TargetSolutions’ online platform for training, asset tracking and workforce scheduling is frequently updated to provide agencies with more convenient, powerful applications. Each platform enhancement is developed according to client feedback. 

Recent enhancements were designed to improve functionality in TargetSolutions’ tools for credentials, event management and other features.  These improvements give platform administrators more control over Credentials and how they manage events. 

Learn how this round of platform updates can help simplify processes in your agency.

Greater Control over Credential Completions 

New Credential Topic Requirement SettingsThis enhancement to Credentials allows administrators to determine the number of times completed courses and activities can count towards a credential topic. 

These new topic settings give administrators more control over the rules for credentials, ultimately improving transparency over how credits are calculated and what users see within their credential. Additionally, it gives agencies more freedom in creating credentials and training topics.

Platform managers can easily build topics and decide, per topic, if courses and activities can only be taken once or more than once and set a maximum number of completions. 

For example, administrators can create a comprehensive credential with 15 units required. If users are required to take each of the 15 activities, now instead of creating 15 1-unit topics, you’ll only need one. Or, if a credential includes activities to record common skills training like ladders or hose, administrators can enable that training to be recorded multiple times for credit, and even set a maximum number of completions to encourage varied training.

For more information about this enhancement, and its use cases, check out this Help Center article.

Platform Enhancement Event Enrollment

Simpler Event Creation and Management 

In this round of platform enhancements, TargetSolutions’ Events module has undergone several improvements. Administrators are now able to copy events, oversee event enrollment with a snapshot view and stay in-the-know about an event’s status. 

Copying events makes it simple to create duplicate events – rather than build a new one from scratch. All administrators have to do to organize recurring events is copy an event, edit the event information, set a new date and save. 

To show a high-level view of events’ enrollment levels, a new column has been added to Manage Events page. Personnel can see the number of enrolled users, how many spots have been filled (if a maximum number has been set) and pending enrollment. 

In the case of an event cancellation, an in-platform notification an email will alert those who are enrolled in the event or have access to be enrolled. 

Other Platform Enhancements 

In addition to these significant platform updates, smaller enhancements were also implemented recently to improve user experience. These additional updates focus on videos in activities and the ability to Save and Assign for events. 

  • Video Fast Forwarding and Bookmarking: Platform managers now have the option to restrict or enable fast forwarding of videos in an activity. Additionally, personnel can easily stop an activity’s video and to jump back in later to pick up where they left off. If an activity has multiple videos, the fast forwarding restriction also prevents individuals from playing multiple videos at once.
  • Save and Assign for Events: Following an event, administrators can go into the Events module, fill out information for an assignment, save their edits and then send to users to complete the information and record the completion.