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The Power Is in Your Hands with TargetSolutions Check It™

TargetSolutions Check It

Simplify Routine Maintenance Inspections. Track Everything.

Apparatus Checks: Use your mobile phone or tablet to perform apparatus checks and routine maintenance inspections. Streamline everything with 21st-century technology.

Maintenance Tracking: Have instantaneous access to information on which equipment is out of service. Stay informed of your equipment’s repair costs and repair stage.

TargetSolutions Check It™ Software Simplifies How Fire and EMS Agencies Track Inspections.

The most innovative solution ever created for mandatory checks.

  • Have confidence your gear is ready for action
  • Generate reports with a push of a button
  • Know where you stand with real-time analytics
  • Get notifications so nothing slips

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The Ultimate Tool for Fire Department Training

TargetSolutions’ online training management system is built for managing training and compliance in the 21st century for Fire and EMS agencies. The platform features innovative, easy-to-use applications for scheduling, delivering and tracking firefighter training and compliance tasks. With TargetSolutions you can record every single hour and generate detailed reports.

  • Schedule Training
  • Deliver Training
  • Track Training
  • Report Training

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