On Wednesday, Jan. 29, TargetSolutions hosted a best practices webinar for fire departments featuring tips and tricks for operating the LMS platform. In this webinar, Tim Riley, TargetSolutions platform expert, covered how departments are currently maximizing the system and highlighted TargetSolutions’ features for improving operational efficiency and reducing liability.

Learn Tips & Tricks for Operating the TargetSolutions Platform

During this webinar, Riley explained the various types of training requirements departments may have to document. He gave examples such as local or state OSHA requirements, fire and EMS continuing education, career tracking, NIMS training, qualification training, core competency training and ISO training hours.

With that, Riley clarified the different categories of training that count towards ISO requirements and how hours should be allocated. He broke down hours according to company training, officer training, driver training, HAZMAT training and facility training and specified what types of activities do or don’t qualify towards each of these categories.

After explaining the basics, Riley showed webinar attendees how to track these hours with TargetSolutions. In a step-by-step tutorial, Riley presented the different types of Credentials departments use to document training in one, secure location. Whether a Credential is pre-built by TargetSolutions or customized by a department, Riley explained Credentials are perfect for delivering and tracking training for taskbooks/JPRs, ISO and more.


“Why does tracking training matter?” Tim Riley explained how producing reports and proving compliance shows accountability for your department and reduces liability. He emphasized the importance of tracking training with purpose.

Q-and-A with TargetSolutions Platform Expert

Once the webinar ended, Tim Riley answered individuals’ questions about the TargetSolutions platform. Do you have questions about how your department can get the most out of TargetSolutions? Check out this Q-and-A and see if your questions were answered.

To learn more about TargetSolutions Best Practices, please check this Q-and-A or contact us today (800) 840-8048!