduction to Understanding the Basics of LGBT Identities, which outlines how to support LGBT students.  Every day, LGBT individuals face discrimination and are…

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  2. How Horry County Fire Rescue Manages Its ISO Fire Department Training Reports with TargetSolutions

    If you had asked Assistant Chief Douglas Cline a few years ago what his vision of an ideal training program might be, inevitably his response…

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  4. TargetSolutions Introduces Inaugural Fire/EMS and Cities Advisory Boards

    Board members will evaluate and provide feedback with the goal of further optimizing TargetSolutions’ online training management system for Cities and Fire/EMS organizations. In an ongoing effort…

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  5. Behind-the-Wheel Negligence: Empowering Safety and Limiting Liability

                        TargetSolutions has recently updated a pair of driver safety online training courses with more on…

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