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Protect Your Organization by Raising Awareness About HIV, AIDS

TargetSolutions’ HIV/AIDS Awareness course is a self-paced online course that takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. The course contains review exercises, case studies, and a multiple choice exam.
October is AIDS Awareness Month and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 35 million people are living with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. In fact, each year around 2.7 million people become infected with HIV and 2 million more die from AIDS.
The endemic is a serious public health problem for our society. TargetSolutions features a nine-lesson course that provides vital information to educate personnel on ways to protect themselves from this life-threatening disease, as well as other bloodborne pathogens.
If you have any questions about this course, or TargetSolutions’ online safety training catalog, please contact us at (800) 840-8048.

Process Simplified for Uploading Articulate Presentations Into File Center

If you would like to deliver training presentations created with the latest technology from Articulate, you’re going to be happy to hear TargetSolutions fully supports Articulate’s e-Learning software.
TargetSolutions has always been compatible with Articulate, but in the past, platform managers had to upload presentations built with Presenter ’13 and Storyline using TargetSolutions’ large-file upload site. This caused delays that will no longer exist, according to Product Manager Misty Pratt.
TargetSolutions enables organizations to schedule, deliver and track any custom presentation or course that is SCORM 1.2 compliant.
“We wanted to make the process simpler and more seamless for platform managers who want to assign Articulate presentations,” said Pratt. “Now, you can easily upload a presentation into the File Center and assign it to users with Activities Builder.”
The File Center’s upload tool allows clients to upload any web-published presentation created with an Articulate product, including Articulate Presenter ’13, Storyline 1, and Storyline 2. In addition to Articulate presentations, organizations can upload and deliver any presentation or course that is SCORM 1.2 compliant, regardless of the program used for creation, Pratt said.
“TargetSolutions features applications for delivering any type of training presentation or compliance task,” Pratt said. “With TargetSolutions, you can take advantage of third-party content creation tools and then deliver and track those items. By giving platform managers the ability to upload Articulate presentations without the interruption of the large-file site, the process is easier for everyone.”
If you have any questions about this upgrade, please contact us at (800) 840-8048.

Infographic: How TargetSolutions’ Online Training Addresses Workplace Claims

Is your organization at risk of employees being injured while on the job? Do workers’ compensation and medical costs make a huge dent in your bottom line? Does productivity slip when injuries or illnesses strike?

TargetSolutions features hundreds of online safety training courses built to help organizations educate employees, reduce liability, decrease claims and save money. Check out this new infographic, “How TargetSolutions’ Online Training Addresses Workplace Claims,” to learn the risks and how the industry’s ultimate online training management system helps.

Organizations spend more than $170 billion each year on costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses. TargetSolutions features engaging online safety training courses to educate employees and reduce costly incidents from happening. Please click here to download and print this infographic, “How TargetSolutions’ Online Training Addresses Workplace Claims.”

How to Educate Personnel on the Dangers of the Ebola Virus with TargetSolutions

TargetSolutions offers several help documents on the Ebola virus inside Community Resources. You can easily assign these items with TargetSolutions’ powerful delivery system.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed earlier this week the first patient diagnosed with the Ebola virus in the United States. With the potential for the virus to spread, emergency responders need to be educated on best practices for handling potential cases of the disease.
The CDC reports nearly 3,400 deaths to Ebola since 1976. A patient is being treated in Texas is the first person diagnosed with the virus in the U.S., according to health officials.

TargetSolutions’ Community Resources, which serves as the online system’s shared repository for videos, documents, and much more, provides valuable items that address best practices for emergency responders, including web articles, checklists, and infographics on the Ebola virus.

Here are a few of the top resources on the subject:
Ebola EMS Preparedness Checklist: Created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this detailed checklist offers Ebola preparedness tips for EMS professionals.
The Ebola Virus: What EMS Providers Need to Know: An in-depth article from EMS World outlines the 2014’s outbreak timeline of events, infectious precautions, patient assessment, and much more.
Ebola – Interim Guidance for Emergency Medical Services: A web link to CDC’s guidance for EMS systems in managing patients known or suspected of the Ebola virus.
Ebola Virus Algorithm for Evaluation of the Returned Traveler: An infographic with tips for diagnosing patients.
With TargetSolutions, organizations can easily assign these valuable resources to employees, require e-signatures, and track completion results. For more information on how to assign materials found in Community Resources, or the items addressing the Ebola virus, please click here or contact us today at (800) 840-8048.


Training Liabilities 2014: Staying Out of the Danger Zone

If you would like to watch the webcast, Training Liabilities 2014: Staying Out of the Danger Zone, please go to Fire Engineering’s website and register to view a recording.
On Thursday, Sept. 25, TargetSolutions sponsored a special webcast by Fire Engineering. The 90-minute presentation, Training Liabilities 2014: Staying Out of the Danger Zone, was delivered by attorney and retired Deputy Fire Chief John Murphy, who offered tips on how to reduce exposure through effective firefighter training.
Murphy, who served 32 years as a career firefighter and now provides legal and consulting services for fire service leadership, drove home how critical it is for training officers to analyze risks in training, understand basic federal laws, incorporate best practices into , and implement an overall philosophy of safety during training.
Murphy defined training liability as any situation in which a fire department’s personnel are subject to litigation for actions or omissions during training instruction.
“Every lawsuit involves an allegation that some firefighter violated some legal standard set forth in a federal or state statute in a common-law doctrine,” said Murphy, who also discussed the importance of accurate recordkeeping in training management. Please click here to watch a recorded version of Murphy’s presentation.
To learn more about TargetSolutions’ unique, one-of-a-kind recordkeeping applications, please click here

Does Tracking Employees’ Licenses Give You Trouble? TargetSolutions Simplifies the Process

Managing renewable licenses is no easy chore. Whether it’s a driver’s license, an instructor’s license, an EMT’s license, or any other type of license that needs to be maintained, it can be difficult. Fortunately, TargetSolutions’ powerful records management system is here to simplify the process.
“We previously had no notification if an employee was about to miss a deadline. Now, with TargetSolutions pushing everything, we’re much better off. That’s a huge factor for us. This system really helps us stay on track and notified, rather than our old way of doing everything manually. The automated e-mail alerts help us tremendously.”
Dennis Reglen, Strategic Planning Lieutenant 
El Paso Fire Department, Texas
“With TargetSolutions we know who is expiring and we can plan more efficiently. We now know who is coming up and when their expiration dates are. The reporting functionality really helps us do our jobs better.”
Dan Collins, Fire Captain
Cal Fire San Diego, Calif.
No matter which type of license an employee needs to update, it can be tracked in one centralized online location with TargetSolutions. The online training platform’s alert notifications keep personnel informed when deadlines are about to expire.
If you have any questions about TargetSolutions’ license tracking capabilities, please contact us at (800) 840-8048.

How Online Police Training Helps Agencies Achieve Compliance, Reduce Exposure

Is your police agency struggling with how to effectively train its personnel? A recent news report by 19 KYTX in Texas analyzed the issues with compliance and risk many law enforcement agencies in the Lone Star State are facing.


Lonny Wilder, who is TargetSolutions’ VP of Public Safety, was interviewed for the special feature to discuss several incidents that have brought scrutiny to various departments and how online training helps achieve better results. Investigations into the departments’ training have been conducted as a result of these incidents.


“It only takes one incident for the public to rise up and say, ‘gee, we need more training for these guys,’ ” Wilder said. “And I think that is happening with more frequency.”


Law Enforcement Requirements for Continuing Education

Every two years, the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement requires officers to complete 40 hours of law enforcement continuing education. It is left to the department to determine what type of training is completed. With TargetSolutions, law enforcement departments can access more than 240 training courses that are accepted by TCOLE.


Another key benefit of the online training management platform is the ability to start and stop training on your schedule with 24/7 access to law enforcement courses and training materials.


“Every decision they (police) make from moment they get out of that car, is absolutely critical,” Wilder said. “The training of law enforcement officers is critical and vital, not just for their continuing education and certification, but also for their safety and for well-being of the community at large that they serve.”

It’s important for police officers to meet state, federal and local training mandates, so they can serve their communities better. TargetSolutions offers a variety of resources and training materials to help law enforcement agencies.

TargetSolutions offers more than 240 online training courses for police officers and law enforcement agencies. Contact us online or at (800) 840-8046 to learn more about TargetSolutions’ online police training in Texas.

‘Go Green’ and Save Resources with TargetSolutions’ Online File-Storing Application

Save resources with TargetSolutions’ web-based file-storing application.

Is your organization looking to eliminate unnecessary waste? TargetSolutions does exactly that with innovative online technology. The platform’s web-based recordkeeping software promotes environmentally-friendly processes that are beneficial to the environment.
TargetSolutions features a virtual file cabinet that provides storage for employee records and organizational resources, including SOPs, new-hire documentation, and other critical items. The password-protected application, called the File Center, alleviates the need for brick and mortar repositories with a centralized, online location, giving employees the ability to access documents 24/7.
In addition to file storage, internal items requiring employee signatures can be assigned, tracked, and recorded with TargetSolutions’ powerful recordkeeping system. E-signatures ensure employees have acknowledged important organizational documents, streamlining operational efficiency.
“The amount of paperwork accumulated from policies, organizational handbooks, and other informational documents distributed to each employee within an organization can be difficult to maintain,” said TargetSolutions’ Kelly Zielinski. “Not only do organizations save money, but with a web-based file center, they reduce human error in processes like delivery, filing, and signature validation.”
If you have any questions about TargetSolutions online file-storing application, please contact us at (800) 840-8048.

TargetSolutions to Highlight Value of TS Academy Webinar Series at CAJPA Conference for Risk Management

CAJPA Conference for Risk Management
The 2014 CAJPA Conference for Risk Management hits Lake Tahoe Sept. 16-19 with the theme: “Building Your Bench. Teamwork. Tools. Tactics.”
If you’re headed to Lake Tahoe for the event, make sure to come by booth No. 418 to meet TargetSolutions’ Strategic Risk Management team, which will be answering clients’ questions and offering tips on how to manage risk and reduce liability with web-based training.
“CAJPA is an opportunity for our team to interact with our clients and answer questions they might have about TargetSolutions. It’s also productive for the team to engage with risk managers and safety officers who are looking to learn more about the industry’s most comprehensive web-based catalog of online health and safety training.”
Kelly Zielinski
Manager of Strategic Risk Management Business Unit 
Zielinski said the team in Tahoe will be highlighting the benefits of TargetSolutions’ new initiative: The TS Academy, which is a seven-week webinar series for individuals responsible for managing their organization’s utilization of TargetSolutions. This new program, which kicked off earlier this year, adds tremendous value to clients looking to improve their skills operating the system.
“We will be hosting our fourth and final webinar series for the year in October,” Zielinski said. “With all the success we’ve had, and positive client feedback, we are excited to continue the TargetSolutions Academy in 2015. However, clients who would like to take it this year can sign-up at the booth at CAJPA. We’re excited to discuss the value of this program, which is really here to help platform managers maximize their organization’s utilization.”
After completing the webinar series, participants will be entered into a raffle to win a mini Jambox, Zielinski said.
If you have questions about TargetSolutions, or the upcoming TS Academy, please stop by booth No. 418 at CAJPA, or call (800) 840-8048.
About TargetSolutions
TargetSolutions provides cutting-edge technology, engaging online training courses and world-class customer service. As the leading provider of online safety training for public entities, TargetSolutions enables organizations to maintain compliance, reduce losses, deliver curriculum, and track all tasks, certifications and training activities.

How to Manage Confined Spaces During Firefighter Rescue Operations: The Denver Drill

The Denver Drill – Part 2 firefighter training video has been viewed more than 1,300 times by TargetSolutions’ users and has a five-star rating.

Firefighters know the story of Mark Langvardt. He is the Denver firefighter who lost his life during a three-alarm fire after being trapped inside a storage room.

The tragic incident led to an increased level of preparation for managing confined spaces. Specifically, the Denver Drill was developed and the result is better strategy for extracting an unconscious firefighter in tight quarters.

If you’re looking for some firefighter training on the Denver Drill, TargetSolutions’ Community Resources is a great place to start. This month’s top video inside the file-sharing application is the “The Denver Drill – Part 2,” which shows procedures for removing a downed firefighter in a constricted area from feet-first and head-first positions.

“Never seen this part, very good info, I will be passing this on,” wrote George Gardiner of the City of Charleston Fire Department’s (S.C.) in the video’s comments section. And “good training,” Sheila Bennett of Margate-Coconut Creek Fire Department (Fla.) wrote of the video, which is currently stored in 32 different organizations’ File Center.

If you’re interested in learning more about the tragedy that took Langvardt’s life, you can also find the “The Denver Drill – Part 1” video inside Community Resources, which gives a report from individuals who were on the ground Sept. 28, 1992, when the 39-year-old became separated from his crew and lost his life in intense heat and heavy smoke.

There are several other training resources devoted to the Denver Drill in Community Resources, including a PowerPoint overview. If you would like more information, please contact us at (800) 840-8048.