Managing renewable licenses is no easy chore. Whether it’s a driver’s license, an instructor’s license, an EMT’s license, or any other type of license that needs to be maintained, it can be difficult. Fortunately, TargetSolutions’ powerful records management system is here to simplify the process.
“We previously had no notification if an employee was about to miss a deadline. Now, with TargetSolutions pushing everything, we’re much better off. That’s a huge factor for us. This system really helps us stay on track and notified, rather than our old way of doing everything manually. The automated e-mail alerts help us tremendously.”
Dennis Reglen, Strategic Planning Lieutenant 
El Paso Fire Department, Texas
“With TargetSolutions we know who is expiring and we can plan more efficiently. We now know who is coming up and when their expiration dates are. The reporting functionality really helps us do our jobs better.”
Dan Collins, Fire Captain
Cal Fire San Diego, Calif.
No matter which type of license an employee needs to update, it can be tracked in one centralized online location with TargetSolutions. The online training platform’s alert notifications keep personnel informed when deadlines are about to expire.
If you have any questions about TargetSolutions’ license tracking capabilities, please contact us at (800) 840-8048.