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Training Testimonials: Our Customers Have a Story to Tell

If anyone understands the benefits of TargetSolutions’ online training management system, it’s the captains, officers, chiefs and administrators tasked with managing their organizations’ training program. Scroll down to view TargetSolutions’ online training testimonials to learn what our customers have to say about TargetSolutions.

southern marin fire department
glendale fire department
City of St. Charles
hanover fire department
Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department

Central San Mateo Fire

“How do I afford TargetSolutions? Well, I guess the question I pose back to you is ‘how do we afford not to keep TargetSolutions?’ If you were to ask my boss, a division chief, he will tell you it’s the cheapest thing we pay for.”

Jake Pelk, Training Captain

Oceanside Fire Department

“After finding out specifically what (the ISO was) looking for, I generated a report and that was the last I heard from them. When they evaluated us on our training, we got top marks on everything because our documentation was on point.”

Stuart Sprung, Fire Training Specialist

City of Roseville

“We are a full-service city. We have fire and police; we have our own energy plant. We have water, wastewater, public works. Every single department uses TargetSolutions.”

Lorrie McClain, Human Resources Technician

Santa Clara County Fire Department

“The biggest things I think we’re benefiting from are the credentials management. Beforehand we were using different systems to track EMS credentials, different systems to track DMV credentials … By merging all those into one, I think that’s provided us with a lot more efficiency.”

Steve Prziborowski, Deputy Chief/Administrative Services

North Zone Training Group

“If we’re going to be working together on the emergency scene, we darn well better be training together. What TargetSolutions does is it allows us to train much more effectively and much more cost-efficiently.”

Rick Vogt, Deputy Chief

Southern Marin Fire Protection District

“(The ISO) basically took my information and said ‘thank you’ so it was pretty easy. I was anticipating a much more rigorous type of review but I think based off of the pre-built TargetSolutions categories, I was able to give specific hours for those categories and it helped a tremendous amount.”

Matt Barnes, Battalion Chief

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department

“The training is quality. It’s a much more efficient way of delivering the training to our personnel. … It allows us to implement (training) in a more timely fashion where we can deliver it to all our members virtually at the same time.”

Dave Downey, Fire Chief

Training Testimonials: How TargetSolutions’ Online Training Management System Helps Organizations Thrive

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Mark Burdick, Glendale Fire Department (Ariz.)

“If you want a one-stop shop, and you want to reduce overtime and maintain compliance, here’s your solution.”

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Hanover Fire Department

Eddie Buchanan, Hanover Fire & EMS (Va.)

“What you’re able to do with TargetSolutions for documenting training is light years ahead of what’s needed for the minimum for (NFPA) 1401. With TargetSolutions we’re able to capture all of the training we are doing at the user level.”

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City of Saint Charles

Jamie Young, City of Saint Charles (Mo.)

“TargetSolutions has given us the ability to consistently log training that would go uncounted in the past. We have seen a 25 to 30 percent increase in reportable training hours.”

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North County Protection District

Brandon Lucore, North County Protection District (Calif.)

“The platform as a whole is very efficient and it saves a tremendous amount of time. Whether we build the activity or they’re pre-built TargetSolutions activities, the time savings is huge.”

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Michael Walton, Yuma Fire Department (Ariz.)

“It was a big relief to see the training was there. The way we looked at it, we saved thousands of dollars and paid for TargetSolutions with that one incident.”

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David Piper, Orland Fire Protection District (Ill.)

“What TargetSolutions has done is provide a system to not only deliver training, but a way to track and meet requirements.”

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Michael Baker, Tulsa Fire Department (Okla.)

“We have fire stations all over the city and we have to be able to reach our firefighters at any time. TargetSolutions allows us to distribute education rapidly.”

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Charles Truvillion, Kern County Fire Department (Calif.)

“There is EMS, OSHA, ISO. And if it’s not documented, it didn’t happen. I knew we had to do something about it.”

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Jim Whaley, Alcoa Fire Department (Fla.)

“The TargetSolutions layout is right in line with the form needed for ISO audits. This made it easy to access everything they were looking for.”

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Carl West, Lafayette Township Fire Department (Ohio)

“The e-based form for delivering training with TargetSolutions ensures the training is consistent from me to our lead senior recruit.”

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Brad Dougherty, Hampton Virginia Fire Rescue (Va.)

“Hampton is getting what it paid for with TargetSolutions. We still use it for monthly training, we use it outside of training, and it’s another tool for us to maximize our efficiencies.”

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Dan Collins, Cal Fire San Diego (Calif.)

“With TargetSolutions we know who is expiring and we can plan more efficiently. We now know who is coming up and when their expiration dates are. The reporting functionality really helps us do our jobs better.”

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Toby Carlson, North Shore Fire Rescue (Wis.)

“What TargetSolutions has allowed us to do is assign training to the entire department with the ability to electronically record when it has been completed.”

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Leo Chumaceiro, City of Palm Coast Fire Dept. (Fla.)

“TargetSolutions has really become a cornerstone of our department. We use TargetSolutions as a delivery tool to send out all types of things and it’s been very successful.”

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Christopher Burnett, Mount Laurel Fire Department (N.J.)

“TargetSolutions helps us re-focus our attention on more critical areas of the department and less on the mundane administrative tasks like tracking training and resources.”

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Brian Carlson, Burnsville Fire Department (Minn.)

“We use TargetSolutions to allow our crews to review didactic course information before we do hands-on training. When they arrive at training, they know all the background information and we can jump right in.”

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North Bay Schools Insurance Authority

Suzanne Dillman, North Bay Schools Insurance Authority (Calif.)

“As new legislation develops, we need to be able to react and address the change in requirements and TargetSolutions has helped us do that.”

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Mike Linkins, Polk County Fire Rescue (Fla.)

“Our people were doing their training, but not recording it. The numbers we were expecting were consistently lower than our expectations. When we saw how you could track training with TargetSolutions, we were astonished.”

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Kristopher Shrader, Martinsville Fire Department (Va.)

“It used to take days to compile and record training information for the month. Now, I can gather the same information in about five minutes.”

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Kim Miller, Haines City Fire & Rescue (Fla.)

“It will definitely improve our ISO rating. It only takes 10 minutes to generate reports for every shift captain to let them know exactly what they need to do for ISO by the end of the year. The speed is amazing.”

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Jay Sumerlin, West Pierce Fire & Rescue (Wash.)

“TargetSolutions gave us the ability to schedule classes for individuals and hold them accountable for training. It is great for tracking exactly who did what and when they did it.”

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Aaron Glass, Avondale Fire-Rescue (Ariz.)

“TargetSolutions has really become an essential part of our training regimen.”

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Dennis Reglen, El Paso Fire Department (Texas)

“TargetSolutions gives us the ability to keep our units in their response areas far more often.”

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Danny Rosenbaum, Henrico County Fire (Va.)

“TargetSolutions has helped us go beyond just tracking of training. Delivering training items and keeping track of it; things like community risk reduction, smoke detectors, and surveys can all be contained in one training category.”

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Guy Keirn, Pinellas County Training Group (Fla.)

“TargetSolutions has created a records system that clearly allowed our organization to comply with our scheduled ISO audit in September 2010. The process of completing the training section of the report for ISO was seamless.”

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Mark Fleming, City of Lawrence Fire Department (Ind.)

“TargetSolutions is the best decision I’ve ever made. They’ve gone a long way to assist the department and to assist me with my job. If it’s on our TargetSolutions system, we’re good.”

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Stuart Sprung, Oceanside Fire Department (Calif.)

“TargetSolutions is critical for us in completing our mandated training requirements. It gives us the ability to do all the things we are required to do. TargetSolutions is an invaluable tool for us.”

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Jake Pelk, Central San Mateo Fire (Calif.)

“We’ve changed the way we do business because of TargetSolutions.”

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Kristian M. Johanson, Hinesville Fire Department (Ga.)

“With the user-friendly environment and customer service that is above and beyond all, TargetSolutions is an asset for our small department.”

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Christine Boozer, Fresno Fire Department (Calif.)

“You can call TargetSolutions and say, ‘something is not working, I need your help, do you have something for our needs.’ … So most definitely, it’s recommended.”

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Dave Barnett, San Jose Fire Department (Calif.)

“Prior to implementing TargetSolutions, we could never get 100 percent participation in training, since firefighters would miss sessions due to illness or disability. Now, we can easily identify who has not completed the training and develop an individualized program.”

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Bob Olme, Wheat Ridge Fire Department (Colo.)

“TargetSolutions is a very strong platform for tracking certifications, hours and all of the things you need from a certification standpoint. It’s also a great way to keep track of records for ISO compliance.”

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Joseph Minogue, Bethpage Fire Department (N.Y.)

“It’s a great program and it works. TargetSolutions offers a convenient, cost-effective method for recordkeeping and getting training messages out.”

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Jeremy Verderber, Corona Fire Department (Calif.)

“(TargetSolutions) satisfies minimum mandatory training requirements in certain subjects, (and) provides all the EMS continuing education units that you would need.”

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Al Schlick, Wauconda Fire District (Ill.)

“TargetSolutions brings compliance training to every employee with little or no effort.”

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Robbi King, Camden County Fire Rescue (Ga.)

“We no longer have to bring in EMS providers – and deal with who is on-duty, who is off-duty – to complete monthly training. Training is completed online during shifts, saving us overtime and instructor costs.”

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Todd Gaddy, Seminole Fire (Fla.)

“(TargetSolutions) allows us to ensure that all of the firefighters opened the document and clicked to indicate that they understand. Nobody can say they never got it anymore.”

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Santos Elizondo, San Angelo Fire Department (Texas)

“TargetSolutions has helped us transition and start communicating at a 21st century level.”

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Nate Renzella, Hendersonville Fire Department (Tenn.)

“With TargetSolutions, we’re able to show auditors what we’re doing. I can pull a report on anything within the system and demonstrate its effectiveness and efficiency. This is a very cost-effective program.”

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Kevin Wesley, Alachua County Fire Rescue (Fla.)

“No matter what kind of training we do, there is now 100 percent accountability to record it, so if our crews do it, we can track it and document it.”

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Chris Basdikis, Chesterfield Fire & EMS (Va.)

“It was the product suite which best suited our organization’s needs to have both a Records Management System and a Learning Management System.”

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Oscar Ramirez, Otay Water District (Calif.)

“TargetSolutions has given us the ability to quickly and effectively deliver training to the organization. The platform gives us the ability to automate employee registration, credentialing and recordkeeping.”

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Erin Belham, North Attleboro Police Department (Mass.)

“We love the fact members of our department do not have to be at the station to access this information. They can be at home and access the system at any time of the day.”

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Dianne Matteson, El Dorado Irrigation District (Calif.)

“The main reason we use TargetSolutions – and it has been awesome – is to record any type of training our employees have had, including personnel documents.”

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Erik Jones, McKinleyville Community Services (Calif.)

“With the ability to track all manner of training and certifications, TargetSolutions gives small, isolated districts like ours the same resources available to more metropolitan organizations.”

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Kathy Edwards, Lake County Fire Rescue (Fla.)

“It’s so user friendly now that I can get a call while I’m off duty and walk someone through the steps they need to take by memory. I love the ability to build activities and upload videos.”

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Marco Guizar, Goodwill Industries (Calif.)

“We feel that the ability to raise awareness among our Fleet Department and easily train our drivers has played a part in decreasing the number of accidents.”

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Shawn Matheson, Mississauga Fire (Canada)

“We recently responded to a house fire that had a lot of different outcomes as far as lessons learned for our staff. We were able to take pictures and information from that incident and turn it into a custom activity course by importing a PowerPoint slideshow onto TargetSolutions.”

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Holy Spirit EMS

Steve Poffenberger, Holy Spirit EMS (Penn.) – formerly known as West Shore EMS

“I know for a fact we are saving money by doing it this route. It can be very time consuming and expensive scheduling instructor-led training. The more we can push out this way, the better.”

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City of Roseville

Lorrie McClain, City of Roseville (Calif.)

“This allows us to bring the training to them at a more appropriate and convenient time whether it’s online training in front of the computer or reading admin’s regs or doing specific training.”

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Billy Roland, Jacksonville Fire & Rescue (Fla.)

“TargetSolutions makes it so we don’t have to go and report. It’s all done automatically. That is one of the best things TargetSolutions does – it simplifies reporting”

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Cape Canaveral Vol Fire Department

Tracy Braley, Cape Canaveral Volunteer Fire Department (Fla.)

“TargetSolutions makes training painless. It enables me to provide more training for our firefighters with less staff and less money without sacrificing quality.”

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Sarnia Fire Rescue

Russ Lloyd, Sarnia Fire Rescue Services (Ontario)

“TargetSolutions is firefighter-friendly. The platform’s simple navigation and design are easy for everyone to use – even firefighters who aren’t as tech-savvy.”

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Southern Marin Fire Protection District

Matt Barnes, Southern Marin Fire Protection District (Calif.)

“It helped me when I did all the analysis and the data push to ISO by all the categories that TargetSolutions has, the five categories, the facilities, HAZMAT, company training, officer training, driver training.”

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Miami-Dade Fire Rescue

Dave Downey, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department (Fla.)

“The training is quality. It’s a much more efficient way of delivering the training to our personnel. … It allows us to implement (training) in a more timely fashion where we can deliver it to all our members virtually at the same time.”

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Cherry Hill Fire Department

William Riess Cherry Hill Fire Department (NJ)

“We were using about a dozen different programs to capture what TargetSolutions dofire department iso ratinges for us in one”

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Horry County Fire Rescue

Douglas Cline Horry County Fire Rescue (SC)

“I like the platform. We utilize it a lot, not only to deliver or get information out of but also to store things. I would say it works very well for us.”

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