Credentials Completions Report

With this all-new report, you can pull data about credentials with its topic breakdown per individual in your organization.

When it comes to training management, the ability to track and report continuing education or other training requirements is nearly as essential as assigning the training itself. Without accurately documenting an individual’s training progress, how can you prove compliance for ISO, federal, state and other training authorities?

TargetSolutions’ reporting functionalities make it simple for platform managers to monitor personnel’s training – from online courses to custom-made assignments, to offsite training exercises. To help organizations assess platform users’ completed training in a credential according to topics, an all-new category has been added to the Generate Reports tab: Credentials – Completions.

How to Run Credentials Completions Reports

With the creation of this all-new report, administrators can now pull data about credentials with its topic breakdown per individual and run the report on single or multiple credential(s). When generating this report, administrators will have a new column to filter fields for the report. You can filter the report by the credential name, its start and expiration date, credential number, topics and more.

Your credential completions report can then be further narrowed for specific outputs. Sorting options enable you to sort reports by last name, the credential name, its completion date and other useful categories. Then, you can select the specific credential, add an expiration date range and specify any users or user groups.

Once you’ve chosen your data and run the report, as with all reports in the TargetSolutions training management platform, you can download and export your findings.

Benefits of the new Credentials Completions Report

This new report category simplifies how departments oversee licenses and certifications by breaking down what topics personnel have actually completed within a credential. Administrators running this report have a more in-depth look at a credential’s topic requirements, its mandated hours and the hours applied to them by individuals.

For questions about running the Credentials Completion report, please visit our Help Center or contact us today!