School district staff members often find themselves with a large amount of confidential information at their fingertips, especially when it comes to students. Since confidential information is often sensitive and needs to remain private, it is critical school district staff members know how to handle this type of information in order to protect students privacy and avoid violations. With this in mind, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) was instituted.

Earlier this month, TargetSolutions released FERPA: Protecting Student Privacy, which covers all aspects of FERPA, including the type of private information it pertains to and special exceptions to the law.

“Due to the amount of requests from risk pool clients for this type of course, in addition to the government creating an act based on protection of student privacy, we felt compelled to build a course that would help protect our clients from privacy related lawsuits,” said TargetSolutions Content Architect Jeremy Lynch.

This concise, interactive course provides an overview of FERPA and breaks down the law into case studies and lessons that cover common complaints, violations, and exceptions. Most importantly, the course covers how to get the right information out to the agencies that need it during emergency situations, while still protecting students privacy.

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FERPA: Protecting Student Privacy is the latest addition to TargetSolutions’ course catalog.