Updated May 2016

There are numerous reasons why TargetSolutions is so valuable. Hundreds of online training courses, including 160 hours of EMS continuing education, a best-in-class LMS for delivering training, and a huge repository of shared content in Community Resources all help make TargetSolutions the leading provider of computer-based training.

But what truly distinguishes the online training system, is its unique, one-of-a-kind recordkeeping tools consisting of ready-made packages for tracking employee training and operational records. ISO Compliance, EMS Recertification and Daily Training Activities are some of the most popular pre-made Platform Solutions.

With that in mind, TargetSolutions is continually working to create new solutions that will make training management more efficient. TargetSolutions has built and uploaded dozens of activities for organizations to schedule, deliver and track with Activities Builder. These activities can be customized, or assigned completely as-is to personnel with the Import Example Activities link inside Activities Builder.

Here is an overview by industry of the newly released activities:


Accident – Incident Report Form: A ready-made incident reporting form for general liability.

Back Safety Risk Assessment: This assessment is designed to determine the risk of back injury within a department or organization.

Cell Phone Laws Updated: Activity to track changes in cell phone laws.

Confined Space Entry Training: Tracking form for a tailgate meeting on Confined Space Entry.

DPR Basic 1 Hour Course – HSA Integrated Pest Management: Organizations in California can meet the pesticide training requirement by delivering a pre-built custom activity, which features access to Sacramento State University’s training course.

Driver’s License Tracking: A ready-made form for tracking driver’s license information, as well as a scanned copy.

Driving Standards: Review our Organization’s Driving Policy.

Ergonomics Survey: This activity provides personnel with the opportunity to communicate their computer work and related comfort and productivity issues, which are components of ergonomics.

Fitness Survey: This activity provides personnel with an opportunity to review an organization’s fitness program.

General Office Risk Assessment: This assessment is designed to evaluate the risk in general office space.

Haz Com Risk Assessment: Assessment to determine the risk to employees associated with exposure to hazardous chemicals and compliance with DOL guidelines per OSHA 3111.

Inspection of Administrative Area: Inspection form to document inspections in large office suites, areas with multiple cubicles, copy rooms, coffee rooms, and other common work areas.

Makeup Training for Weekly Staff Safety Meeting: This activity can be assigned to an employee who has missed a weekly staff safety meeting.

New Hire Onboarding Solution: Example of a policy compilation for a newly-hired employee.

Tailgate Template: A template for tracking curriculum covered during tailgate meetings.

Playground Inspection: Inspection checklist for a typical playground that we are all familiar with in parks, schools and other public use playgrounds.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Inspection: Checklist for performing monthly fire extinguisher inspections.

Sexual Harassment Policy: An activity to assign and have personnel review an organization’s Sexual Harassment Policy, including a quick quiz.

Swine Flu Training: Review Swine Flu Training Presentation.

Tailgate Template: A template for tracking tailgate meetings and curriculum covered.

Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection: Inspection report to be filled out prior to operating a passenger car, van, or pick-up truck.

Weekly Staff Safety Meeting: A pre-built form for tracking attendance and topics covered during weekly staff safety meetings.

Welcome Orientation for New Hires: Tracking form for a new hire orientation.

Wellness – The Benefits of Breakfast (Week 1): An activity for an employee to review covering the benefits of a healthy breakfast.

Wellness – All About Whole Grains! (Week 2): An activity for an employee to review covering the benefits of whole grains in their diet.

Wellness – The Benefits of Daily Stretching! (Week 3): An activity with tips on how to safely stretch while at the office.

Wellness – How to Stop Eating After Dinner (Week 4): An activity with tips for not over-eating after dinner.

Wellness Program Challenge (Weeks 1-4): A ready-made activity featuring self-evaluation questions related to wellness that make individual’s more aware of their overall healthiness.

Wellness Tracker (Weeks 1-4): Pre-made form for tracking physical activity.


ARFF Training: TargetSolutions features a pre-built package of activities, including 11 chapters of the FAA’s ARFF Training DVD and five modules covering First Responder Safety at a Small Aircraft or Helicopter Accident.

Apprentice Firefighter Daily Performance Evaluation: An example of a daily performance evaluation form for a recruit that can be filled out by the recruit’s supervisor and then signed (with e-signature) by the firefighter. This activity is used best with TargetSolutions’ Save & Assign application.

CPF Personal Exposure Reporting: Electronic version of the California PERs exposure reporting form.

Daily SCBA Inspection (Options 1-2): Option 1 is an example of a daily SCBA inspection form and features action-step check offs. Option 2 is an example of a daily SCBA inspection form and requires entries such as PSI and inventory numbers.

Forcible Entry-Inward Swinging Door: This activity is an example of how video and files from Community Resources can easily be delivered.

Hose Testing: Hose testing form that tracks hose size, ID and 250 PSI test results.

Hydrant Testing and Inspection: Hydrant test tracking with coefficient selection and entries for static, pitot and residual pressure.

Kennebeck Court Structure Fire: This is an example of how to deliver a post-incident analysis using Activities Builder.

Narcotics Log: Daily EMS check-off sheet for narcotics that features a Google document example.

NIMS, ICS, IS Training: TargetSolutions features pre-built training activities with content from the FEMA website.

Post-Incident Analysis (Structural): Company level post-incident analysis worksheet.

RT-130: Annual Fire Line Refresher Training: Refresher training to recognize hazards, mitigate risk, maintain safe practices, and reduce accidents and near misses.

S-130 Wildland Firefighter Training: This activity takes students to the NFA site for course completion.

S-290 Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior: This activity is designed to prepare the prospective fire-line supervisor and undertake safe and effective fire management operations.

Turnout Gear Routine Inspection: Turnout gear inspection with checkoffs for coat, pants, footwear, gloves, helmet and hood inspection points.

Weekly Apparatus Tool Check: Activity to gauge apparatus tools and inventory on a weekly basis.

Weekly SCBA Inspection (Options 1-2): Option 1 provides an example of a weekly SCBA inspection form using entry fields and full inspection procedure. Option 2 shows weekly SCBA inspection forms with action steps for full inspection procedures.

Wildland PPE Inspection: This activity is used to record time spent re-orienting and inspecting Wildland PPE.


Daily Observation Report: Example of a trainee observation report using Standardized Evaluation Guidelines with a rating scale.

POST Perishable Skills Training (Four-Part Series: Arrest Control & Defensive Tactics, Communication, EVOC, Firearms): A series of four activities for tracking POST-required perishable skills training.

Roll Call Tracking: Use this activity to track attendance and topics covered during daily roll call training.

Smith and Wesson M&P Officer Evaluation: This is an assessment for officers who have evaluated the Smith and Wesson M&P pistol for departmental use. It can be used as a template for other firearm evaluations, as well.


Here are the various training video topics that can be delivered through the Activities Builder: Bulletin Board, Community Resources, Course Library, Create New Assignments, Custom Activity Details Report Using Mail Merge, Generate Reports Overview, Manage Assignments, Notifications Overview, Record Completions Tutorial, Save and Assign Overview, Shift Calendar Tutorial, TargetSolutions Administrative Overview Video, TargetSolutions User Overview Video, Test Builder Tutorial, TS Academy Sessions (1-7), TS Fire Academy (Parts 1-5).

All of these activites are available to be imported inside Activities Builder. For more information, please contact us at (800) 840-8048.