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All-New EDU Training Bundle with Special Education Courses for Teachers

TargetSolutions is releasing a bundle of special education training courses to help professionals understand their responsibilities in maintaining a safe and effective learning environment for students with special needs.

Creating a safe and productive learning environment is a top priority for educators. When it comes to instructing students with disabilities, there are unique challenges that teachers, caretakers, and other school staff must be prepared to ensure these students’ needs are fulfilled.

To help education professionals receive this training, TargetSolutions is releasing a new bundle of online courses for special education professionals – five of which are now available.

Special Needs Training Online Courses Overview

Developed in collaboration with three subject matter experts in special needs education, this bundle of courses provides introductory, as well as in-depth, information for professionals to effectively engage special needs students both in and outside of the classroom. In addition to covering essential lessons for staff, these courses are compliant with California education standards such as Section 504, IDEA and IEP.

Delivered in video-driven formats, these five courses are guided by an on-screen instructor. As individuals go through each course, they are also engaged with text and images that reinforce key concepts.

EDU Training for Special Needs Course Objectives

Upon completing these courses, teachers and other school professionals will understand their responsibilities as educators for students with special needs. Course titles highlighted in this round of releases include:

Bullying Risks for Students with Disabilities: This course covers the risks of bullying students with special needs face and prevention and intervention methods for school staff.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA): An Introduction: This course provides an overview of the six major principles of IDEA, such as FAPE, appropriate evaluations, IEP, LRE and parent participation, and procedural safeguards.

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act: An Introduction: This course explains the requirements and eligibility for Section 504 compliance and services. This course identifies students’ and parents’ rights under section 504, describes the differences between section 504 and IDEA and covers problems with section 504.

Individualized Education Programs (IEP): An Introduction: This course defines the components of IEP, explains IEP compliance and includes the circumstances/regulations that require IEP to be developed or updated.

Paraprofessionals: Understanding Your Role: This course describes the common roles and responsibilities that a paraeducator fulfills, as well as regulatory requirements when working with students with special needs. These requirements include meeting educational goals, supervising, caretaking, cleaning, meal preparation, feeding, transfers, etc.

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