TargetSolutions is dedicated to consistently improving user experience in its online training and records management system. Frequent, relevant enhancements are developed according to client feedback and are designed to simplify highly utilized features in the platform.

Developments in 2018 have focused on refining functionalities for administrators to streamline user management and provide greater flexibility within the platform.

“We take customer feedback very seriously,” said TargetSolutions’ Associate Product Manager Troy McEneaney. “With our latest releases we took that feedback and built self-service tools that give platform managers the ability to configure their site in new ways.”

These enhancements include:

Certificate Template Creation Tool

Certificate of Completion Template Tool

The Certificate of Completion Template tool enables TargetSolutions platform mangers to create and attach their own custom certificates to activities. This update, released in April, gives platform managers more autonomy in building certificates with easy-to-use templates, customizable signature boxes and signature library and other savable features.

Rather than requesting certificates from a TargetSolutions account manager, those with Activities Builder permissions can now create and edit certificate details such as the body text, date of completion, signature field and the agency’s logo.

This step-by-step guide walks administrators through each part of creating their own certificate templates.

Mass Credential Access for Supervisors

New abilities to allow mass credential access for supervisors gives administrators even more flexibility with user permissions. With the updates, administrators can give any user access to the “Manage Credentials” feature. This feature is ideal for allowing supervisors the ability to create and edit credentials, or decide which users are enrolled in them, or both.

Checking only “Manage Users Within Credentials” gives access only to edit the users that are enrolled in each credential. Supervisors will not be able to view, edit, or create any credentials. By selecting “Manage Credentials (without users)”, the user will have the ability to create new credentials, new categories, and edit existing credentials. Choosing both allows supervisors to oversee all components of this dynamic feature.

Date of Completion for Assignments

When platform managers run reports on assignment completions, they receive a list of users that have completed the assignment. With this new update, administrators can also view when said assignments were finished. A “Date Completed” field provides better visibility of users’ status and though a small added feature, offers more proof of completions for recordkeeping purposes.

For questions about new platform updates, please visit our Help Center for details.