The state of Florida recently released its EMS and Fire updated recertification requirements. As a result, clients in the sunshine state may notice TargetSolutions has updated its certified credentials topics to reflect these changes.

For EMS credentials, the state of Florida has eliminated the HIV Awareness requirement and reduced the number of required hours to 30. TargetSolutions has removed the HIV Awareness topic and moved the HIV Awareness course into General Requirements, ensuring users will still get credit for completing it.

The state has also altered its requirements for Fire recertification. Most notably, the recertification hours for the Firesafety Inspector I credential has increased from 40 hours to 54 hours.

Additionally, the Firesafety Inspector I and the Instructor certifications have all changed from a three-year recertification cycle to a four-year recertification cycle.

Please keep in mind, for both the Inspector and Instructor credentials, platform administrators will need to change the expiration dates for their users in order to reflect the cycle change.

If you would like information on how to make these changes to your departments credentials, please check the help system, or contact TargetSolutions today.