Multiple Day Duration is a new reportable component that allows users to create a breakdown of days and hours that were allocated to a particular completion.

In an effort to capture multiple-day classes more accurately and efficiently, TargetSolutions has implemented the brand new Multiple Day Duration reportable component for activities. The concept is simple: not every activity will be completed in one day, so this component gives you the power to create a “paper trail” that details the time allocated for an activity on any given day.

“The Multiple Day Duration component is a useful tool because it makes the recording of multiple day classes or training more efficient for users. It’s much more convenient for a user to submit a single completion for a multiple-day training than it is to submit separate completions for each day.”

Misty Pratt, Senior Product Manager, TargetSolutions

The release of the Multiple Day Duration component follows a yearlong trend of new platform features that have enhanced the system and boosted efficiency. In no particular order, here are a few of the new enhancements to the TargetSolutions platform to date in 2017:

  • Archiving Activities: Gives platform managers an alternative to deleting activities, allowing them to keep their activities organized without compromising completion reports.
  • Upload New File Versions: Allows platform managers to upload new versions of existing files in the File Center and automatically update any activities to which the file is attached without affecting previous completions of those activities.
  • Add Activity to Credential Topic from Activity Setting: New activity setting allows platform managers to add activities to credential topics when creating or editing activities.
  • Upgraded Events Manager: Design overhaul including enhanced menus, new supervisor rights, and increased user functionality.
  • File Center – Improved Search Functionality: A series of updates including cataloging searches and added search functionality to the Enterprise Tab of the child site.

For more information about Multiple Day Duration or any of the new enhancements introduced to the platform this year, please contact TargetSolutions today at (800) 840-8048.