TargetSolutions LMS Enhancements

Client feedback drives ongoing enhancements to TargetSolutions’ suite of software for public safety agencies. The TargetSolutions Learning Management System (LMS) recently underwent platform updates to improve an agency’s ability to oversee training. 

These LMS enhancements focus on Credentials. Agencies will now have more flexibility to notify necessary personnel of activities pending validation and to auto-renew credentials.

Notifications for Activities Pending Validation 

With this new LMS enhancement, platform administrators or supervisors can stay on top of activities that are pending validation. Now, when an activity is submitted for validation, an email and platform notification will alert the appropriate personnel to check the Validate Completions module. 

The new notification settings can be customized to notify administrators, supervisors or your own custom list of employees. The frequency of notifications is also customizable to remind platform managers daily or weekly of activities waiting to be validated. 

Auto-Renewed Credential Dates Based on Completion Date Entered

There are two ways for a credential to be auto renewed: on the expiration date or on the requirement completion date. Enhancements to the “requirement completion date” option allows a credential to reset once it’s been completed, based on the completion date, regardless of when it’s submitted. 

This change helps make sure credential deadlines are accurate and enables completions to be backdated. For example, a user’s credential could have a start date of 3/1/19 and expiration date of 3/1/20, with an annual auto renewal. If the user fulfills the credential by submitting a final activity on 8/5/19 that is backdated to 8/1/19, the user’s credential will auto renew with the new dates of 8/2/19 to 8/1/20. 

For questions about new LMS platform enhancements, please visit our Help Center.