Departments using a personnel accountability system will be interested in this month’s top video inside Community Resources. “Passtag Accountability Training 2010” is a 13-minute video that outlines how Riverside County implemented its system.
Tony Meachem, training chief with Cal Fire and Riverside County Fire Department, describes the importance of having accountability procedures during the video’s introduction. The goal is to eliminate tragic fatalities and near-misses when firefighters become lost or separated from their crews while inside burning buildings.
At the six-minute mark, the video shows a scenario of a two-story apartment building fire in which the department’s Passtag system is utilized. As the incident unfolds, the video shows how the system, which was built to meet requirements of Cal OSHA and NFPA 1500 and 1561, works to increase firefighter safety.
After viewing the video, George Gardiner of City of Charleston Fire wrote in the video’s comments section, “good refresher.” And Byron Sutton of Gordon County Fire Rescue said, “Thanks for this post. I’m glad to finally see someone take the time to make a realistic video on the use of the Passtag System. Stay safe!”
To view this video, please log in to your department’s TargetSolutions site and search “Passtag Accountability Training 2010” under the Community Resources tab. If you have any questions, please contact us at (800) 840-8048.

Passtag Accountability Training

The video was posted by Craig Kodat of Riverside Fire Department and has been viewed more than 200 times. It currently has a five-star rating and is being utilized by nine different organizations.