Check out this SlideShare for a preview of TargetSolutions’ white paper on how the fire service is overcoming its aversion to innovative technology like online training. To download the full report, featuring detailed analysis, please click here.

When TargetSolutions was first founded in 1999, some in the fire service resisted online training. The idea of completing valuable firefighter training on the computer was a huge break from tradition, something many opposed.

But as time has gone on, attitudes have changed. Today, fire departments across the country find great value in online firefighter training tools for streamlining continuing education and compliance tasks. TargetSolutions’ innovative technology has proven to help organizations manage training more efficiently and effectively.

Check out TargetSolutions’ white paper to get the facts about online training and the fire service. This in-depth report breaks down how the fire service has evolved to utilize online training and other technology solutions, as well as important factors to consider when choosing an online training provider.