Technology with a Purpose

A Complete Training Solution for Law Enforcement

Thanks for checking out TargetSolutions’ demo video! This overview breaks down how TargetSolutions helps law enforcement agencies manage training more efficiently.


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✔ The Essential Component of De-Escalation
and Conflict Resolution
✔ Truths of Human Interaction
✔ Interaction Principles for De-Escalation Success
✔ Body Language: Reading People 101
✔ Body Language: Reading People 201
✔ Body Language: Analysis of Dangerous Behavior
✔ Body Language: Analysis of Pre-Attack Indicators
✔ Roadway Dangers
✔ Distracted Driving (LAW)
✔ Approach: People
✔ Approach: Vehicle
✔ Approach: Buildings
✔ The Graham Standard
✔ Guardians on the Grounds: Teacher/SRO
✔ Relations and Securing Facilities
✔ Emotional Survival in Law Enforcement
✔ Women in Leadership (LAW)
✔ Shoot/Don’t Shoot: The Jesse Kidder Incident
✔ Guardians and Warriors: Seeking Balance
✔ Implicit Bias: Facts & Myths
✔ Human Performance: Acute Stress
✔ Human Performance: Chronic Stress
✔ The Fatal Four
✔ Leadership: Personal Agenda or Mission Success
✔ Motivation and Bureaucratic Roadblocks
✔ Kinesics Interviewing: Reading the Suspect
and Detecting Deception