From the top of TargetSolutions, all the way down, employees here feel a tremendous sense of privilege for the opportunity we have to serve heroes everyday. We take pride in our clients and we are dedicated to making their lives a little easier.

One way we like to acknowledge and recognize every client we have is with our client wall. This wall, which is located in the main hallway of our San Diego-based office, consists of a large map covered in pins. Each pin represents a client we have. The pins vary in size and are color-based on the client type and size of the department. The red pins represent our Fire Departments, the blue pins are for the Police Departments, School Districts are represented with yellow, and green is for the Risk Pools and Water Agencies.

Every Friday we hold an informal ceremony at the map. All of our employees gather around as we add the pins of new clients we brought on over the previous week. Another portion of our client wall, aside from the map, is the client patches and photos. Over the years, we have asked clients to donate old patches or photos they have of their department. We then display these on the wall for everyone to see.

So, if you’re a client and have any extra patches lying around or awesome photographs that you would like to donate for our wall please send our way! It would be greatly appreciated!