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Activities Builder
Make sure every hour or training and all compliance tasks are documented with TargetSolutions.

Credentials Manager
Combine training courses and tasks to create a comprehensive package to achieve compliance.

Community Resources
Easily utilize and share information, including training presentations, videos, policies, etc.

Events Manager
Create, schedule and track events – and then track user registration and attendance records.

File Center
Provide storage for employee records and organizational resources in a virtual file cabinet.

Test Builder
Create and deliver your own automatically graded tests and attach them to custom-built activities.

Generate Reports
Gather various types of user data on training and compliance assignments with powerful tools.

Schedule, Deliver and Track Training and Compliance

Knowledge Is Power. And Your Organization Is Going to Be Stronger Than Ever.

It all starts here for training management. With TargetSolutions, administrators have access to powerful tools for managing training. The platform features a powerful reporting engine that shows detailed statistics in real-time. This information helps administrators analyze their organization’s fundamentals and take action where needed.

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online fire training technology

Schedule Training. Assign Training. Deliver Training.

Easily schedule and deliver all types of assignments with TargetSolutions. Whether it’s an online training course from our extensive library, or a custom activity, like an inspection or policy review created with the powerful Activities Builder application, you can deliver it with the Assignment Scheduler. Be confident employees have received critical compliance-related assignments with clear deadlines.

A Shockingly Comprehensive Reporting Tool.

The Generate Reports application is intuitive and easy to use, yet incredibly robust for filtering specific employee training records. With this tool you can track all compliance training activities and generate comprehensive data reports in customizable spreadsheets (CSV or HTML). TargetSolutions makes reporting compliance results easier than ever before.

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No Limits. No More Missed Deadlines.

Utilize powerful tools and reports to help your organization track and maintain credentials, certifications, qualifications and any other information that merits an expiration date. Whether it’s an EMS recertification, an expiring driver’s license or compliance courses that need to be managed, you can track it with TargetSolutions’ mighty credential tracking tool.

The Application That Changed Everything.

The Activities Builder helps administrators tailor training to their organization’s specific needs. Administrators can create any type of training documentation they need and deliver it to users from within the platform. Attach an activity to a course or disseminate and track critical information with e-signatures. This tool has revolutionized the way fire departments train by ensuring employees receive credit for time spent training.

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Don’t Ever Let Anything Slip Through the Cracks Again.

TargetSolutions’ prominently displayed Notification System alerts users when a new assignment has been posted, or needs immediate attention. E-mail alerts can be created to inform key stakeholders of deadlines and expirations. These tools arm organizations with the information they need to achieve 100 percent compliance.

Put Your Own Resources to Work. Track the Results.

Deliver customized or third-party content, including training videos, PowerPoint presentations, tests, etc. Create online training courses for your organization using your own material with our SCORM-compatible system. The Test Builder application allows administrators to create and deliver their own automatically graded tests, inspections, evaluations, etc. Once created, these tests can be delivered through the Activities Builder and tracked for reporting.

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fire department tracking

With TargetSolutions, We’re All Connected.

Developing custom training material is time consuming and expensive – especially when creating programs from scratch. With Community Resources, administrators have the ability to easily utilize and share information, including training presentations, videos, policies and much more. If you need a resource for a training project, odds are you’ll find something valuable in Community Resources. This searchable depository has been nicknamed “Google on steroids for the fire service.”

A 21st Century Solution to Recordkeeping.

Go paperless by storing important documents in a virtual file cabinet. The File Center provides a password-protected and online location for administrators to manage their organization’s resources, including files, links, or videos. For example, employee handbooks, policy documents, videos, PowerPoint presentations, or links to frequently visited websites can be added by administrators for users to access.

fire department's iso training

fire department tracking

Everything Is Trackable. No Matter When or Where.

Announcing and managing events is critical. With Events Manager, site administrators can create, schedule, track and generate comprehensive post-event reports on events, including instructor-led training events, live meetings, etc. An additional feature is Web Events, which allows organizations to conduct live-streaming online meetings with remote employees.

Experience the Ultimate Training Technology

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