Have you ever run a credentials report inside TargetSolutions’ online training management system and wondered what the Credential Status selection indicates?
Currently, there are four available reporting statuses: Active, Inactive, Expired, and Complete. These are available to help you produce results in a certain order, and also for organizing credentials when generating reports by credential status.
Active: This designation pertains to credentials that have not expired and have not reached completion status based on the required training.
Inactive: This status applies to any credential that has been inactivated for a specific user. After being inactivated, users will no longer see it in their site. However, administrators can still determine if it was previously tracked for a user via the report.
Expired: This status is used for any credential that has passed its expiration date and has become overdue.
Complete: This selection refers to a credential that has fulfilled 100 percent of the minimum requirements. Even if the credential has not yet reached its expiration date, it will list a “complete” status if the minimum required training has been completed.
Please note credentials only pertain to one-fourth of the status selections. So if you have a credential that still has not yet expired, but you have completed all of the training that applies, it will fall under the “Complete” status.
If you have any questions about this records and information management reporting feature, please contact TargetSolutions’ support team today at (800) 840-8048.