One of the greatest benefits of TargetSolutions’ online fire training system, is the ability to record outside training with Activities Builder. This powerful computer-based training tool enables departments to send out training presentations, videos, SOPs, inspection checks, and more – and gather information from the user. But with a little creativity, Activities Builder can do even more.

One example is to create a custom activity that allows users to request time off. By making this activity “self-assignable,” users can assign it to themselves and then with Reportable Components, gather important information (date requested, number of hours, reason for leave, etc.).
By mandating the activity receive validation, platform managers can approve or deny the request. Once it has been approved, the user can see the activity marked as “complete” under their My History section. If it is denied, the activity will appear on their Schedule and can include an optional note with information on why it was rejected.
At the end of the pay period, platform managers can run an Activity Summary Report to generate a complete list of all approved leave requests during a given time range. What was once a mess of paperwork and e-mail chains is simplified with TargetSolutions’ fire department training software.
The Activities Builder application was created to give organizations the ability to track everything that goes on under the fire station’s roof. If you have any questions about this application, please contact us at (800) 840-8048.