Recent Platform Enhancements Include the Ability to Easily Add SCORM Courses to Certified Credentials
TargetSolutions features a collection of online fire training courses and applications built to help training departments operate more efficiently. Some might say, however, the real magic happens when the platform’s various applications mesh together for the delivery of custom content.
In the latest round of platform enhancements, TargetSolutions has created the ability to add SCORM courses to certified credentials. After uploading SCORM courses and attaching them to a certified credential, platform managers can then add a CE provider name and number to those custom courses.
“Departments and providers who have established provider numbers are now able to customize training that has already been certified by an accrediting agency,” said Software Engineer Manager Dustyn Borghi. “This gives platform managers the ability to tailor credit tracking for their organization. This type of custom training is becoming more and more popular. That’s why we wanted to open our credential engine to customized SCORM content.”
With TargetSolutions’ computer-based fire department software, platform managers can create content with third-party software (Articulate, Storyline, iSpring, etc.) and then deliver it to users through TargetSolutions’ SCORM engine. If they have a CE provider number, it’s now possible to add it to courses that have been created with an outside e-learning tool, however a CE provider number is not mandatory for delivering SCORM courses.
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Delivering Custom Content with TargetSolutions’ Fire Department Software
Certainly, the ability to deliver SCORM content makes TargetSolutions even more valuable. But that’s just the beginning of TargetSolutions’ ability to deliver custom content. Whether it’s a test from Test Builder, a shared resource from Community Resources, or an SOP stored in the File Center, a platform manager can attach it to an assignment created with the Activities Builder and deliver it to personnel.
Here are some of the other ways departments are delivering custom content with TargetSolutions:
Custom Certs: Platform managers can attach departmental CE provider information to a activity that exists inside a certified credential with the Manage Credentials application.
Custom and Certified Credentials: Platform managers can create credentials to track and maintain specific certifications that are not certified (no CE provider number). These credentials can have any set of courses and/or activities a platform manager considers necessary.
Custom Tests: Platform managers can create and deliver their own automatically graded tests. Once created, these tests can be attached to any activity and assigned to users.
Files from Community Resources: Platform managers are able to import and distribute training videos, organizational policies, inspection forms, and more through Activities Builder.
Platform Solutions: Platform managers can utilize TargetSolutions’ ready-made activities that have been built to manage and track critical fire department training and tasks, including fire department ISO training hours, pre- and post-incident reports, inspection forms, drill ground training activities, and much more. These activities can be customized to meet your department’s specific needs.
“(TargetSolutions) allows you to add your own personal content and distribute it with the push of a button and get accurate reporting on who has completed it,” said City of Corona (Calif.) Fire Department Captain Jeremy Verderber. “We utilize it to send SOGs. We can create a new SOG and then send it out as an activity. They review the new SOG and check the box to submit it. It makes it really easy for captains to disseminate the information.”
Video-Based Training Presentations: With Activities Builder, departments like Verderber’s are able to easily deliver a video or PowerPoint presentation through an activity.
“We can have all the crew watch it,” said Verderber. “We load it, send it out as an activity, say ‘watch this video,’ and now it’s on there and anyone can pull it up and watch it.”
If you would like more information on delivering custom content with TargetSolutions, please click here or contact TargetSolutions at (800) 840-8048.