Summer is nearly upon us and for clients in many areas of the country that means burn season. Wildland fires pose a risk to both communities and to the firefighters who work to protect them. Since 1970, wildland fires are responsible for damage in excess of $20 billion and more than 200 firefighters have lost their lives in the process.

In an attempt to support our client’s efforts in fighting these fires, TargetSolutions has released RT-130: Annual Wildland Fire Safety Refresher.

The new four-module course in TargetSolutions’ online fire training course catalog, covers several aspects of wildland firefighter training, including fundamentals of safety in wildland firefighting operations, wildland fire behavior and strategies for predicting changes in behavior that could lead to hazardous conditions, situational awareness and injury prevention.

“Because of its importance, this course deservedly required all of the resources available to our content department,” said Content Architect Jeremy Lynch. “From the research to the multimedia, we used everything we could to deliver a course that will help keep both firefighters and the civilians they protect safe during fire seasons.”

Steve Prziborowski of Santa Clara County Fire Department was thrilled to learn of TargetSolutions newest release. He is already planning ways to incorporate the fire department software as pre-course training before conducting hands-on training.

“Great timing! We were actually looking at a way to do make-up classes for personnel who missed the annual RT-130 sessions we recently provided, and this looks like a great way to go, especially if we can then add an additional hands-on component for shelter deployment afterward,” said Prziborowksi, who serves as the department’s deputy chief/training. “Looking ahead, the four modules may lend themselves to a pre-course assignment prior to going out and getting some hands-on experience.”

If you have any questions about this or any other course in TargetSolutions’ online fire training catalog, please contact us today!

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