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Deliver more than 240 accredited and engaging online law enforcement training courses created by subject experts.

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Learn how law enforcement agencies can reduce liability with innovative training technology built for the 21st century.

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Find out how North Attleboro Police Department (Mass.) is using TargetSolutions for training management.

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The Ultimate Edge: Quality Online Police Department Training

Reduce Risk with Engaging Online Law Enforcement Training Courses

Reduce your agency’s exposure to risk and achieve compliance with engaging online law enforcement training courses.

  • More than 240 law enforcement courses put through detailed creation process
  • Acceptance in numerous states, including Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Nevada, etc.
  • Courses for improving effectiveness in high-risk, low-frequency situations
  • Catalog featuring OSHA, sexual harassment prevention training, driver safety, and much more

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Online Police Department Training

law enforcement policy management

The Industry’s Leading Policy Management Tool for Law Enforcement

Effectively manage risk by delivering and tracking mandatory policies that mitigate liability.

  • Deliver policies and ensure accountability by requiring e-signatures
  • Access, customize and assign TargetSolutions’ pre-made documents
  • Monitor risk exposure by generating employee records in real time
  • ‘Go Green’ by storing files in TargetSolutions’ online database

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Arm Your Police Department with TargetSolutions’ Innovative Tracking Application

TargetSolutions comes loaded with ready-made tracking tools built for law enforcement agencies in the 21st century.

  • Daily Roll Call Online Training for Law Enforcement is unique, ready-to-go app
  • Other pre-made solutions: Daily Observation Reports, Perishable Skills Training, Firearm Officer Evaluations, Driver’s Licenses, etc.
  • All pre-built recordkeeping tools are completely customizable
  • TargetSolutions includes ready-made tools, but you can also create your own, or access online police training resources shared by TargetSolutions community

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law enforcement training records management

police training management

Increase Your Organization’s Operational Efficiency with Online Convenience

Schedule, deliver and track training and policies with cutting-edge software applications.

  • Manage everything with easy-to-use training management applications
  • Empower employees to complete training 24/7 with online technology compatible with mobile devices
  • Generate comprehensive records with powerful reporting tools
  • Decrease your organization’s overall liability with compliance training

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