SAN DIEGO  A few blocks from the Firehouse World conference, TargetSolutions held its own special event for members of the fire service on Jan. 27. Leaders from four different fire departments were honored with awards during TargetSolutions’ Customer Appreciation & User Group Workshop at the Marriott Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego.

Cheryl Roberts of Rancho Cucamonga Fire District (Calif.), Christine Boozer of Fresno Fire Department (Calif.), Mike Heikes of Lacey Fire District 3 (Wash.), and Dan Froelich of San Diego Fire-Rescue Department (Calif.) received accolades for their exceptional contributions to TargetSolutions.

The packed house was there to learn more about the industry’s leading online fire training management system and to provide TargetSolutions with valuable feedback on the firefighter training and tracking platform.

Here is a breakdown of the awards presented by TargetSolutions:


The Fire Starter Award
Battalion Chief Cheryl Roberts of Rancho Cucamonga was the choice for this inaugural honor created to recognize innovation in firefighter training. Roberts has displayed tremendous tenacity while increasing her department’s utilization of TargetSolutions. As a client since 2006, Roberts has promoted the platform in her region and coordinated various events to bring multiple agencies in San Bernardino County together to learn more about TargetSolutions.

“There was a whole team of us that kind of put (on events) together, so I am honored that I was given the opportunity to be the face of that,” Roberts said. “Hopefully, it can continue to grow in other areas. … The more we are in (TargetSolutions), the more we can share and the more we can help each other.”

The Vanguard Award 
Training Division Coordinator Christine Boozer of Fresno was this year’s Vanguard Award winner, another new honor created to recognize Boozer for her dedication to outstanding firefighter training. Boozer has displayed tremendous determination for delivering exceptional training and pioneering the way for utilization of TargetSolutions.

“Christine Boozer taught me that TargetSolutions was a training mechanism, not just a list of courses,” said TargetSolutions Regional Sales Manager Andrew Lynch.

Boozer’s department has been a client since 2006 and over that time she has played a crucial role in advocating TargetSolutions. Boozer has worked to help departments implement the platform with her in-depth knowledge on how to maximize TargetSolutions for firefighter training.

“A lot of agencies come to me and want to replicate our system, but it’s more about what do they need? What do they face? What are their exposures? What do people need to learn? What do they need to report? And TargetSolutions can do that. It is the technology that can do that. But first you have to decide what you need.”
Christine Boozer, Fresno Fire Department 

The Helping Hand Award 
The Helping Hand Award is given to an individual who goes above and beyond in assisting TargetSolutions in the improvement of the platform. This year it was awarded to Battalion Chief Mike Heikes of Lacey Fire District 3, which has been a client of TargetSolutions since 2012.

Heikes’ dedication to Thurston County’s training – and helping his neighboring departments maximize TargetSolutions – has been remarkable, said TargetSolutions’ Regional Sales Director Phil Coons.

“Mike Heikes is a huge advocate for our platform,” Coons said. “He informs other departments that he (used to) send four guys out to train and would receive reports back in four different ways. With TargetSolutions, he can send those same guys out and get reports back the same way.”

Before receiving the award, Heikes said he was “humbled” by the honor. He cited TargetSolutions’ firefighter tracking and reporting tools as the reason why he has been such a huge advocate of the platform.

The Lifetime Achievement Award  
The final award went to Assistant Fire Chief Ken Barnes and Battalion Chief Dan Froelich of San Diego Fire-Rescue Department for fostering outstanding utilization of the TargetSolutions platform at his department.

Leadership at SDFD has worked to maximize TargetSolutions to its fullest capability. In fact, the department, which has had more than 1,800 users on TargetSolutions since 2009, logs around 50,000 completed training assignments and compliance tasks each month, Lynch said.

Please Click Here to Watch TargetSolutions’ Andy Lynch Deliver the Lifetime Achievement Award to SDFD’s Dan Froelich.

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