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TargetSolutions Online Training Helps Fulfill Annual Police Training Requirements

Law Enforcement Training Requirements

Annual Police Training Requirements

Being a police officer is a demanding career that requires a great deal of specialized training. As professionals dedicated to enforcing the law and protecting citizens in their communities, police officers must be physically and mentally prepared to deal with a wide variety of situations.

Today’s police officers must also understand something about the technology used to communicate with one another and how technology can help to create more effective training for officers. To fully prepare trainees to carry out their duties as safely and effectively as possible, it’s important for police agencies to use the latest and most appropriate training programs. Each state has its own police training requirements but they emphasize the same basic skills and capabilities.

TargetSolutions Law Enforcement Training

TargetSolutions offers online police training that covers the annual police training needs for many states. There are quite a few proven benefits to this innovative training with more than 240 courses covering topic such as sexual harassment prevention training and driver safety – improving responses to high-risk, low-frequency situations. This training platform is accepted in many states, including Alaska, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, Nevada, North Dakota, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas.

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Meet the Team: Get to Know Account Manager Ryan Aneson

TargetSolutions Account Manager Ryan AnesonRyan Aneson joined the TargetSolutions team as an account manager in May. She came across the opportunity at TargetSolutions on LinkedIn and thought it would be a great fit. Since starting as an account manager, the overwhelming support she has received from her team members has reinforced her decision.

Ryan attended Manhattan College, a liberal arts college, in the Bronx, N.Y. Originally from New York, Ryan had spent many cold winters in her hometown and decided that she needed more sunshine in her life, which is what led her to sunny San Diego. Ryan comes to TargetSolutions with ample experience in the client success field.

When asked what she likes most about working with her clients she says, “They are some of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with.”

Get to know Ryan a little more with this recent Q-and-A:

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City of Weirton Fire Department Utilizes TargetSolutions’ ISO and Custom-Built Apprenticeship Credentials

City of Weirton Fire DepartmentFire Chief Jerry Shumate of the City of Weirton Fire Department (WV) faces the same challenge as other smaller departments: Managing hundreds of mandated training hours for personnel without designated staff to do so.

Since implementing TargetSolutions in 2017, the dynamic online training and records management platform has enabled his department to track and report training in one, centralized online location.


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TargetSolutions Revamps EMS Continuing Education Catalog

TargetSolutions added more than 90 new EMS CE courses to its online EMS training catalog with up-to-date content and engaging formats.

As the industry leader for fire and EMS continuing education, TargetSolutions constantly refreshes its online course catalog with meaningful courses that include up-to-date content and are delivered in engaging formats. To continue this initiative, TargetSolutions is adding more than 90 new EMS CE courses to its online training catalog.

These in-depth courses were adopted from CentreLearn, which was acquired by TargetSolutions’ parent company Vector Solutions in 2014. Courses in this new bundle cover crucial lessons for all levels of EMS personnel.

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The Top 10 Online Training Courses for Law Enforcement

TargetSolutions’ comprehensive, online Law Enforcement training catalog features more than 240 courses and covers crucial lessons for law enforcement professionals. These online training modules are designed to enhance field knowledge, reduce risk and maintain safety.

To highlight some of the most highly utilized courses and important topics, here are the top 10 courses in the law enforcement training catalog based on the total number of completions over the years.

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NFPA 1410 Checklist: Essential Steps for Developing & Measuring Fire Drills

Company drills play a major role in the training of modern firefighters. One reason for this is the fact that only four percent of total calls for firefighters are for working fires. Firefighters, therefore, rely mostly on training to develop their skills.

To help address this need for comprehensive education, TargetSolutions offers a 14-course bundle in video format that presents firefighting techniques in an innovative and easy-to-follow manner. These drills are based on NFPA 1410 Training for Initial Emergency Scene Operations. Their purpose is to give departments a training tool, often used for pre-training coursework prior to the drill-yard, to help prepare personnel for initial attack operations.

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Bloodborne Pathogens Safety Training for School Districts Covers OSHA’s Standards

TargetSolutions recently updated the audio in its Bloodborne Pathogens Safety course for school districts. The course features six learning modules and engaging interactions.

Utilized for its safety and preventive strategies across numerous industries, Bloodborne Pathogens Safety is far-and-away one of TargetSolutions’ most completed training courses.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA) standard on bloodborne pathogens requires that every work setting be examined to determine whether there is any potential for employee exposure to pathogens or other potentially infectious materials.

Likewise, injuries sustained from contaminated needles and other sharp objects have been associated with increased risk of disease from more than 20 infectious agents, including the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and the hepatitis B and C viruses.

Course Overview

TargetSolutions’ dynamic, video-driven, Bloodborne Pathogens Safety course explains the requirements for complying with OSHA’s standard and provides practical information on the various diseases and protection strategies associated with BBPs. Learners taking this training course are presented with practical information and protective strategies commonly associated with bloodborne pathogens they may encounter in the work field.

Course Objectives

Upon completing the six self-paced learning modules, learners will have a better understanding of the following:

  • What bloodborne pathogens are and how they are spread
  • OSHA’s requirements for protecting employees from infection
  • How to minimize exposure incidents
  • Procedures following an exposure incident

For more information on courses inside TargetSolutions’ online training catalog, please contact us at (800) 840-8048.

TargetSolutions Expands Options for Assignment Notifications

Expanded Notification Options for Assignments
TargetSolutions expanded options for assignment notifications so platform administrators can utilize automated emails to streamline the management of training progress.

As a TargetSolutions client, you input contributes to continuous, meaningful platform enhancements that improve user experience and simplify training management.

To help platform managers streamline the process of notifying users of new or overdue assignments, this round of enhancements focuses on assignment notifications.

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How Departments Are Using TargetSolutions for Pre-Training Prior to the Drill Yard

During the 2018 Vector Solutions Client Summit, TargetSolutions clients were asked about their experiences with the dynamic training platform and how it serves as “pre-training” before hands-on exercises.

Representatives from agencies across the country came together in Clearwater Beach, Florida for Vector Solutions‘ annual Client Summit. Over the course of three days, leaders from backgrounds in firefighting, training and administration discussed best practices for online training management and exciting developments in eLearning.

During the summit, TargetSolutions users were asked about their experiences with the dynamic training platform. Covering topics such as records management, ISO audits, and customer service, clients praised TargetSolutions’ invaluable features for ensuring personnel are compliant with federal and local mandates and can perform in the field.

In this interview, training officers, safety managers, and chiefs emphasized their ability to prepare personnel for hands-on training in the drill-yard by using TargetSolutions to assign “pre-training” content:

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TargetSolutions Builds 3 Custom Credentials for New York

New York Credential for In-Service Fire TrainingTargetSolutions’ powerful tracking and records management capabilities help departments stay ahead of annual training mandates and ensure personnel are up-to-date on their skillsets. To consolidate crucial training hours for departments in New York, TargetSolutions custom-built 3 credentials written to state-specific mandates for both career and volunteer firefighters.

Custom-Built Credentials for New York

These credential templates provide a base for everything New York fire departments track to comply with state standards. In addition to containing TargetSolutions courses and activities, you can add your own department’s content to supplement necessary training credits.

Rather than individually looking up users’ training hours and potentially finding they have not completed all parts of their training, these credentials make it simple to track training, measure progress towards completion and run reports to prove compliance. Best of all, these auto-renewing credentials require little maintenance and allow you to begin training for the new year instantly.

Here is a breakdown of the 3 credentials for New York and the value they add to your department:

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