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TargetSolutions’ Newly Updated Courses for New GHS Standard

Late last year, TargetSolutions announced it will be updating more than two dozen courses to meet the new Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals standards. TargetSolutions has made good progress toward that goal by updating and/or re-launching the following courses:

>> Right to Know
>> NFPA 1500 Hazard Communication
>> Hazmat Spill Prevention and Control
>> Hazmat Transportation
>> Materials, Handling, Storage, Use and Disposal

All of the remaining health and safety training courses that directly deal with the new GHS standard are scheduled to be, or are in the process of being, updated to the new regulations. We expect all updates to be completed this year.

GHS is a worldwide initiative to promote standard criteria for classifying chemicals according to their health, physical and environmental hazards. It was developed by the United Nations because systems already in place worldwide create multiple classifications and inconsistent protection for those potentially exposed to the chemicals.

The GHS itself is not a regulation or a standard. It is simply a document that establishes agreed hazard classification and communication provisions with information on how to apply the system. Its primary goal is the protection of human health and the environment by providing chemical users and handlers with enhanced and consistent information on chemical hazards.

“TargetSolutions understands the importance of updating these courses,” said Content Architect Jeremy Lynch. “We are in the process of making the changes, and while there is no international implementation schedule we will have all of our related courses in compliance with the new system by the end of 2013.

For more information on the GHS, please visit its website.

Longtime Client Praises TargetSolutions’ Client Services Team for Going Extra Mile


Fresno Fire’s Civilian Training Officer ‘Most Definitely Recommends’ TargetSolutions to Other Departments

TargetSolutions is known for delivering the industry’s most robust online training catalog and powerful applications that make training management more efficient. But ask longtime client Christine Boozer of the Fresno Fire Department what she finds most valuable, and she will probably say it’s the company’s unrivaled customer support.

TargetSolutions proved to Boozer it was willing to go the extra mile during Fresno’s implementation of the platform in June of 2006.

“We almost signed with another vendor, but within two weeks we ended up going with TargetSolutions,” said the department’s civilian training officer, who relied on TargetSolutions’ Client Services team early on. “I was expected to roll out custom training, not just TargetSolutions training, but custom activities. I didn’t even know the system yet, so I was helped from Day 1 in a very high profile way.”

When Boozer needed TargetSolutions’ help for rolling out the system, the company delivered in-depth training to make sure she was successful launching the web-based platform. More than six years later, Boozer is a platform expert able to effectively utilize Activities Builder to provide videos and policies to employees.

“We do a lot of pre-training before a multi-company drill, so if we have a new policy we have created either videos or PowerPoints to illustrate the new policy,” Boozer said. “We put it out ahead of time (with Activities Builder) for training so it has a lot of pre-training purposes.”

“Staying on top of changes in policies and training with the Activities Builder is critical,” Boozer said. “Departments are able to ensure users accountability to policies and procedures through e-signatures.”

“Within the City of Fresno Fire Department, there are 23 stations needing to fulfill training requirements,” Boozer said. “(This can put) strain on the efficiency of the stations and safety of the city due to taking people out of the area for classroom training.”

“With TargetSolutions’ easily accessible platform, training is delivered universally to all without leaving the city of Fresno at risk. The platform offers delivery of training in a way that is easily recorded, ensuring the department is tracking everything and remaining compliant,” Boozer said.

At the end of the day, however, Boozer is most grateful for the tremendous support she received in the beginning when she was just learning to maneuver the platform.

“You can call TargetSolutions and say, something is not working, I need your help, do you have something for our needs?” Boozer said.

“And that’s exactly the type of support TargetSolutions aims to deliver every single day,” said TargetSolutions’ Director of Client Services Jenny Fergason.

“In Client Services, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service available,” Fergason said. “From getting your organization set up, to ongoing support, you can expect nothing but the best from our team.”

About TargetSolutions
TargetSolutions is the leading provider of web-based technology solutions for fire and EMS Organizations. These solutions enable Organizations to maintain compliance, reduce losses, deliver curriculum, and track all station-level tasks, certifications and training activities.

Easily Filter Course Activities with TargetSolutions’ Easy-to-Use Tagging System

Platform administrators are able to Tag courses and activities to help make the platform easier to manage. A tagging system enables administrators to better organize courses and activities using filters to search for topics, while working with reports and credentials.

This is beneficial to administrators because it helps them determine total number of training hours, based on Tags. For example, with TargetSolutions EMS courses, platform administrators can add the tag EMS to all of the EMS courses available in their library. Then, when running a report based on the EMS tag, they are able to see the total number of EMS training their users have received.

Additional examples of Tags are OSHA, Hazardous Materials, Human Resources, Training Drills, Recruit Training, Company Training, General Requirements, etc. Clients who track ISO and ARFF training, for instance, have found great success with the tag feature because it allows them to tag all of the appropriate activities and courses with their respective ISO or ARFF Tags.

The first step is to choose a course from the Courses box, then click edit next to Tags. After that you select the Tags you wish to apply to the course and click Apply Changes. Tags can also be associated to activities built within the Activities Builder through the Activity Settings feature.

For more information on this feature, please contact TargetSolutions support team today.

TargetSolutions Helps Public Entities Go Paperless with Tools for Storing SOPs

For most organizations, the distribution, completion and accumulation of Standard Operating Procedures, commonly known as SOP’s, can be extremely difficult. The process usually entails a director passing a document down to a manager, who is then responsible for ensuring the entire organization has read and signed the document. It’s not an easy task. And even worse, it’s often ineffective, wasteful and can put the organization at risk.

Fortunately, there’s a better way.

Utilizing TargetSolutions’ File Center for storing SOP’s (and other types of files), and then Activities Builder for disseminating the information, clients are able to streamline the entire process for everyone while going green.

“The delivery of SOP’s is really one of the most popular functions within the platform,” explains TargetSolutions’ Client Services Manager Jennifer Antinone. “All clients are able to take advantage of being able to have their policies in the File Center and made available to employees in one centralized online location. TargetSolutions provides a paperless paper trail that allows for accountability on all parts. This helps cut down on the endless paper stacks these types of files consume.”

During the implementation of the TargetSolutions online training and records management system, organizations have the opportunity to create a sequence of folders that can be broken down into multiple categories and stored within the File Center. This provides a virtual file cabinet for all documents important to organizational efficiency. The end result is less paper and overall improvements in operational efficiency.

“When new SOP’s are generated they must be read and signed off by every member before the policy can be implemented and enforced in the case of disciplinary policies,” said TargetSolutions’ Product Specialist Tim Riley, who prior to joining TargetSolutions worked as a training chief with the Dunedin Fire Department in Florida.

“The archaic process could take weeks with vacation leave, sick leave, swap time, education leave and any other reason people were not at work. Organizations using the TargetSolutions platform can simply upload the SOP to their File Center, attach it to a Custom Activity, assign it with a start and due date, require an e-signature, and even follow up with a test or quiz to actually ensure they read the document.”

If the policy requires verification of completion, TargetSolutions provides e-signatures for ensuring accountability. If you’d like more information on this powerful application, please contact us for more information.

About TargetSolutions
TargetSolutions is the leading provider of web-based technology solutions for fire and EMS Organizations. These solutions enable Organizations to maintain compliance, reduce losses, deliver curriculum, and track all station-level tasks, certifications and training activities.

Platform Managers Can Easily Modify All Types of Assignments with TargetSolutions

Have you ever assigned an online training course or custom activity and realized afterward you assigned the wrong start or due date? Have you ever changed your mind about having your users complete a course or activity after you assigned it? Have you ever forgotten what you had assigned to users?

Inside the Administration tab there is an easy solution for all of these mistakes: The Manage Assignments application.

Administrators can easily update their assignments by selecting the users and assignments they would like to modify. They can also easily modify multiple assignments for multiple users with just a few simple clicks.

Administrators can reorder this list by clicking on user, assignment, status, start date, and/or due date. They can also edit multiple assignments and have the option to edit start/due dates. Once they have made their assignment selections, they can click the Edit Selected button and then choose their new dates. They can also delete any currently assigned item. Operating this powerful application is easy to learn and very efficient.

If you would like more information on this tool, please contact TargetSolutions at (800) 840-8048.

Managing Detailed Information Is Simple with Components Manager

The Components Manager feature inside TargetSolutions’ industry-changing Activities Builder application allows users to record completions faster and more accurately. It also allows administrators to optimize reporting capabilities, leading to more accurate, easier to read reports.

With Component Manager, administrators can set the parameters of a specific component so information filters exactly how it should be when generating reports. Administrators also have the ability to limit answer types on custom activities to text, numbers, dates and multiple choice.

By setting these components, administrators ensure forms are only being filled with the data they need. This helps minimize user error.

A popular option is to use the multiple choice feature that limits users to only select from a pre-populated list, eliminating the need to manually type answers. This saves time and ensures standardization in data.

To add additional training components, administrators need to simply contact their dedicated account manager. Using Components Manager to track information has proven to be fast and effective tool for TargetSolutions’ clients in all industries.

Easily Track Certifications, Training Records and More with TargetSolutions’ Credentials Application

TargetSolutions utilizes the Manage Credentials application to package online fire department training courses and custom activities together to track fire department ISO training standards.

TargetSolutions’ powerful Manage Credentials tool helps organizations manage training more efficiently and productively. It’s an easy-to-use application that makes life easier for platform managers.

With Credentials, you can combine online training courses and/or custom activites together to deliver bundled packages of training or compliance tasks. You can create job-specific training tracks, featuring customized alerts, deliver them to personnel and then generate comprehensive reports.

One of TargetSolutions’ most popular Credentials is the ISO Training Tracker, which is critical to a fire department because it has a direct impact on a city’s ISO rating and insurance rates. Departments can assign ready-made training assignments to their employees covering ISO Driver Training, ISO Officer Training, ISO Hazmat Training, ISO Company Training and ISO Facilities Training.

After a crew completes the assignments, the TargetSolutions’ recordkeeping system automatically tracks completions and generates detailed reports structured perfectly for ISO’s reviewing process.

By accurately tracking and organizing completed training hours with the Credentials application, training managers can see deficiencies in personnel’s training. In this ISO training report (above), C Shift personnel have all met 100 percent of their Company Training hours, but are still short in other categories critical to ISO.

TargetSolutions Credentials application can also be used for tracking onboarding new hires, driver’s licenses, and National Incident Management System training.

Here is a quick break down of these three types of credentials:

Onboarding New Hires: This credential bundles courses and activities that new employees need to complete when beginning their employment.

License Expirations: This credential tracks employees who are required to keep a current driver’s license on file. Customizable alerts notify both you and your employee when it is time to update the records.

National Incident Management System (NIMS): This credential allows you to bundle and track your NIMS training.

For more information on pre-built Platform Solutions for the Fire industry, which utilize the Credentials application, please click here.

In addition, TargetSolutions features pre-built training and compliance management solutions for Law Enforcement, Cities & Municipalities, School Districts and Risk Pools.

To learn more, please contact TargetSolutions support at (800) 840-8048.

Goodwill Industries of San Diego County Sees Decrease in Accidents After Using TargetSolutions Online Safety Training Courses

Goodwill Industries of San Diego County is part of a network of autonomous corporations that operate under the Goodwill name in the United States. The organization’s mission is to get people with disabilities and other barriers to find work by developing their skills through training.

Since November of 2011, the Goodwill in San Diego has looked to TargetSolutions for managing organizational training and communicating efficiently with supervisors across all departments. The organization utilizes money generated from the sale of donated goods to hire and train employees with disabilities.

“What really helps Goodwill Industries of San Diego County is the number of courses,” Asset Protection Director Marco Guizar said of TargetSolutions’ online safety training courses.

“The library of courses that is offered clearly falls into the training that we do in-house, as well. TargetSolutions’ courses also correlate well with the training that we hand down to our department supervisors.”Goodwill Industries of San Diego

Goodwill Industries of San Diego County is audited by Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, which mandates specific training by corporations to demonstrate quality, transparency and commitment to the satisfaction of those being served.

For Goodwill, access to TargetSolutions’ online course catalog, which features OSHA & Compliance and Driver Safety Training, allows it to remain compliant with CARF employment standards. Courses mandated by CARF are easily recorded as completions within each supervisor’s file and can be quickly organized into reports for audits.

Aside from remaining compliant with auditing regulations, Guizar notes that Goodwill utilizes many of TargetSolutions’ courses purely to benefit the training and development of exceptional employee work habits.

For example, within the Fleet Department, Goodwill assigns a number of the courses to maintain and develop well-trained drivers. The implementation of driver safety training increases overall awareness of vehicle operation standards and safety regulations. In the past, Goodwill Industries of San Diego County was averaging approximately four accidents within a three-month span yielding an estimated 16 accidents per year.

“We feel that the ability to raise awareness among our Fleet Department and easily train our drivers has played a part in decreasing the number of accidents,” Guizar said. “By increasing the diligence in our training and increasing awareness, our Fleet Department is now down to averaging only four to five accidents per year.”

With the ability to attach policies and procedures within courses, such as “Reasonable Suspicion of Alcohol and Drugs,” “Ethics in the Workplace” and “Bloodborne Pathogens,” employees and supervisors are provided guidance for important tasks and operations in each department.

“For the courses that are more generic to a business, we like to attach our policies and procedures so that the training includes our organization’s specifications, as well,” Guizar said. “When it comes to training management, TargetSolutions has been a great benefit to us.

“The platform has been a great way to reach out to the masses because it is difficult to congregate all supervisors in one area, and with TargetSolutions we are able to assign courses and they can do them at home if they wish. TargetSolutions has just been a great benefit to our organization and we are really thankful that we have the platform!”

About TargetSolutions
TargetSolutions exists to deliver cutting-edge software applications, engaging online training courses, and world-class customer service. TargetSolutions was founded in 1999 and today there are more than 2,000 organizations across the country using TargetSolutions to solve their training needs.

TargetSolutions Launches New School Shooting Awareness Course

School shootings have been making news headlines left and right. And while no school district wants to believe this unthinkable act will ever happen in one of their schools, it is vital that all school district employees have a thorough understanding of school shooting awareness.

TargetSolutions’ newly released School Shooting Awareness course highlights everything from the characteristics surrounding past school shootings to warning signs and the role mental health often plays in these horrific acts. It also discusses how to identify, assess, and respond to potential threats, including safety precaution suggestions and ways to improve campus security.

This course also breaks the mold of the typical TargetSolutions course, as it includes an illustrated instructor and audio narration throughout. We hope the invaluable information will help keep students and faculty safer when these unfortunate events happen.

If you would like more information on this course, or any other courses in TargetSolutions library, please contact us today at

Creating and Managing Supervisory Privileges Is Easy with TargetSolutions

TargetSolutions recently updated the Manage Users tool, which was built to help platform administrators share training management responsibilities to help organizations run more efficiently. The tool gives administrators the ability to have other members of their organization operate the TargetSolutions platform. Administrators can maintain control of their account by creating and managing supervisory privileges over various applications and/or segmented individuals but not the entire site.

Upgrading users to supervisors is very simple. From the Administration tab, select Manage Users and find the individual you would like to grant supervisor privileges. After selecting the individual, click on the Access tab to specify the applications and/or user they are being granted access to oversee.

The Access tab permits administrators to view and edit supervisor rights. This tab becomes editable as soon as it is accessed, and administrators can change supervisor rights at any time. If a supervisor began with the ability to record completions, for example, the administrator can later decide to remove this functionality. Creating and managing supervisory privileges is not just easy, but beneficial in helping administrators operate their account and make the most of the TargetSolutions platform.

For more information, contact TargetSolutions at (800) 840-8048.