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New EMS CE Course Enhancements: Physical Exams, Shock and Sports Medicine

EMS CE TrainingTargetSolutions routinely enhances courses in its CAPCE-approved EMS continuing education catalog with up-to-date information and engaging lessons. Applicable for BLS and ALS continuing education, these courses are designed to refresh personnel on important procedures and skill sets.

Three popular courses were updated in this round of enhancements. EMS Detailed Physical Exam, EMS Shock and Shock Management and EMS Sports Medicine all received refreshed content, new case studies and video-based lessons.

Learn more about TargetSolutions’ newly revamped EMS training.

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Top 20 Courses to Reduce Liability in 2020

Going into 2020, agencies are looking for solutions to help mitigate risk and reduce costly claims. This is more important now than ever as the last couple of years have been expensive for companies across the United States.

Liability concerns, such as workplace injuries, cost U.S. companies over $1 billion weekly in 2019 and if trends found by Business Insurance continue, the average total costs of risk for businesses (TCOR) is on the rise – seeing a 2.1% increase in 2018.

To help your agency limit your exposure to risk and protect employees, TargetSolutions is highlighting its top 20 courses for reducing liability in 2020.

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EMS CE Course Enhancements: Video-Based Continuing Education

EMS CE Course EnhancementsTargetSolutions’ EMS continuing education catalog is frequently updated with refreshed content and engaging lesson formats. To keep training courses up to date, a selection of EMS courses was recently updated with new statistics, custom videos and an onscreen instructor.

This round of course enhancements focus on topics such as back injury prevention, airway management, geriatric patient assessment, obstetrical emergencies and more.

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Comply with California Workplace Harassment Laws with Training from TargetSolutions

California Harassment Training RequirementsFederal and California anti-harassment laws guide organizations in implementing policies that protect employees and ensure a safe, productive workplace. Although TargetSolutions’ online training courses help reinforce national and local mandates, many courses also speak specifically to California laws.

By delivering TargetSolutions courses, organizations can comply with numerous California harassment training requirements. Amendments, laws and regulations addressed in these online courses include, but aren’t limited to SB 1343, AB 1825, SB 396, Title IX, FEHA, SB 1441 and multiple others.

Learn how your organization can maintain state and national compliance using TargetSolutions:

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2019 Year in Review: A Look Back at Top Innovations, Enhancements and News

2019 Year in ReviewWith 2019 coming to a close, here’s a look back on TargetSolutions’ latest products, training courses and platform enhancements released in 2019.

For TargetSolutions, and its parent company Vector Solutions, 2019 was a year of exciting innovations and growth. In addition to new product releases, such as controlled substances tracking or the Driver Assessment and Training Program, this year also brought new online training for law enforcement and other industries, customer-driven platform updates and philanthropic projects.

Going in to 2020, TargetSolutions will continue to develop new technology and improve its existing solutions for public safety agencies. With that, here’s a look at some of the most notable enhancements, news and updates from 2019.  

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City of Muleshoe Police Department Manages Training and Scheduling with TargetSolutions

City of Muleshoe Police DepartmentThe City of Muleshoe Police Department (TX) is a “recognized” agency through the Texas Police Chief’s Association (TPCA) for their commitment to adhering and meeting their stringent standards. The department works to add innovative technology into its agency to maintain compliance and simplify processes.

When Chief of Police, Gary R. McHone, decided to implement the TargetSolutions training management system for his department, he also signed up for TargetSolutions Scheduling™. With this integrated solution, his organization can access training, track important records and manage daily scheduling challenges in one solution.

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Disaster Preparedness – Is Your Department Disaster Ready?

The Ultimate Technology for Operational Readiness

In the public safety industry, there’s no such thing as over-prepared. While it may not be possible to anticipate when disaster will strike, your department can ensure its personnel are ready when it does. With TargetSolutions’ suite of software for fire, EMS and law enforcement agencies, disaster preparedness is straightforward and effective.

TargetSolutions delivers applications organizations need to handle the unexpected. TargetSolutions’ centralized platform offers cutting-edge technology to track and deliver crucial training; coordinate schedules and perform emergency callbacks; and inspect vehicles, equipment and medical supplies.

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LMS Platform Enhancements: Notifications for Pending Activities, Auto-Renewal for Credentials

TargetSolutions LMS Enhancements

Client feedback drives ongoing enhancements to TargetSolutions’ suite of software for public safety agencies. The TargetSolutions Learning Management System (LMS) recently underwent platform updates to improve an agency’s ability to oversee training. 

These LMS enhancements focus on Credentials. Agencies will now have more flexibility to notify necessary personnel of activities pending validation and to auto-renew credentials.

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Recorded Webinars: How EMS Agencies Can Simplify Scheduling & Manage Controlled Substances

EMS Webinar PresentationsTargetSolutions is more than a solution for managing continuing education. TargetSolutions’ suite of tools for public safety agencies also helps EMS departments streamline their employee scheduling and track resources such as schedule II controlled substances. Two recent webinar presentations highlighted how TargetSolutions can improve these processes for EMS agencies.

“How EMS Agencies Can Simplify Scheduling, Callbacks and Other Workforce Management Tasks” discussed the TargetSolutions Scheduling™ application and its custom features for automating shift staffing, callbacks, time-off requests and more.

The other live webinar presentation, “Simplify Tracking Controlled Substances, Daily Inventory and Ambulance Checks”, emphasized the importance of routine inspections and how to keep accurate records of schedule II controlled substances with TargetSolutions Check It™.

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Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office Uses TargetSolutions to Track Training Hours

Wasatch County Sheriffs Office

The Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office (Utah) is staffed with 120 employees – including sworn law enforcement officers, search and rescue personnel, volunteers and other professionals. After researching solutions to track required training hours, Wasatch County decided to implement TargetSolutions in September 2019.

It didn’t take long for Mitch McKee, Training Director for Wasatch County, to find value in the platform’s advanced reporting capabilities and credential tracking.

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