Tomasita_ButlerTargetSolutions’ Account Specialist Tomasita Butler is very familiar with the fire service. After all, her father is a retired fire captain. Maybe that’s why she has fit in so comfortably at TargetSolutions where we serve public agencies of all types.

After joining TargetSolutions’ Client Services team in March of 2016, Tomasita has worked hard to provide customers with outstanding support.

“This has been an amazing opportunity for me and the position has everything that I was looking for and then some,” said Tomasita, who is from the small town of Shandon, Calif. “I feel lucky to be here. It’s really interesting and I keep learning new things every day, so it’s been a great learning experience.”

One interesting fact about Tomasita is that her hometown in San Luis Obispo County was so small growing up, there were no stoplights. In fact, they would have to drive into town to get gas, she said.

Check out this Q-and-A to learn more about Tomasita Butler:

Favorite food:

Hamburgers! And sushi… I can’t just have one.

Have you been out of the country?

Cabo for my honeymoon.

Signature dish (cooking):

Steak with roasted brussel sprouts with bacon and white rice. My fav!

Favorite season of the year:


Favorite genre of music:


If you didn’t live in San Diego, where would you live?


Palm trees and beach or greenery and rivers?

Greenery and rivers.

Favorite actor:

Tom Hanks.

What is your best talent?


Favorite movie:

There’s far too many, but one of my favorites is Father of the Bride.