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City of Fargo Streamlines Incident Reporting, Saves Money with Vector’s Safety Management Tool

“Prior to IndustrySafe, departments collected different types of information should an incident occur,” said Luke Lindberg, who serves as safety manager for the City of Fargo. “Fire collected what they wanted to collect; public works collected what they wanted to collect, etc.”

Back in 2011, Lindberg knew the City of Fargo needed a way to centralize how it gathered and stored risk management information, so he turned to IndustrySafe. Fast forward to today, Fargo is not only using IndustrySafe for storing safety data, but is also using it to manage incidents, from the initial report, to corrective actions, all the way to workers’ compensation.

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Harassment and Discrimination Prevention in Public Safety

Harassment and Discrimination Prevention in Public Safety

Workplace harassment and discrimination can cost organizations millions, not just in lawsuit claims, but also in loss of productivity, turnover and other negative consequences. In the fiscal year 2018, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) secured more than $500 million for victims – resolving more than 90,500 cases.

When discrimination happens in public safety agencies such as fire, EMS or police departments, there are also additional considerations due to public perception. With this, TargetSolutions makes it simple to put together an anti-discrimination program for your organization.

Using the TargetSolutions learning management system (LMS), departments can build a comprehensive harassment prevention credential using TargetSolutions’ online training courses and anti-harassment policy templates.

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Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Program for Texas HB 3834

Texas 3834 Cybersecurity Awareness Program

Cybersecurity is a major threat to any organization, of any size and any industry. Data breaches increased by 160% from 2006 to 2019 and nearly 60% of companies in the U.S. reported third-party data breaches.

Due to this growing threat, Texas passed HB 3834. This bill requires local and state government employees to fulfill a cybersecurity training program, approved by the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR), by June 14, 2020. To help agencies protect themselves and meet this requirement, TargetSolutions offers a bundle of four Texas DIR-approved cybersecurity training courses.

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Reduce Liability, Save Money and Keep Employees Safe with Vector EHS Management

Workplace accidents and other employee incidents should be taken seriously by any organization. Not only can an incident threaten employee safety, but it can also cost an agency thousands in workers’ compensation claims, damages, and compliance violations.

Using the new Vector EHS Management system, your agency can simplify all parts of accident tracking and incident management. Join our early interest list and we’ll contact you with more information.

This online safety management solution keeps things from falling through the cracks. From the moment an incident is reported, to corrective actions, to OSHA recordkeeping, your agency can track the entire process.

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New Timeline Feature and Callback Rules in TargetSolutions Scheduling™

Fire, EMS, and law enforcement agencies across the country rely on TargetSolutions Scheduling™ powered by CrewSense to streamline their workforce management processes. Built by public safety professionals, this dynamic application is designed for the hectic schedules of mission-critical industries.

New enhancements in TargetSolutions Scheduling™ improve how callbacks are customized and provide a timeline view of your crew’s schedule. With these new features, monitoring and editing schedules is even more versatile and user-friendly.

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FEMA Grant Now Available; Learning Management System Classified as ‘High Priority’

Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG)

The FY 2019 Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) application period is open from Feb. 3 to March 13, 2020. This grant, offered by FEMA, provides funds to fire departments in need of training, equipment, protective gear, emergency vehicles, and other resources to serve the public.

Multiple changes have been made to the FY 2019 grant program to include micro grants, additional equipment, and more operations, safety, and regional considerations. With this, TargetSolutions qualifies as a “high priority” for this grant as it provides fire departments with a learning management system (LMS) to track training and certifications.

Learn more about the AFG process and specifications.

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Platform Enhancement: Revamped Calendar Delivers Better Interface for Event Management

With TargetSolutions, feedback from customers translates into real, meaningful enhancements that help agencies streamline tasks and improve processes. The latest enhancement has completely revamped the Calendar’s functionalities inside TargetSolutions’ online training management system.

The new module provides agencies better oversight of their events with easy-to-use features. A totally redesigned calendar interface also helps personnel stay on top of their department’s occurrences and conveniently access information.

Learn what’s new with the Calendar module in TargetSolutions:

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Best Practices for Fire Department’s Managing Training with TargetSolutions

On Wednesday, Jan. 29, TargetSolutions hosted a best practices webinar for fire departments featuring tips and tricks for operating the LMS platform. In this webinar, Tim Riley, TargetSolutions platform expert, covered how departments are currently maximizing the system and highlighted TargetSolutions’ features for improving operational efficiency and reducing liability.

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New EMS CE Course Enhancements: Physical Exams, Shock and Sports Medicine

EMS CE TrainingTargetSolutions routinely enhances courses in its CAPCE-approved EMS continuing education catalog with up-to-date information and engaging lessons. Applicable for BLS and ALS continuing education, these courses are designed to refresh personnel on important procedures and skill sets.

Three popular courses were updated in this round of enhancements. EMS Detailed Physical Exam, EMS Shock and Shock Management and EMS Sports Medicine all received refreshed content, new case studies and video-based lessons.

Learn more about TargetSolutions’ newly revamped EMS training.

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Top 20 Courses to Reduce Liability in 2020

Going into 2020, agencies are looking for solutions to help mitigate risk and reduce costly claims. This is more important now than ever as the last couple of years have been expensive for companies across the United States.

Liability concerns, such as workplace injuries, cost U.S. companies over $1 billion weekly in 2019 and if trends found by Business Insurance continue, the average total costs of risk for businesses (TCOR) is on the rise – seeing a 2.1% increase in 2018.

To help your agency limit your exposure to risk and protect employees, TargetSolutions is highlighting its top 20 courses for reducing liability in 2020.

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