Born in Hawaii, Ashley moved to San Diego as a child and has resided in Southern California ever since. Having worked in the training field in a previous position, Ashley has fit in nicely here at TargetSolutions. Now serving as an account manager in the Rockies and Southern regions, Ashley spends her days helping agencies implement TargetSolutions’ online training management system and teaching clients how to operate the platform.

“My focus is on helping clients get the most out of TargetSolutions,” said Ashley. “It really is a tremendous training platform that can help an organization manage training more efficiently.”

Learn more about Ashley from this recent Q-and-A:

What is a fun fact about you that clients may not know?

Everyone at the office knows, but clients may not know that after having my daughter, I became freaked out about chemical-filled products and got involved with essential oils. Shortly after, I became obsessed with the oil life. Now I make homemade products using essential oils.

Name your favorite four-legged creature.

I would say dogs. I have four dogs, who are my fur children! In my spare time I help out at dog shelters and foster dogs.

Something you miss about your childhood?

I miss softball. I played for 10 years and I loved it. I stopped playing to work when I turned 16.

Favorite day of the week?

Saturdays, they are such free days!

Art Museum or Concert?

Concert because I am obsessed with music.

Favorite TV shows?

Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, The Voice

Favorite Music?

Hip hop & R&B, but I love country music too.