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EMS Continuing Education, Scheduling, Asset Management & More

TargetSolutions Is Your All-in-One Solution for EMS Training & Operational Readiness

Whether you’re looking for paramedic continuing education, an effective EMS scheduling software or daily inspection management tool, TargetSolutions is your one-stop-shop. Integrated applications can be accessed from a centralized platform to facilitate and track processes. With TargetSolutions, you can achieve the following:

Deliver, track and report accredited EMS continuing education (CE) training

Perform and track routine inspections of ambulances, equipment and schedule II controlled substances

Simplify your EMS scheduling with automation tools for callbacks, overtime hiring and more

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Fulfill EMS Recertification Requirements Online
Deliver more than 250 hours of accredited EMS certification training for BLS and ALS agencies with TargetSolutions. Training packages outline EMS continuing education hours and applicable online courses for EMS providers of all levels.

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Chain-of-Custody Tracking of Schedule II Controlled Substances
TargetSolutions Check It™ offers an integrated solution for overseeing routine inspections, tracking service tickets and managing schedule II controlled substances. Simplify compliance to DEA standards with built-in biometric security features and more.

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Streamline Workforce Management TargetSolutions Scheduling™
Simplify your agency’s workforce scheduling with automation tools for coordinating schedules, performing overtime hiring and executing callbacks. Comprehensive reports ensure all hours are accounted for and workforce data is up-to-date.

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"Having that content available right out of the gate and the integration with the state’s EMS agency is nice. You can pretty darn near recertify through the TargetSolutions system."


Eddie Buchanan, Division Chief | Hanover Fire & EMS