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Download Free EMS Training Webinar: How to Fulfill EMS Continuing Education Online

Free EMS Training Webinar

TargetSolutions’ online course library features more than 250 hours of EMS continuing education. This training is accepted across the United States to fulfill continuing education requirements for EMRs, EMTs and paramedics.

To learn more about how you can utilize TargetSolutions for your agency’s continuing education units, access this free EMS training webinar.

In this complimentary platform training for EMS agencies, TargetSolutions experts will explain how to deliver, track and report training and compliance tasks for your department. Sign up here to watch this recorded webinar session.

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Now Accepting Nominations for VCOS/TargetSolutions Training Officer Recognition Award

Chantilly, Virginia – TargetSolutions, the leading provider of computer-based training and operational management applications for public safety agencies, announced it would team up once again with the IAFC’s Volunteer and Combination Officers Section (VCOS) for the annual Training Officer Recognition Award.Training Officer Recognition Award

This is the seventh consecutive year the VCOS and TargetSolutions have joined forces to acknowledge an exceptional training officer with this prestigious award. By recognizing a training officer for their innovation in training and effectiveness in their department, TargetSolutions and the VCOS are also furthering their own primary missions of improving the safety and effectiveness of fire service members.

“It’s an honor to team up with the VCOS to recognize and celebrate a training officer who has gone above and beyond to prepare their crew for service,” said Alex Berry, an executive vice president with Vector Solutions. “We believe training is critical to every department. Training is what keeps firefighters safe and effective when called into action. This year’s award highlights the training officer who has exhibited the most creativity and innovation during this challenging pandemic. We are thrilled to support this initiative once again.”

“During this unprecedented time reacting to a global pandemic, the VCOS is honored to partner with TargetSolutions to recognize the dedication and accomplishments of emergency service organizations’ training officers again this year,” said VCOS board member Norvin Collins. “This award allows peers to select a training officer who truly exemplifies the spirit that all great trainers have. Thinking outside the preverbal box when the membership can’t come together physically adds a level of stress and complexity to members meeting the community’s expectations. TargetSolutions has been a great partner in this effort recognizing outstanding training officers.”

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Grants: How They Work for Fire Departments and How TargetSolutions Simplifies the Process


Learn the Intricacies for Obtaining Grants and How the Ultimate Technology for Operational Readiness Streamlines Reimbursements

Numbers. Data. Statistics.

Many of us cringe at simply hearing those words. However, in the fire service these are important for us to do our job. It starts with a budget narrowed through line items saying where we are going to spend our money. From there it exponentially blows up. How many times did you check off that engine last year? How many calls did we run last year? How many hours of training do I have so far this year? You get the point.

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New Dementia, EMS Transport and Immunology Training Courses

New EMS Transport TrainingTargetSolutions frequently adds and updates courses in its EMS training catalog. These courses address crucial topics for EMS personnel and use engaging eLearning formats to reinforce key knowledge and procedures.

All-new courses include Jurisprudence (Texas), Dementia: Overview, Assessment and Care, Safe Transport of the Pediatric Patient and Immunology. Additionally, several existing courses in the EMS course library were updated with refreshed content, new case studies, an onscreen instructor and other immersive learning assets.

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New TargetSolutions Scheduling™ Enhancements for Greater Customization and Easier Workforce Scheduling

Easier Workforce Scheduling

The TargetSolutions Scheduling™ platform received significant enhancements since the start of 2020. Designed to automate processes and increase convenience, these system updates focus on the most highly utilized features.

In February, the Timeline View and Rules Builder were developed to make it easier for agencies to monitor and edit daily schedules. With this latest round of enhancements, agencies can further customize TargetSolutions Scheduling™ with employee groups, templates, homepage options and more.

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Catalog Updates: New Office Productivity Training Added to Catalog

New Professional Development Training

TargetSolutions’ training catalogs feature thousands of hours of continuing education training for the fire service, EMS, law enforcement, human resources, driver safety, AEC and more. The course library is frequently reviewed to identify opportunities for new training topics, make course updates and remove courses when necessary.

After a thorough evaluation of the training catalogs, 269 courses were identified for removal from the TargetSolutions course library – 137 of which are being replaced with newer content. Additionally, 27 new courses will be added to address important topics for office productivity and business effectiveness.

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Controlled Substance Compliance Training Course Now Available with Purchase of TargetSolutions Check It™

While regulations vary by state, every EMS agency in possession of controlled substances must comply with Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) requirements. To help explain these compliance considerations, TargetSolutions created an all-new online training course: Controlled Substance Compliance.

This course, paired with the Controlled Substances management solution in TargetSolutions Check It™, ensures departments can comply with DEA requirements for tracking the storage, transportation, usage, and disposal of narcotics.

This new online training course for DEA and controlled substance compliance is currently available at no additional charge with the purchase of Controlled Substances tracking in TargetSolutions Check It™.

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Vector Evaluations+: The Complete Solution for Recording and Assessing Live Skill Demonstrations

Live skill demonstrations are essential to any department’s training program. Vector Evaluations+ is an all-new mobile application that allows public safety agencies to record, assess, and track live skill demonstrations.

With an online library of pre-built skill sheets and customizable evaluation options, Vector Evaluations+ outperforms any paper or other offline evaluation. This powerful tool, which is scheduled for release and purchase in June, allows agencies to assess and track performance goals while also reducing liability with an accurate, easily accessible account of every member’s competencies.

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Fire Departments Oversee Member’s Health with TargetSolutions Check It™

When the COVID-19 pandemic began impacting communities across North America, TargetSolutions turned to its core offerings to create solutions that can further support first responders. To help ensure fire and EMS personnel are healthy to work, the Staff Precaution inspection was developed for TargetSolutions Check It™.

Using this custom checklist, fire and EMS departments, such as Amarillo Fire Department (TX) and Grants Pass Fire Rescue (OR), can track signs of infection in personnel, identify potentially exposed individuals and take necessary safety precautions. Learn more about how these agencies are utilizing this pre-built checklist.

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New Updates Coming for TargetSolutions Check It™: Hydrant Inspections, Enhanced Controlled Substances Tracking


The TargetSolutions Check It™ application modernizes how agencies inspect and track all apparatus, equipment, inventory and controlled substances. The system frequently undergoes improvements to guarantee a user-friendly and effective experience for departments.

New enhancements to TargetSolutions Check It™ focus on the Controlled Substances and Equipment modules. These updates offer departments more security when tracking the disposal of their narcotics inventory and enable inspections of fixed assets such as hydrants.  

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