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Avoid Common OSHA Violations by Educating Employees with Online Safety Training

TargetSolutions’ Hazard Communication course addresses the second-most frequently cited standard following inspections of worksites by federal OSHA. This engaging online safety training course features nine learning modules, a 20-question exam, and incorporates recent changes made to OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard in accordance with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals.

TargetSolutions’ Hazard Communication course addresses the second-most frequently cited standard following inspections of worksites by federal OSHA. This engaging online safety training course features nine learning modules, a 20-question exam, and incorporates recent changes made to OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard in accordance with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals.

Did you know more than 4,600 people were killed while on the job in 2012? That’s an average of more than 12 deaths each day. Those numbers accentuate the serious risk that exists in many workplaces, despite the fact on-the-job fatalities have actually reduced by more than 65 percent and injuries are down 67 percent since 1970, when the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Act first went into effect.

With these alarming figures, it is clear why OSHA safety training is so critical for public entities looking to reduce exposure. TargetSolutions’ online safety training provides public entities with convenient courses to achieve compliance with training mandates.

TargetSolutions’ most popular OSHA online training courses address the most dangerous workplace citations on OSHA’s Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Standards list for 2013. Titles include Fall Protection, Hazard Communication, Ladder & Scaffolding Safety, and Respiratory Protection, among others.

Here are the courses offered in TargetSolutions’ OSHA Safety Training catalog:

Advanced Construction Safety (Modules 1–4)

Advanced HAZWOPER Awareness (Modules 1–4)

Aerosol Transmissible Diseases

Alcohol-Free Workplace

Asbestos Awareness

Back Injury Prevention

Bloodborne Pathogens Safety

Building Evacuation and Emergencies

Cal/OSHA Log 300

Combustible & Flammable Liquids

Compressed Gas Safety

Confined-Space Entry

CPR Academic

Diet & Nutrition

Disaster Preparedness

Driving Safety

Drug-Free Workplace

Electrical Safety

Eye Safety

Fall Protection

Fire Extinguisher Safety

Fire Prevention Safety

First Responder Operations Level Refresher(Modules 1–4)

Forklift Safety

General Construction Safety

General First Aid Part 1

General First Aid Part 2

General HIPAA Awareness

General Office Ergonomics

Hand & Power Tool Safety

HAZMAT Spill Prevention & Control

HAZMAT Transportation

Health & Wellness

Hearing Conservation

HIV/AIDS Awareness

Incident Investigation

Indoor Air Quality

Industrial Ergonomics

Laboratory Safety

Ladder & Scaffolding Safety

Laser Safety

Lead Awareness
Lock-Out / Tag-Out

Machine Guarding

Materials Handling, Storage, Use & Disposal

Office Safety

Personal Protective Equipment

Radiation Safety

Respiratory Protection

Hazard Communication

Risk Assessment Analysis

Sexual Harassment Awareness

Slips, Trips, & Falls Prevention

Trenching & Shoring

Welding Safety

Working in Extreme Temperatures

Workplace Diversity

Workplace Stress

Workplace Violence

Suburban Department Improves Training Consistency, Compliancy with TargetSolutions

Lafayette Township Fire Department’s mission is to provide residents and visitors with the best fire and EMS protection possible. With that in mind, the department is constantly looking to reinforce its personnel’s knowledge in the field, respond to calls from the community in a timely and professional manner, and educate the public on the prevention of fire and medical emergencies.

The department consists of 44 dedicated members who work to answer approximately 500 calls each year in the communities of Lafayette Township, Chippewa Lake and Gloria Glens. As a smaller combination department, it’s important that personnel maximize their training experience to ensure optimal efficiency. Looking to improve training consistency and compliancy in a more convenient manner, the department turned to TargetSolutions in January or 2014.

Consistency: When it comes to training for emergency responders, it is vital to ensure every member receives the same pertinent information. Making certain everyone is up to date with training can be complicated and difficult. TargetSolutions’ online fire training platform helps Lafayette deliver the same training material simply and efficiently.

“The e-based form for delivering training with TargetSolutions ensures the training is consistent from me to our lead senior recruit,” said Lafayette Township Fire Department Capt. Carl West.

Convenience: By transitioning from manual training and tracking to TargetSolutions’ intuitive web-based platform, Lafayette Township has updated its training management practices, West said. With this powerful platform in place, the assignment and tracking of pre- and post-training coursework for knowledge, skills and abilities testing is simplified.

“Convenience plays a huge part with TargetSolutions,” said West. “The platform is very easy to maneuver. … We are able to streamline training through TargetSolutions’ online training platform, allowing us to make better use of valuable payroll hours.”

Compliance: TargetSolutions’ courses feature detailed lessons, post-course comprehension testing and mandatory timer requirements for EMS continuing education units. Courses are built to ensure users are properly trained on topics covered.

“You can’t cheat the system, no matter how hard you try, which is why I trust TargetSolutions’ training.”

Carl West, Captain with Lafayette Township Fire Department (Ohio)

“Every year the department is required to complete mandated training in sexual harassment, drug-free workplace, and alcohol free workplace. The department is able to put folks through the courses online and subsequently attach our own policies to it. In addition, I am able to require and e-signature to ensure accountability among individuals.”

The ability to deliver important policies through TargetSolutions has helped the department maintain compliance, while reducing in-person training sessions. In fact, Lafayette found immediate success in its first few months using the platform by achieving nearly 80 percent training compliance right away.

“This is a significant improvement over past years because we can actually quantify our compliance in one easy report,” West said. “In years past, it took a lot of manual entry and massaging to obtain the same information.”

About TargetSolutions
TargetSolutions delivers cutting-edge software applications, engaging online training courses, and world-class customer service. The company was founded in 1999 and today there are more than 2,000 organizations across the country using TargetSolutions’ innovative technology to solve their training challenges.

TargetSolutions’ Component Manager Helps Ensure Accurate Information Is Tracked with Custom Activities

Are you looking to track important information about live training events? Have you ever assigned a custom activity to your personnel, only to have users enter inaccurate information when completing the activity?
If you are looking to gather specific data and want to make it as easy and efficient as possible, TargetSolutions’ computer-based training system is the tool for you.
When a new site is created, organizations are given a standard set of reportable components that require text answers. But Manage Components inside TargetSolutions’ innovative tracking application, Activities Builder, makes it possible to change answer types to multiple choice, date, number, long text, or text.
By customizing components, you can save users’ time when they go to complete an activity. For example, when using the “Location” reportable component, you can easily pre-populate a comprised list of stations or training locations to select from – rather than obligating them to manually enter a location for each completion.
Changing answer types can streamline information and improve reporting accuracy. On occasion, misspellings within manually entered answers can cause varied information when generating reports. This error is most commonly found when submitting instructor names.
However, if you use the Manage Components tool to modify the answer type for a training session’s instructor, you can offer a list of instructors. This eliminates the user from having to manually enter a name and you can be confident reports are accurate.
If you have any questions about utilizing this application, please contact us at (800) 840-8048.
 training completion report
Component Manager inside TargetSolutions’ Activities Builder helps users record completions faster and ensures accurate information is being tracked.

Training Video Inside TargetSolutions’ Online Fire Training Platform Highlights Liquefied CO2 Incident

This month’s top resource provides firefighters with a valuable lesson about conducting thorough investigations at all incidents. The video posted by Jay Sumerlin of West Pierce Fire & Rescue (Wash.), titled “Phoenix Fire Liquid CO2,” recounts a liquefied CO2 incident response call by Phoenix Fire Department and is currently being utilized by several clients thanks to TargetSolutions’ powerful file-sharing application, Community Resources.
The video is an excellent real-life scenario that recounts the incident with engaging storytelling over 17 minutes, 36 seconds. It serves as an ideal training resource by reenacting Phoenix Fire Department’s near-miss discovery of a CO2 leak while responding to a seemingly routine call at a local fast-food restaurant. Ultimately, the incident evolved into a hazmat response because of a leaking liquefied CO2 tank in the restaurant.
Sean Murray of Tonopah Valley Fire District (Ariz.) wrote in the resource’s comments section that the video is a “great resource for situational awareness.” Another comment by Mark Harrington of Wilson Emergency Management Agency (Tenn.) wrote, “this makes you think to investigate the area you are in to find the source of the problem.”
And Jason Horne of DeKalb County Fire Rescue (Ga.) wrote, “Good information….Very educational…proactive management. Thank you!”
To view this video, please log in to your department’s TargetSolutions site and search “Phoenix Fire Liquid CO2” under the Community Resources tab. If you have any questions, please contact us at (800) 840-8048.
Liquefied CO2 Incident Training Video
“Phoenix Fire Liquid CO2” is this month’s top video inside TargetSolutions’ file-sharing application, Community Resources. It has been viewed 70 times and has a perfect five-star rating.

TargetSolutions Revises Advanced HAZWOPER Awareness Course

TargetSolutions’ Advanced HAZWOPER Awareness course has been completely revised with fresh information from updated standards, new case studies, and brand new multimedia.
This eight-hour HAZWOPER refresher course is broken up into four modules, each two hours in length. Each module is divided up into lessons, with study exercises throughout to reinforce content and a 10-question test.
Who should take this course?
This course is written for first responders at the awareness level, meaning  “individuals who are likely to witness or discover a hazardous substance release” and who are trained to notify the proper authorities (29 CFR 1910.120(q)(6)(i)).
If you are trained to actually respond to an incident, it is suggested you take our First Responder Operations Level Refresher course, which is currently being revised.
What requirements does this fulfill?
TargetSolutions’ Advanced HAZWOPER Awareness course alone does not fulfill OSHA’s HAZWOPER training requirement. However, this course is based on OSHA’s Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) standard, 29 CFR 1910.120. In order to be OSHA compliant, employees are required to take eight hours of refresher training accompanied by hands-on training from an authorized trainer, who is also available to answer any questions employees have regarding the training.

Maintain Comprehensive Records of Firefigher Inspections and Assessments with TargetSolutions


Does your organization conduct mandatory inspections and assessments that need to be tracked? Odds are there is something – whether it is a playground examination, a fire apparatus check, a type of inventory, or a building inspection – that requires routine analysis.
With TargetSolutions you can utilize ready-made electronic tracking forms that can be easily imported into your site – or create your own from scratch – assign them to personnel, monitor completions and generate comprehensive reports. TargetSolutions’ recordkeeping applications are built to streamline the entire firefighter inspections management process.
“If you’re responsible for managing inventory or maintaining a facility, and you need to collect information, TargetSolutions features powerful tracking tools for capturing that data,” said TargetSolutions Strategic Risk Business Unit Manager Kelly Zielinski. “The system is built to track everything critical to your organization. You don’t need to file stacks of paper anymore.”
If you have any questions about tracking firefighter inspections and/or assessment with TargetSolutions, please contact us today at (800) 840-8048.
Record Firefigher InspectionsRecords of Firefigher Inspections
One of TargetSolutions’ most popular pre-built assessments is the Accident-Incident Report Form. This activity allows organizations to capture info on an accident for general liability. TargetSolutions also features pre-built activities for inspecting playgrounds, administrative areas, fire extinguishers, vehicles, and many fire department inspections, including SCBA, PPE, hose testing, etc.

New Overdue Assignments Report Highlights TargetSolutions’ Latest Enhancements

Platform managers with a desire for more control over reports are going to love the latest series of enhancements to TargetSolutions’ Generate Reports application. Updates have been made to make the online training management system’s reporting functionality even more powerful, efficient and intuitive.
Here are the key reporting upgrades from TargetSolutions’ May product release:
New Overdue Assignments Report: This new report was built to make it easier to run data on overdue assignments, eliminating the hassle of using the Incomplete Assignment report to find information on late assignments. Previously you would need to filter through assignments that were incomplete, but not overdue. To solve this issue, TargetSolutions removed the overdue filter in the Incomplete Assignments report and built a brand new Overdue Assignments report.
“Removing the overdue filter in the Incomplete Assignments report makes it easier for clients to understand the primary use for that report – to find scheduled assignments that are not yet due,” said TargetSolutions Product Manager Misty Pratt, “The Overdue Assignments report will provide a quick and easy way to find the delinquent assignments that warrant action.”
To facilitate one-click reporting, a new type of filter was developed for the Overdue Assignment report.
“This new report really simplifies the user experience,” Pratt said. “The default filter option gives you all assignments more than one day overdue. In other words, without changing anything, you can get a quick report of all overdue assignments and nothing else.”
Of course, more advanced filtering is available, but with options that are more straightforward (see screenshot below).
If an assignment is more than a day overdue, the overdue column will display a full day value, rounded down. So if an assignment is 47 hours overdue, it will show as one day overdue. In cases where assignments are less than a day overdue, the report will display hours, rather than days.
Credential Selection Dropdown: The single select credential dropdown menu is now searchable for the Credential Summary and Credential Exception reports. In the past, some may have found it difficult to navigate the dropdown menu. Now, finding the information you need is quicker and more efficient.
“Clients with a large numbers of credentials will really appreciate this update,” Pratt said. “In the past, without knowing the category in which a credential was located, it was time consuming to scroll through potentially hundreds of reports. Now, these credentials can be searched, making them easier to locate and saving valuable time.”
Search functionality on the Credential Summary and Credential Exemption reports will make finding specific reports more efficient.
Addition of Certain Data Columns for Specific Reports: More options have been added in the Credential Information Columns in the Credential Exception and Credential Summary reports. The added selections give platform managers the ability to gather all relevant data for recordkeeping purposes.

With Limited Resources, Small District McKinleyville Is Maximizing Its Training Program with TargetSolutions

McKinleyville Community Service DistrictMcKinleyville Community Service District in Northern California is responsible for more than 5,300 active water services and 4,400 sewer connections. Its mission is to provide the area’s 15,000-plus residents safe and reliable water, wastewater, street lighting, open space, and parks and recreation in an environmentally and fiscally responsible manner.
With 28 employees using TargetSolutions online training management system, the District has logged more than 500 training hours (online courses and Custom Activities) and utilized 34 different credentials to track everything from Water and Wastewater continuing education to ethics awareness and in-house training events.
For McKinleyville, it’s TargetSolutions’ three “Cs” that standout most: Customization of Credentials, Continuing Education and Customer Service. These three factors have led to huge success, according to Leadman Erik Jones.
Credentials Management
Approximately 25 percent of McKinleyville’s employees require certifications in water distribution, water treatment, wastewater treatment, backflow prevention, and playground safety inspection.
“Prior to TargetSolutions, credential tracking consisted of unorganized spreadsheets,” Jones said. “Now, we are able to consolidate all information into one area within the platform. It’s now simple to check and see if all employees are current.”
Generating reports to pinpoint employee training records and monitor compliance is more efficient with TargetSolutions, Jones said. Whether it is first aid training, HAZWOPER training, or anything else, TargetSolutions’ credential-tracking application streamlines the process.
Continuing Education
With McKinleyville being isolated along Humboldt County’s coast, training opportunities are less frequent than in larger metropolitan areas. The ability to utilize TargetSolutions’ extensive course library featuring more than 60 CEUs for water operators for mandatory CEUs is crucial to this special district. Jones said the district also finds value in TargetSolutions’ online safety training courses, including driver safety, sexual harassment awareness, and more.
Online training in tandem with job-specific learning tracks ensures employees are on track for certification. Supervisors can print certificates to deliver to the state and supervisors can scan certificates directly into an employee’s credential for recordkeeping.
“TargetSolutions saves us money and time,” Jones said. “With online training available 24/7, this is a huge cost savings for us. We really appreciate the flexibility that TargetSolutions provides us in meeting our training needs.”
Client Services
TargetSolutions is focused on helping clients like McKinleyville improve efficiencies. Through monthly webinars or general inquiries, friendly representatives are ready to assist, which helps McKinleyville get the most out of the platform.
“We’ve dealt with other vendors before and haven’t gotten the kind of friendly response that TargetSolutions gives,” Jones said.  “They are responsive and very willing to help.  With the ability to track all manner of training and certifications, TargetSolutions gives small, isolated districts like ours the same resources available to more metropolitan organizations.”
About TargetSolutions
TargetSolutions delivers cutting-edge software applications, engaging online training courses and world-class customer service. The company was founded in 1999 and today there are more than 2,000 organizations across the country using TargetSolutions’ innovative technology to solve their training challenges.

TargetSolutions’ RT-130: Wildland Fire Safety Refresher Course Updated for 2014

Last week’s fires in Southern California showed us the 2014 wildland fire season is upon us. Experts say this could be the most devastating year ever. To help firefighters prepare, TargetSolutions is proud to present RT-130: Wildland Fire Safety Refresher.
The four-module course has been updated to include nine new videos and timely statistical information. With a focus on topics recommended for the US National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) Annual Refresher, the course was built to provide firefighters with the fundamentals of wildland fire safety, as well as critical hazards and safety strategies for operating in the wild.
If you have any questions about TargetSolutions’ industry-leading online fire training catalog, please contact us today at (800) 840-8048.

Make Sure Credentials Are Completed on Time with TargetSolutions’ Alert Notifications

If you’re responsible for notifying employees every time an important deadline approaches, you know how difficult that task can be. With TargetSolutions’ records and information management system, the process is simplified with alerts that notify administrators, supervisors and users about important deadlines before they expire.
This feature for tracking dates can be found inside TargetSolutions’ one-of-a-kind Manage Credentials application. Alert notifications can be set up to inform key stakeholders of expiring credentials. This reminds the user about the deadline for completing the assignment on time. Alerts also provide platform managers an update that one of their users is approaching a deadline.
Photo of Managing Credential Alerts
Administrators are able to choose what the alerts will say, when the alerts will be sent out, who will receive them, and how they will be sent to the user.
It is important to note that after all requirements have been completed within a credential, alerts will no longer be generated for that user. However, a recently added option allows a one-time notification to be delivered after a user has completed all requirements for a credential. “Requirements are completed” must be selected under “When to Alert” to receive this notice.
TargetSolutions’ records and information management system features unique alert functionality to keep users and platform managers on top of deadlines.
For questions about TargetSolutions’ alert notifications or training management system, contact us today at (800) 840-8048.